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1. Name these Northern European artists from works FTPE:

b) Laughing Cavalier, Officers of the Militia Company of St. George

Answer: Frans Hals

c) Ghent Altarpiece, Arnolfini Wedding

Answer: Jan van Eyck [pronounced eck but accept ike or other reasonable attempts]

d) Syndics of the Cloth Guild, The Night Watch

Answer: Rembrandt van Rijn
2. FTPE, given a Vice President who served under him, name the 20th century U.S President.

a) James S. Sherman

Answer: William Howard Taft

b) John Nance Garner

Answer: Franklin Roosevelt [accept FDR]

c) Walter Mondale

Answer: James Earl “Jimmy” Carter
3. Your eye is tuned to wavelengths between 400 and 700 nanometers, the optical spectrum. Given a description, identify these other classes of electromagnetic radiation FTPE:

a) Black holes and neutron stars emit in this high-energy band, used to study crystal structures, and for medical scans.

Answer: X-ray

b) Photons in this energy range can break chemical bonds, including those in DNA. Reactions in the stratosphere with oxygen produce ozone.

Answer: ultraviolet or UV

c) They are generated by Klystrons and magnetrons. Devices that communicate using 2.4 gigahertz and 5.4 gigahertz operate in this band. They can heat water through dielectric heating.

Answer: microwave
4. Had enough Shakespeare today? Too bad. Identify the Shakespeare play from quotes FTPE:

a) “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy! / It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock / The meat it feeds on.”

Answer: Othello

b) “This day is called the feast of Crispian; / He that outlives this day and comes safe home, / Will stand a tip-toe when this day is named, / And rouse him at the name of Crispian.”

Answer: Henry V

c) “Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

Answer: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
5. Given the mountain, identify the country of its location for ten points each.

a) Kilimanjaro

Answer: Tanzania

b) Kosciusko

Answer: Australia

c) Aconcagua

Answer: Argentina
6. Name the films FTPE.

(10) Two detectives played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman capture John Doe, a psychopath who kills people for committing the deadly sins.

Answer: Seven

(10) In this Akira Kurosawa film, four of the title warriors give their lives to save their village, under attack by bandits.

Answer: Seven Samurai; or Shichinin no samurai

(10) A knight plays chess against death while people around them die of the plague in this Ingmar Bergman film. Answer: The Seventh Seal; or Det sjunde inseglet (but I doubt anyone will say this)

7. Answer the following questions about Chairman Mao:

(10) Mao and his forces trekked north through China on this year-long journey to evade Nationalist forces.

Answer: the Long March

(10) This plan to jump-start China as an economic power ordered collectivization of agriculture, and lots of small-scale industrial projects like backyard furnaces for smelting steel.

Answer: the Great Leap Forward

(10) After Mao's death, this group of three Shanghai party bosses and his wife tried to seize power and have Deng Xiaoping purged, but they failed and were given this insulting nickname.

Answer: the Gang of Four
8. FTSNOP name these works by James Thurber:

a) (5 pts.) Mundane events in real life trigger the vivid adventure fantasies of a henpecked husband.

Answer: “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

b) (10 pts.) Although considerable literary license is taken, this 1933 collection of stories dealing with Thurber’s youth in Columbus, Ohio, is the closest thing he had to an autobiography.

Answer: My Life and Hard Times

c) (15 pts.) In this 1940 gem, another henpecked husband pretends to have seen a nonexistent animal in order to provoke his wife into calling the guys in the white coats. He then feigns ignorance, she gets hysterical, and she gets carted away instead. This is one of only three times in all of Thurber’s work where a man triumphs over a woman.

Answer: “The Unicorn in the Garden
9. Answer the following about electron orbitals, FTPE.

(10) No orbital may be occupied by more than two electrons and the electrons must differ in the orientation of their intrinsic angular momentum. This is a consequence of what principle?

Answer: Pauli Exclusion Principle

(10) By this rule, degenerate orbitals are first occupied by one electron each, all of these having the same spin. Answer: Hund's Rule

(10) The process of adding electrons one by one to the orbitals, starting with those of lowest energy, is known as this principle, German for build up.

Answer: Aufbau Principle

10. Answer the following about Ajax for ten points each.

1. Two warriors named Ajax fought for Greece during the Trojan war. They are often called the greater and the lesser but their fathers are also used to distinguish them. Name either of their fathers.

Answer: Oileus; or Telamon

2. Ajax the lesser later raped this woman who had been given the gift of prophesy by Apollo.

Answer: Cassandra

3. Ajax the greater quarreled with this other Greek over the armor of Achilles, going mad after losing the armor.

Answer: Odysseus; do not accept "Ulysses"
11. Name some of these things having to do with the end of the Civil War for ten points each.

1. This bill passed by the Radical Republicans called for the appointment of a provisional governor in the Southern states and required a majority of males to pledge allegiance to the Union. It was pocket vetoed by Lincoln.

Answer: Wade-Davis Bill

2. Originally sponsored by Charles Sumner, this government agency oversaw land distribution to former slaves and established an education system for their children among other things.

Answer: Freedman's Bureau

3. This general who marched with W. T. Sherman and fought at Gettysburg was put in charge of the Freedman's Bureau. A historically black college in Washington, D.C., was named for him.

Answer: Oliver O. Howard
12. Pop music lyrics quiz! Five points for the song, five points for the artist:

a) "My shadow's the only one that walks beside me/My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating."

Answers: "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" / Green Day

b) "Finally, some one let me out of my cage/Now time for me is nothin' 'cause I'm countin' no age."

Answers: "Clint Eastwood" / Gorillaz

c) "Wish I could read what goes through your mind/Wish you could touch me with the colors of your life." Answers: "Invisible" / Clay Aiken

13. It may have come and gone rather quietly, but your genial quizmaster really enjoyed Fantasia 2000. Given a composition featured or excerpted in that film, name the composer F5PE or 30 for all 5 correct:

a) Pomp and Circumstance

Answer: Edward Elgar

b) Rhapsody in Blue

Answer: George Gershwin

c) Carnival of the Animals

Answer: Camille Saint-Saens
14. For ten points each, which figure from American poetry:

1. has muscles "as strong as iron bands" in a Longfellow work?

Answer: the village blacksmith

2. "enters into Heaven" in a poem by Vachel Linday.

Answer: General William Booth

3. "lived in a pretty how town" in a poem by e. e. cummings?

Answer: anyone
15. You may know your own genus and species, Homo sapiens, but FTPE, give:

a) Phylum

Answer: Chordata or Chordates [prompt on “Vertebrata” or “vertebrates”]

b) Order

Answer: Primates

c) Family

Answer: Hominidae
16. Time for a general literature question. For ten points each, name the writer of.

1. The Inspector General, 1836.

Answer: Nikolay Vasilyevich Gogol

2. The General in His Labyrinth, 1989.

Answer: Gabrial Garcia Marquez; prompt on "Marquez"

3. Canto General (heh-neh-RAAL), 1943.

Answer: Pablo Neruda or Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto
17. FTPE, given a list of numbers, name the next number in the sequence. You have 10 seconds per part.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13.

Answer: 21

2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19.

Answer: 23

1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28.

Answer: 36
18. In 1765, he was made governor of Bengal. He consolidated the power of the East India Company, and was later criticized for the wealth he amassed. For ten points each.

1. Name this Britisher.

Answer: Robert Clive

2. In 1756, Clive was sent on an expedition in response to an atrocity in which about sixty men were locked in a stifling hot room, killing all but twenty-one of them. What four-word name is commonly given to that room?

Answer: the Black Hole of Calcutta

3. In response to the Black Hole of Calcutta, Clive defeated Siraj-ud-daula at this 1757 battle. He was given a title in the Irish peerage for his victory.

Answer: the Battle of Plassey; Clive was made "First Baron Clive of Plassey" so accept it if they said "Plassey" for part 1
19. Name these bogus theories of physics for ten points each.

1. The predecessor to the modern concept of momentum, the property was though to be imparted to an object placed in motion. It dissipated as the object moved, and when the object ran out of this, it stopped.

Answer: impetus

2. Discussed by Becher and Stahl, it was thought to be the substance that allowed things to burn. Its existence was shown to be unnecessary by Lavoisier, though Priestley believed in it his entire life.

Answer: phlogiston

3. Invented by Gene Ray, this theory holds that every day is actually four simultaneous days. Humans only experience one of these days because they have been "educated stupid."

Answer: time cube (Google this if you've never heard of it!)
20. Given the description, give the name of the god or goddess found in Hinduism for ten points each.

a) The elephant head God. He is the lord of all existing beings.

Answer: Ganesh (a)

b) The monkey deity known for his power and selfless service.

Answer: Hanuman

c) The goddess of knowledge, music, and the creative arts.

Answer: Saraswati (so-ra-swa-ti or so-ro-so-thi)
21. Given a planet or moon, give the primary component of its atmosphere for the stated number of points.

1. (5 points) Venus.

Answer: carbon dioxide or CO_2

2. (10 points) Titan.

Answer: nitrogen or N_2

3. (15 points) Uranus.

Answer: hydrogen or H_2
22. For the fungus among us: Answer the following about edible, nonhallucinogenic mushrooms FTPE.

a) These mushrooms have spongey, honeycomb like, pointed caps and hollow stems. Tan, yellow, or black, they are used in many kinds of cooking.

Answer: Morel

b) Color ranges from tan to dark brown with tan gills and umbrella shaped caps. Texture is soft and spongey. They are used in many gourmet dishes.

Answer: Shiitake

c) Reaching up to six inches in diameter, usually white or tan with darker gills, they are used as meat substitutes in vegetarian dishes, among other uses.

Answer: Portabella (Portobelle)

1. Answer the following questions concerning laws that Gustave Kirchhoff developed for ten points each.

a) Kirchhoff’s 1st law states that the sum of this entering a node is equal to the sum of it exiting a node in an electrical circuit.

Answer: current

b) Kirchhoff’s second law states that the directed sum of the electrical potential differences around a circuit must sum to zero, which is in accordance with this law of thermodynamics.

Answer: First Law of Thermodynamics, or law of conservation of energy

c) Unrelated to circuits, Kirchhoff’s law of this states that at thermal equilibrium, the emissivity of a body equals its absorptivity.

Answer: Kirchhoff’s law of Thermal Radiation
2. Name the winners of these NFL Awards for the 2004 season FTPE:

[10] This Colts quarterback won his 2nd straight league MVP Award, this time not shared with anyone else.

Answer: Peyton Manning

[10] This Pittsburgh quarterback was named Offensive Rookie of the Year.

Answer: Ben Roethlisberger

[10] This linebacker, also from Pittsburgh, was named Defensive Player of the Year.

Answer: James Farrior
3. Thornton Wilder stuff FTPE.

[10] Wilder won his first Pulitzer in 1928 for what novel about the lives of those who died in an accident in Peru?

Answer: The Bridge of San Luis Rey

[10] Wilder’s play Our Town is set in which U.S. state?

Answer: New Hampshire

[10] Wilder’s play, The Matchmaker, was turned into what musical?

Answer: Hello Dolly
4. FTPE name the artist from works found at the Art Institute of Chicago:

[10] “American Gothic”

Answer: Grant Wood

[10] “Nighthawks”

Answer: Edward Hopper

[10] “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”

Answer: Georges-Pierre Seurat
5. Name these people associated with ridiculously long creek names in American history.

A. Chappaquiddick Creek was the site of this politicians’s car-crash that resulted in the death of his passenger, much to the embarrassment of his famous family.

Answer: Ted Kennedy

B. Pottawatomie Creek, Kansas, saw this ardent abolitionist and his sons slay five pro-slavery settlers with broadswords.

Answer: John Brown

C. Okay, so it’s actually a river, but this man was known as Tippecanoe for his defeat of Tecumseh near it before going on to be president.

Answer: William Henry Harrison
6. Biblical scholars divide the New Testament into 4 Gospels, 1 History, 21 Epistles, and 1 Apocalypse. FTPE identify which of the following belongs to which group:

[10] I John [Read: “First John”]

Answer: Epistle(s)

[10] John

Answer: Gospel(s)

[10] Hebrews

Answer: Epistle(s)

7. Answer the following questions about hemorrhagic fevers FTPE

a. This virus, named after a tributary of the Congo River, has five strains. The Zaire and Sudan have mortality rates of 90% and 50%, respectively.

Answer: Ebola Virus

b. This virus was first discovered in its namesake German town in 1967 when animal handlers contracted the disease from Green Monkeys. It is endemic to Western Kenya and Uganda.

Answer: Marburg Virus

c. This fever was first noted in a Nigerian city in the Yeserdam River Valley in 1969. Its fatality rate is about 15-20% and kills about 5,000 people annually. Unlike Marburg and Ebola, it is treatable with ribavirin.

Answer: Lassa Fever

8. FTSNOP, answer the following about one of your question writer’s favorite people, Napoleon Bonaparte.

[5] Who defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo?

Answer: Arthur Wellesley or Duke of Wellington (either is acceptable)

[10] On which island was Napoleon born?

Answer: Corsica

[5/15] Napoleon was twice exiled to distant islands. For 5 for 1 or 15 for both, name them.

Answers: Elba and St. Helena
9. Book magazine published a list of what they considered the top 100 literary characters of the 20th century. FTPE:

a) Only this novel had three different characters on the list – Atticus Finch, his daughter Scout, and Arthur “Boo” Radley.

Answer: To Kill a Mockingbird

b) There were a handful of non-human characters on the list, but I can’t give you an exact count because I’m not sure how to classify Gregor Samsa from this Franz Kafka work.

Answer: The Metamorphosis

c) The only sentient spider on the list is the title character of this classic children’s book by E.B. White.

Answer: Charlotte’s Web
10. Rivers for five points each.

1. (15 points) Name the three rivers that meet at Three Forks, Montana, to form the Missouri River for five points each.

Answer: Jefferson, Madison, Gallatin

2. (15 points) Name the two rivers that meet to form the Ohio River and the city in which they meet for five points each.

Answer: Allegheny, Monongahela, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
11. Given the name of a molecule, identify its shape according to the VSEPR model for ten points each.

a) water

Answer: bent

b) methane

Answer: tetrahedral

c) PF5

Answer: trigonal bipyramidal
12. Although Ira Levin has only written seven novels, three of them have titles that have entered the vernacular. For ten points each, answer these questions about them.

1. An especially devilish child might be referred to by the title of this 1967 Levin book, which was turned into a popular film the following year.

Answer: Rosemary's Baby

2. This term for scarily obedient spouses appeared in the title of a 1972 Levin work.

Answer: Stepford wives; accept Stepford wife

3. Opponents of human cloning often invoke the specter of an army of "boys from" this country, after the title of a 1976 Levin novel about an effort to produce a clone of Adolf Hitler.

Answer: Brazil
13. Name the architect from works, FTPE.

(10) Kaufmann House "Falling Water."

Answer: Frank Lloyd Wright

(10) The Bauhaus building.

Answer: Walter Gropius

(10) Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Answer: I. M. Pei
14. Identify these rebel groups from descriptions for ten points each.

1. Formed in 1962 to oppose the regime of Anastasio Somoza, this Nicaraguan group is named for a guerilla leader.

Answer: Sandinistas

2. It claims to be a harmless spiritual movement with influences from Buddhism and Taoism, but the Chinese Government calls it a manipulative cult.

Answer: Falun Gong; or Falun Dafa

3. Che Guevara was a member of this movement, led by Fidel Castro to seize Cuban power in 1959. It is named for the date of an earlier military action.

Answer: 26th of July movement; or Movimiento 26 De Julio 
15. Given a short description, name the work by Isabel Allende FTPE.

a) This verbose novel follows several generations of the del Valle women from Rosa's poisoning and Clara's decision to become a mute to Blanca's forced marriage and Alba's rape. Name this work deeply rooted in Magical Realism.

Answer: The House of the Spirits (La Casa de los espíritus)

b) Allende wrote this work after her young daughter fell into a coma, hoping that someday she would awaken and read this history of her family.

Answer: Paula

c) In what many consider her greatest work; Allende's fictionalized character narrates her own story of triumphing death by assuming numerous identities, representing the plight of Latin American women as a whole. The titular character must put perspective on her relationships with Rolf Carle and Riad Halabi in order to maintain her independent feminism.

Answer: Eva Luna
16. Answer these questions about functions with recursive definitions:

(10) This function is written as an exclamation point, and defined for numbers greater than one as the product of its argument, and the result of the function applied to its argument minus one.

Answer: factorial function

(10) Each term in this series after the second is equal to the sum of the two preceding terms. The series is named for an Italian mathematician.

Answer: Fibonacci series

(10) The i-th of these geometrically named numbers is the sum of the preceding one, and the number i.

Answer: triangular numbers [note: T(1) = 1, T(2) = 3, T(3) = 6...]
17. Jupiter’s four best known moons, also known as the Galilean moons, are: Callisto, Europa, Io, and Ganymede. On a 5-10-20-30 basis, which of these moons:

a. Is the only one to exhibit active volcanism?

Answer: Io

b. Is considered the smoothest object in the solar system, as its surface of water ice is only marred by long, shallow trackways?

Answer: Europa

c. Is the largest of the four, also the largest moon in the solar system, bigger even than the planets Mercury and Pluto?

Answer: Ganymede

d. Is closest to Jupiter, cutting across the planet’s magnetic field, resulting in ions being swept off the planet and into a belt of radiation around it?

Answer: Io

18. FTPE, identify which of the 10 Amendments to the U. S. Constitution contains the following freedoms, guarantees, rights, or protections:

[10] The right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Answer: 1st

[10] Protections against cruel or unusual punishment.

Answer: 8th

[10] The right to keep and bear arms

Answer: 2nd

19. Name these figures involved in a religion for ten points each.

1. The Gathas, or hymns, of the Avesta are attributed to him. Name this founder of a monotheistic religion.

Answer: Zoroaster; or Zarathsutra; or Zartosht

2. The Supreme God of Zoroastrianism, he is revered and worshipped by followers and opposed by Ahriman.

Answer: Ahura Mazda; or Ormuzd; or Spenta Mainyu

3. Born Farrokh Bulsara and of Parsi descent, this Zoroastrian fronted the band Queen.

Answer: Freddie Mercury
20. For ten points each, identify the classic Chinese novel based on the summary. (NOTE: If the Chinese answer is given, accept reasonable pronounciations.)

a) The monk Tangsan Zhang undertakes a pilgrimage to India to retrieve Buddhist scriptures, with the assistance of a monkey, pig, and fish spirit.

Answer: Journey to the West or Xi You Ji (shee yo jee)

b) At the fall of the Han dynasty, Liu Bei swears brotherhood with two heroes, and together they strive to put down the Yellow Turban rebellion.

Answer: The Romance of the Three Kingdoms or San Guo Yian Yi (yan ee)

c) Set in Beijing, the novel chronicles the downfall of the wealthy Jia family.

Answer: The Dream of the Red Chamber or Hong Lou Meng
21. Identify the following about the process of cloning a gene in bacteria for ten points each.

1. This is the term for the small rings of DNA in the bacteria that carry accessory genes separate from those of the bacterial chromosomes, and into which copies of a gene are inserted.

Answer: plasmids

2. Both the plasmid and the human DNA containing the gene are digested using this general type of enzyme, which can cut pieces of foreign DNA molecules in the bacteria at a limited number of specific locations, allowing copies of the gene to base-pair with the plasmids.

Answer: restriction enzymes; or endonucleases

3. This type of enzyme is then used to covalently bond the gene and plamid DNA strands, resulting in recombinant DNA strands. It is also used in natural DNA replication.

Answer: DNA ligase
22. Name the following sculptors for ten points each.

1. A large portion of the Tate Gallery in St. Ives, Cornwall, is devoted this woman, whose works include Contrapuntal Forms, The Unknown Political Prisoner, and Three Monoliths.

Answer: Barbara Hepworth

2. One of Hepworth's classmates at Leeds School of Art, his Knife Edge Two Piece now stands outside the Houses of Parliament in London, and his West Wind relief can be seen at St. James Park Underground Station. He may be best known for reclining, abstract, often-blobby human figures.

Answer: Henry Moore

3. This Romanian's sculpture Bird in Space was initially refused entry into the United States because it was thought to be not art but a means of avoiding customs duties on metal.

Answer: Constantin Brancusi

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