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1. Identify the following people related to the Six-Day War FTPE.

(a) This man was president of Egypt at the time and led the Arab coalition that massed to attack Israel.

Answer: Gamal Abdel Nasser

(b) Currently Israel’s Prime Minister, as commander of the southernmost of the three Israeli divisions on the Egyptian front, he led the attack on Abu-Ageila which led Egypt’s Minister of Defense to order a full retreat from the Sinai.

Answer: Ariel Sharon

(c) This eyepatch-wearing Israeli general was Defense Minister of Israel, and though he did not take part in much of the planning of the war, he spun it to take a great deal of credit for Israeli success.

Answer: Moshe Dayan
2. Name the artists who executed the following works FTPE.

(a) Impression: Sunrise

Answer: Oscar-Claude Monet

(b) Nude Descending a Staircase: No. 2

Answer: Marcel Duchamp

(c) The Voyage of Life series, a landmark work of the Hudson River School.

Answer: Thomas Cole
3. Identify the following parts of a leaf FTPE.

(a) In angiosperms this is the term for the leaf stem.

Answer: petiole

(b) The epidermis is covered with this waxy layer to prevent water loss.

Answer: cuticle

(c) Guard cells control the opening and closing of these pores in the epidermis that enable oxygen and carbon dioxide to transfer between the leaf and the outside.

Answer: stoma or stomata
4. Given a work, name the science fiction author that penned it FTPE.

(a) Ringworld

Answer: Laurence van Cott "Larry" Niven

(b) I, Robot

Answer: Isaac Asimov

(c) Xenocide

Answer: Orson Scott Card
5. Now for some slightly more real literature; name the Jane Austen work of glorified crap from clues FTPE.

(a) Published posthumously, this work tells of Anne Elliot, and her love for Captain Wentworth, whom she originally spurns at her father's request over his poor breeding, but they meet again with the tables turned.

Answer: Persuasion

(b) The first of Austen's novels to be published, it concerns the story of the sisters Elinor and Marianne Dashwood.

Answer: Sense and Sensibility

(c) The first of her novels to be completed for publication, it is a parody of Ann Radcliffe's The Mysteries of Udolpho, having Catherine Moreland expect something dark from the title location.

Answer: Northanger Abbey
6. Given a chemical compound, give the charge on sulfur FTPE.

(a) Sulphate

Answer: +6

(b) Sulfur dioxide

Answer: +4

(c) Hydrosulphuric acid

Answer: -2

7. Identify the following African nations from their capitals for five points each.

(a) Cairo

Answer: Egypt

(b) Tripoli

Answer: Libya

(c) Dakar

Answer: Senegal

(d) Addis Ababa

Answer: Ethiopia

(e) Yaoundé

Answer: Cameroon

(f) Asmara

Answer: Eritrea

8. Identify the following authors associated with the Beat generation FTPE.

(a) This author of A Coney Island of the Mind was the proprietor of the City Lights Bookstore, whose publishing company was responsible for publishing many of the early works of the Beat movement.

Answer: Lawrence Ferlinghetti

(b) His poem Howl was banned for its obscenity, but the ban was overturned as it was found that the poem had redeeming social importance.

Answer: Allen Ginsberg

(c) His obsession with drug use, homosexuality and fantasies of extreme criminal acts can be found in such works as Junky and Naked Lunch.

Answer: William Seward Burroughs
9. Given a record held by someone in the NFL and the year they set it, name the player FTPE.

(a) With 205 career TDs, this wide receiver still active in 2004 has 39 more than newly-retired Emmitt Smith in 2nd place.

Answer: Jerry Rice

(b) In 1990 this now-deceased Kansas City linebacker recorded seven sacks against the Seahawks, setting the single-game record. Ironically, he missed an eighth sack that resulted in the Seahawks winning the game.

Answer: Derrick Thomas

(c) This longtime Detroit Lions running back holds the record for most 100 yard rushing games in a season with 14, and is third for both career and single season yards gained, records he would surely have shattered had he not retired at age 30.

Answer: Barry Sanders
10. Answer the following about a particular war FTPE.

(a) Important battles in this war included Crecy, Poitiers, and Agincourt.

Answer: Hundred Years' War

(b) This English king's victory at Agincourt firmly established as the heir of Charles VI of France, whose daughter, Catherine of Valois, he had married. He sided with the Burgundians against the Armagnacs in the civil war that followed.

Answer: Henry V of England

(c) Triggered in part by dismay over French failures but even more by the hardships caused by taxation to support the war effort, this peasant uprising led by Guillaume Kale broke out north of Paris in 1358, but ended the next summer.

Answer: Jacquerie
11. Given a brief description, identify the particle from the standard model FTPE.

(a) Sometimes referred to as the "God particle," it is the hypothetical particle expected to give other particles mass.

Answer: Higgs boson

(b) First postulated by Wolfgang Pauli, its name was coined by Enrico Fermi, while the particle itself was not discovered until 1956 by Reines, whose discovery earned him the 1995 Nobel Prize.

Answer: neutrino

(c) This hypothetical spin-2 boson of zero rest mass is not treated in the Standard Model, and it has not yet been observed due to the weak nature of the force it mediates.

Answer: graviton

12. Baroque composers from works, FTPE.

(a) Canon in D

Answer: Johann Pachelbel

(b) Dido and Aeneas

Answer: Henry Purcell

(c) The Four Seasons

Answer: Antonio Vivaldi

13. Identify the following people who established colonies in the US FTPE.

(a) In the 1730s he managed to get a royal charter to found Georgia as a debtors' colony.

Answer: James Edward Oglethorpe

(b) The colony of Maryland was founded on March 25, 1634, when this man led the first settlers into the area, which became one of the few predominately Catholic regions in the colonies.

Answer: Cæcilius Calvert, 2nd Baron Baltimore (accept Calvert)

(c) In 1636, after being banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, he established the state of Rhode Island.

Answer: Roger Williams
14. Answer the following about a rather unfortunate woman of mythology FTPE.

(a) This woman, the wife of Amphion, made the horrible error of claiming to be superior to Leto, in that she had fourteen children versus Leto's two. Leto's children, Artemis and Apollo, promptly remedied that.

Answer: Niobe

(b) Niobe was a daughter of this fellow, who attempted to feed his son, Pelops, to the gods before being punished with eternal hunger and thirst.

Answer: Tantalus

(c) This deity, distracted by the abduction of her daughter, was the only one to accidentally dine on Tantalus' tainted meal, eating Pelops' shoulder before replacing it with ivory.

Answer: Demeter
15. Name the Italian authors of the twentieth century from clues FTPE.

(a) This recipient of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Literature and modern practitioner of the commedia dell'arte penned Accidental Death of an Anarchist.

Answer: Dario Fo

(b) One of the leading semioticians, his fiction include Foucaults Pendulum and The Name of the Rose.

Answer: Umberto Eco

(c) This poet, who shares his name with a famous Victor Hugo character, received the 1959 Nobel Prize in Literature, and penned the collections Oboe sommerso, Erato e Apollion and To Give and to Have or Debit and Credit.

Answer: Salvatore Quasimodo
16. Identify the following about an American soldier of World War I FTPE.

(a) He received the Distinguished Service Cross and the Medal of Honor, as well as various other medals from the French and Italians, for killing 25 Germans and capturing another 132 with just seven other Americans.

Answer: Alvin Cullum York

(b) Promptly promoted to Sergeant, York actually held this rank at the time of his heroic achievement

Answer: corporal

(c) Cpl. York performed these heroics during this battle that began Sept. 26, 1918, and was cut short by the armistice.

Answer: Meuse-Argonne Offensive
17. FTPE, name these terms related to earthquakes.

a. The location where the fault slips and seismic waves start from is known as this location.

Answer: focus or hypocenter

b. The location on the earth’s surface directly above the focus is known as this.

Answer: epicenter

c. This type of seismic wave is the first to arrive after an earthquake. It can travel through solids or liquids, and propagates at a speed of 6 to 13 kilometers per second. These waves cause the ground to move back and forth as it is compressed and decompressed.

Answer: P or primary waves
18. Answer the following things about a certain Middle Eastern religion FTPE.

(a) Founded between 1400 BC and 1200 BC, this monotheistic Persian religion attributes only the Gathas of its holy book to its founder.

Answer: Zoroastrianism or Mazdaism

(b) This is the holy book of Zoroastrianism, which contains the Gathas, and is written in a language closely related to Sanskrit.

Answer: The Avesta or Zend-Avesta

(c) This "Wise Lord" is revered as the benevolent deity of Zoroastrianism, who stands opposed to Ahriman, who according to some accounts is his twin brother.

Answer: Ahura Mazda or Ormuz or Ormuzd
19. Identify the following pieces of software that may be used to solve numerical problems in the sciences and applied mathematics FTPE.

(a) Recently the fourteenth release has been issued, while this software originates to the 1970s, when it was designed by Cleve Moler, and was picked up by MathWorks in 1984.

Answer: Matrix Laboratory (MatLab)

(b) Developed by Stephen Wolfram, this computer algebra system is considered by some to be a chief competitor of MatLab. Originally released in 1988, it is a Lisp-like program whose symbolic manipulation is greatly superior to MatLab's, but whose numerical abilities are more limited than MatLab's.

Answer: Mathematica

(c) The granddaddy of all numerical programs, this programming language, originally developed in the 1950s by John Backus, included a complex number type made especially for the mathematical types.

Answer: Fortran or Formula Translation or Formula Translator
20. Identify the following authors of early Japan FTPE.

(a) During the Nara period this first great Japanese poetry anthology was compiled by the poet Otomo no Yakamochi, circa 759.

Answer: Man'yōshū or Anthology of a Myriad Leaves

(b) The age of classical literature in Japan occurred during the Heian period, in which this woman wrote her Tales of Genji, and forged a rivalry with fellow court member Sei Shonagon.

Answer: Lady Murasaki Shikibu

(c) His travel book The Narrow Road Through the Deep North is a prose description of his travels, interspersed with the haiku that this poet is widely considered as being the master of.

Answer: Matsuo Bashō (accept either) or Matsuo Munefusa
21. Name the man, 30-20-10.

(30) In 1809 he became Professor of History at Grenoble, having by the age of twenty mastered more than twelve languages as well as his native French.

(20) He identified the importance of the Turin King List, and greatly expanded upon the work of Thomas Young, and it was this work for which he is most famous.

(10) From 1822-1824 he worked towards deciphering the Rosetta Stone.

Answer: Jean-François Champollion
22. Given an operator in the C++ programming language, identify what function the operator does for fifteen points each.

a) Two ampersands (&&)

Answer: and (accept “logical and”)

b) The percentage sign (%)

Answer: modulus (accept “mod”)

1. A woman's 1844 poem "Lady Geraldine's Courtship" mentions another poet, whom she would later marry. FTPE:

1. All or nothing, name both those poets.

Answer: Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Moulton) (accept either underlined name); Robert Browning

2. For ten points, “Lady Geraldine's Courtship” makes explicit reference to what "blood-tinctured" fruit, paired with "bells" in a Robert Browning work?

Answer: pomegranates

3. The American edition of the volume that included "Lady Geraldine's Courtship" had an introduction by this poet, who may have borrowed its trochaic octameter and trochaic heptameter for his most famous work.

Answer: Edgar Allan Poe (the work is "The Raven")
2. FTPE identify the Russian czar:

[10] This czar ruled from 1682 to 1725, stood nearly 7’ tall, won the Great Northern war against Sweden, and attempted to modernize the backward country he inherited.

Answer: Peter the Great [Accept: Peter I]

[10] This czar ruled from 1762 to 1796, took great interest in the French Enlightenment, corresponded with Voltaire, read the works of Montesquieu, and some say loved horses far too much.

Answer: Catherine the Great [Accept: Catherine II or Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst]

[10] This czar ruled from 1801 to 1825, considered himself an enlightened reformer in the early part of his reign, and attended the Congress of Vienna.

Answer: Alexander I
3. Astronomy stuff FTPE:

In the early 20th century the astronomer Vesto Slipher noted that absorption lines in the spectra of most spiral galaxies were longer than those observed from stationary objects. What is the name given to this 'shift' which appears when galaxies or objects are moving further away from our own galaxy?

Answer: Red Shift

In the 1920’s this astronomer noted that the further a galaxy is from the Milky Way, the faster it was moving away. His namesake parameter tells us how fast a galaxy at a given distance is receding from us.

Answer: Edwin Hubble

Although rarely occurring, there is another type of 'shift' which occurs when a galaxy, instead of moving farther away from the Milky Way, is actually moving closer. Perhaps the most famous example is the Andromeda Galaxy,

which exhibits a shift of this color.

Answer: Blue Shift

4. In Greek myth, Heracles was assigned to perform ten labours, but he did twelve because two didn't count. FTP each:

A. Killing this beast didn't count because of help from Iolas, who used a white-hot brand to keep it from regenerating.

Answer: the Hydra of Lerna

B. Involving the use of diverted rivers, which labor was rejected because Heracles performed it in return for payment?

Answer: cleaning the stables of Augeus (accept wide variety of variants) (prompt on "fifth labour")

C. In his first labour, which did count, Heracles strangled what creature and later wore its invincible skin?

Answer: the Nemean lion or lion of Nemea
5. Answer the following about Jacques Offenbach, FTPE.

(10) Offenbach was one of the leading composer for the operetta form. Name the other notable operetta musician, a Viennese who was inspired by Offenbach to write music for his Waltz-filled dramas.

Answer: Johann Strauss, Jr.

(10) Offenbach's most famous operetta is this mythologically inspired work with an overture by Carl Binder. It famously quotes the catchy can-can.

Answer: Orpheus in the Underworld; or Orphee aux enfers

(10) Offenbach's serious unfinished opera was completed by Guiraud. It boasts of a Barbier and Carre libretto based on a set of famous stories.

Answer: The Tales of Hoffman; or Les contes d'Hoffmann

6. Identify these works by Virginia Woolf, FTPE.

(10) The preparations for a party conjures up the title character's experiences at different times in her life.

Answer: Mrs. Dalloway

(10) Multiple perspectives of different characters reveal their relationship to the dead Percival while ten interludes construct the passage of a single day from morning to night.

Answer: The Waves

(10) This essay examines the history of literature written by women and the famous anecdote of Woolf being forbidden entrance to a university library because she was female.

Answer: A Room of One's Own

7. Identify the following neurotransmitters for 10 points each

a) This neurotransmitter is synthesized from the amino acid Tryptophan and is involved with aggression and anxiety.

Answer: serotonin or 5-HT

b) Adrenaline is another name for this neurotransmitter.

Answer: epinephrine

c) Deficits related to this neurotransmitter are responsible for Parkinson’s disease and is also thought to be associated with feelings of reward.

Answer: dopamine
8. Songs from the “Napoleon Dynamite” Sound Track FTPE:

[10] This song by Cyndi Lauper is played when Napoleon and Deb are dancing.

Answer: Time After Time

[10] This is the Bette Midler song that Napoleon signs with the Happy Hands Club.

Answer: The Rose

[10] This song by “When in Rome” is played over the closing credits.

Answer: The Promise
9. For ten points each, identify the following acts concerning Native Americans.

a) Passed in 1830 and signed by Andrew Jackson, this act provided for the exchange of Native American tribal lands for lands west of the US states.

Answer: Indian Removal Act

b) Enacted in 1887, this act divided up reservations into land given to individual tribe reservation members. Though intended by some to help them it primarily served to open up their lands to white settlers.

Answer: Dawes Act

c) Passed in 1924 as part of the New Deal, this act reversed the privatization of lands created by the Dawes Act.

Answer: Indian Reorganization Act
10. He built Vienna's most utilitarian house, a rectangular, gray, piece of slab, but is more famous for writing a numbered treatise while fighting in World War I espousing the logical commonalities of the external world and linguistic representations.

(10) For 10, name him.

Answer: Ludwig Wittgenstein

(10) For another 10, he claims to be the last working member of what profession, whose daily duties are intermingled with head-scratching, finger-pointing, and dining with chopsticks.

Answer: philosophy; or philosopher

(10) Name the work Wittgenstein sent to Bertrand Russell while a prisoner-of-war, a set of propositions beginning with "The world is all that is the case" and ending with "What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence."

Answer: Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus; or Treatise on Logical Philosophy; or TLP; or The Tractatus (you need the "The")
11. Never mind title characters; name these works with title buildings from clues FTPE:

a) In fairness, the would-be owner’s name is also included in this whimsical 1961 V.S. Naipaul novel set in Trinidad

Answer: A House for Mr. Biswas

b) Considered the first Gothic novel, any plot summary of this Horace Walpole work sounds ridiculous even before you note that Isabella’s father, is called the Knight of the Gigantic Saber.

Answer: The Castle of Otranto

c) In this E.M. Forster novel, Mrs. Wilcox wills the title residence to Margaret Schlegel, who never learns this but winds up there anyway as the second Mrs. Wilcox. Bad things happen to poor Leonard Bast so the author can denounce society’s hypocrisy.

Answer: Howards End
12. Identify the following figures related to genetics, FTPE.

1. He published the first textbook on Mendelian genetics in 1905, and he worked with William Bateson to discover some of the fundamental processes of Mendelian genetics. His namesake squares show the probable results of genetic crosses.

Answer: Reginald Punnett

2. Maurice Wilkins received the Nobel Prize for doing the same X-ray diffraction work that she did. But she died of cancer at age 37, probably costing her a share in the Nobel Prize received by Wilkins, Watson, and Crick.

Answer: Rosalind Franklin

3. This paleontologist and evolutionary biologist worked with Niles Eldredge to create the revision of Darwinism known as punctuated equilibrium.

Answer: Stephen Jay Gould

13. Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time has some interesting choices, but there were some picks that puzzled your question author. Identify the following artists from the list FTSNOP.

5) Only three songs from the list have been released in the 21st century, including Outkast's “Hey Ya!” and two tracks from this artist, “Stan” and “Lose Yourself”.

Answer: Eminem

10) Although your question author thought it was cool that this band's “Pictures of You” was selected, he didn't think it deserved to be over 200 spots higher than “Just Like Heaven.”

Answer: The Cure

10) One intriguing inclusion was the track “Fake Plastic Trees” from the album The Bends, which was of two songs chosen for this list from this band.

Answer: Radiohead

5) This band had three songs on the list, but each one was in ranked in the 300's. Interestingly, none of the songs came from Dark Side of The Moon.

Answer: Pink Floyd

14. For the stated number of points, answer the following about Niagara Falls.

5) The Niagara River that feeds the falls is not actually a river since it runs between two large bodies of water. For five points, what is the correct designation of such a waterway?

Answer: Strait

5/5) For five points each, which two Great Lakes are connected?

Answer: Lake Erie and Lake Ontario

5/5/5) Niagara Falls is actually composed of three separate falls. Name each of them for five points each.

Answer: Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls
15. Identify these South Korean leaders, FTPE.

1. This founder and first president of South Korea was driven from power after a 1960 student uprising.

Answer: Syngman Rhee

2. This major general seized control in October 1979. Elected president in 1981, he would eventually be pardoned after being given the death sentence for his role in the 1979 coup.

Answer: Chun Doo Hwan

3. In 1997, he became the first opposition leader to become South Korea’s president, and he has the same surname as the leader of North Korea.

Answer: Kim Dae Jung

16. Answer the following questions about photosynthesis, FTPE.

1. An atom of this metallic element is at the center of the porphyrin [pour-fur-in] ring in chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b.

Answer: magnesium

2. Photosynthesis could not occur without this effect which (as we noted earlier) was discovered by Heinrich Hertz, and Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize in 1921 for explaining it.

Answer: photoelectric effect

3. In this path, carbon dioxide is taken in through the stoma at night and converted to organic acids. It is used by some water-storing plants such as cacti.

Answer: CAM or crassulacean acid metabolism

17. Literary terms FTPE.

(10) Espoused by Rousseau, it is a pure and honorable primitive human being uncorrupted by society and social values.

Answer: noble savage

(10) Explained in a poem by Kipling, it is a justification for the imperialist aspirations of European nations, to purify and Christianize primitive cultures.

Answer: white man's burden

(10) Exemplified by Goethe's Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship, it’s a novel following the development of a young person.

Answer: bildungsroman; or education novel
18. Let’s say that the statement Q implies the statement P. For ten points each, answer the following.

a) What type of assertion is “NOT P implies NOT Q”?

Answer: Contrapositive

b) What type of assertion is “NOT Q implies NOT P”?

Answer: Inverse

c) What type of assertion is “P implies Q”?

Answer: Converse
19. Given a cult from the 20th century, name its infamous leader FTPE:

[10] Branch Davidians

Answer: David Koresh

[10] The People’s Temple

Answer: Jim Jones (James Jones is acceptable)

[10] The Solar Temple

Answer: Luc Journet
20. Name these ballerinas for ten points each.

1. This Native American from the Osage tribe was briefly married to choreographer George Balanchine. She was honored by the Kennedy Center in 1996 for her contributions to dance.

Answer: Maria Tallchief

2. Born Peggy Hookham in England in 1919, this dancer, noted for her partnership with the much younger Rudolf Nureyev, was the most famous British ballerina of the 20th century. She was knighted in 1956.

Answer: (Dame) Margot Fonteyn

3. This red-haired beauty retired at the age of 27 and was often overshadowed by Fonteyn, but film buffs remember her for starring roles in the classic British films "The Red Shoes" and "Peeping Tom."

Answer: Moira Shearer
21. Name these characters from Crime and Punishment, FTPE.

(10) He was the friend of Roskolnikov whose drinking made his wife Katerina Ivanovna drag him by his hair. He dies after being run over. Roskolnikov helps to pay for his funeral and comforts his family.

Answer: Marmelodov

(10) Along with Kolya and Lida, she is a child of Marmelodov. She resorts to prostitution to support the family. Roskolnikov falls in love with her and they endure Siberia together.

Answer: Sonia or Sofya Semyonovna

(10) Roskolnikov confessed to this man, the explosive lieutenant, who earlier started the rumor that Roskolnikov is the culprit when he saw him faint when the police discussed the murder.

Answer: Ilya Petrovich; either name acceptable
22. Name the musical groups FTPE.

(10) Consisting of Milhaud, Honegger, Poulenc, Auric, Durey, and Tailleferre, they admired popular music, rejected romanticism, and honored the Frenchman Eric Satie.

Answer: Les Six

(10) Consisting of Balakirev, Cui, Borodin, Mussorgsky, and Rimsky-Korsakov, this mighty handful composed nationalist music for Russia.

Answer: The Five

(10) Consisting of Schoenberg, Berg, and Webern, this school used the 12-tone method of composition to write atonal music.

Answer: The Second Viennese School

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