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1. VISUAL BONUS: Yes, it’s another map, but this time there’s a twist. You are about to be handed a map of the 48 contiguous U.S. states. For 5 points each, for the state marked with each letter shown, name that state’s capital. You have 15 seconds to begin your answer.

Answers: (a) Salem; (b) Carson City; (c) Lincoln; (d) Des Moines; (e) Jefferson City; (f) Tallahassee

2. Name the allotrope of carbon given a description, FTPE.

1. Layers of carbon atoms bonded in six-membered rings with pi bonding between layers.

Answer: graphite

2. Sixty carbon atoms covalently bonded in an approximately spherical shape.

Answer: buckminsterfullerenes or buckyballs

3. Repeated tetrahedral units of covalently bonded carbon atoms.

Answer: diamond
3.Given works, identify the American author for 10 points each. If you need a more common work, you will get 5 points.

10) Something Happened; God Knows

5) Catch-22

Answer: Joseph Heller

10) Player Piano; Breakfast of Champions

5) Slaughter-house Five

Answer: Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

10) Meridian; The Temple of My Familiar

5) The Color Purple

Answer: Alice Walker

4. He was minority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives on October 11, 1973. For ten points each.

1. Name this representative from Michigan.

Answer: Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr.; accept Leslie Lynch King, Jr

2. The next day, Nixon appointed Ford to the post of Vice President, to replace this man who had pled no contest to a charge of tax evasion.

Answer: Spiro Theodore Agnew; accept Spiro Anagnostopoulos

3. In 1976, Ford became the first sitting president to be defeated for re-election since this man lost in 1932.

Answer: Herbert Clark Hoover
5. The golden age of British art began… OK, so there wasn’t one. Name the British artists from works FTPE:

a) Marriage a la Mode, Harlot’s Progress

Answer: William Hogarth

b) Calais Pier, Rain Steam and Speed

Answer: J.M.W. Turner

c) Salisbury Cathedral, The Haywain

Answer: John Constable
6. Identify the following about a subatomic particle for ten points each.

1. Discovered in 1946 by Carl Anderson, it has an average lifetime of 2.2 microseconds and decays into an electron, a neutrino, and an antineutrino via the weak nuclear force. It has a mass of 106 MeV, 200 times greater than that of an electron but 17 times less than that of a tau.

Answer: muon

2. Muons are one of the six types of this category of particles, which, in contrast to hadrons, are not affected by the strong nuclear force and are not composed of quarks.

Answer: leptons

3. Leptons are themselves one of the types of this broader category of particles, characterized by half-integral spins and obedience to the Pauli exclusion principle.

Answer: fermions

7. For ten points each, which author created.

1. The House of the Seven Gables, about the residence of the Pyncheon family?

Answer: Nathaniel Hawthorne

2. The House of Bernarda Alba, a play in which only female characters appear on stage?

Answer: Federico Garcia Lorca; prompt on "Lorca"

3. The House of Mirth, about the downfall of Lily Bart?

Answer: Edith Wharton; accept Edith Newbold Jones

8. For ten points each, answer these questions about the United Nations.

a) All nations receive equal representation in this broad-based body, site of most of the public debate within the UN.

Answer: General Assembly

b) Responsible for maintaining peace and security in the world, this smaller 15-member body wields the real power.

Answer: Security Council

c) Headquartered in Paris, this specialized United Nations agency promotes world peace through free exchange of ideas.

Answer: UNESCO [or United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization]
9. Given a description of a snack food from LittleDebbie.com, name the snack cake FTPE.

10) “Chocolate cake rolled around a layer of creme filling and drenched with fudge coating.”

Answer: Swiss Cake Rolls

10) “A delicious yellow cake with creme filling covered in white icing and trimmed with fudge stripes.”

Answer: Zebra Cakes

10) “A chewy cookie topped with caramel and crisp rice then covered in a layer of fudge.”

Answer: Star Crunch
10. I’ll give you a number; on a 5-10-20-30 basis, you give its equivalent in Roman numerals. 10 seconds per part.

1. 555

Answer: DLV

2. 167

Answer: CLXVII

3. 479


4. 2763

11. FTSNOP, name the country in which the following Cabinet changes took place in the past 12 months:

1. (5 points) King Gyanendra sacked the entire cabinet and declared a state of emergency. The country is still reeling from the assassination of the previous monarch, Birendra, by his son, Crown Prince Dipendra.

Answer: Kingdom of Nepal

2. (10 points) President Chen Shui-bian chose Frank Hsieh to head the new cabinet after all 20 members of the previous one resigned in January.

Answer: Taiwan; or the Republic of China; do not accept "People's Republic of China"

3. (10 points) Andy Scott replaced Denis Coderre as Federal Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians.

Answer: Canada

4. (5 points) The nine new cabinet members named already in 2005 include Carlos Gutierrez and Alberto Gonzales.

Answer: United States of America; accept either underlined portion, or equivalents
12. Name these living members of family Hominidae for ten points each.

1. Genus Pongo contains the Bornean and Sumatran species of this ape.

Answer: orangutan; or orangutang

2. Genus Pan contains the common and pygmy types of this ape.

Answer: chimpanzee

3. Found in the Congo south of the Congo River, the pygmy chimpanzee, Pan paniscus, is known by this six-letter name.

Answer: bonobo
13. Identify the following Canterbury Tales, FTPE.

(10) A knight can only save his life by finding out what it is that women want most of all. When an old ugly widow tells him the secret: that women want power over men, he is forced to marry her for saving his life.

Answer: The Wife of Bath's Tale

(10) The cock Chanticleer dreams of death and speaks fear; his wife the hen Pertelote laughs in his face. Indeed Chanticleer gets abducted by a fox because of his vanity for his voice, but he narrowly escapes.

Answer: The Nun's Priest's Tale

(10) This unfinished tale was broken off because it was so foul. It follows the young prentice Perkin who leaves his master to engage in stealing, gambling, and other jovial activities, marrying a wife who fed herself through prostitution.

Answer: The Cook's Tale; accept equivalents, e.g. chef's tale
14. Name the speakers of these famous quotations for ten points each.

a) “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Answer: Patrick Henry

b) “The Union, next to our liberty most dear! May we all remember that it can only be preserved by respecting the rights of the states and distributing equally the benefit and the burden of the Union?”

Answer: John Calhoun

c) “I have not yet to begun to fight.”

Answer: John Paul Jones
15. FTSNOP, name these adversaries of everyone’s favorite mustached Italian plumber, Mario.

For 5: This ghost appears in a great variety of Mario titles, including Paper Mario, Super Mario Kart, and Mario Tennis.

Answer: Boo

For 10: This newcomer is the lanky evil counterpart of Luigi who wears blue instead of green and is Wario’s counterpart in games such as Mario Power Tennis and the Mario Party games.

Answer: Waluigi

For 15: This early enemy appears in Super Mario Bros. when he throws Spinies at Mario from his cloud. He has since helped Mario and gang out by being a camera man in Super Mario 64 and putting fallen players back on the racetrack in Super Mario Kart.

Answer: Lakitu
16. Answer these questions about Nobel prizes in physiology or medicine FTPE:

1. This Russian physiologist won a 1904 Nobel in physiology or medicine -- not for discovering classical conditioning and laying the foundation for behavioral psychology, but for his research on gastric juices.

Answer: Ivan Petrovich Pavlov

3. Robert Koch was awarded the 1905 prize for his research into the bacteria that causes this disease, while Selman Waksman won in 1952 for discovering streptomycin, the first antibiotic effective against it.

Answer: tuberculosis

3. Portuguese neurologist Egas Moniz shared a 1949 Nobel Prize for developing this now-discredited surgical procedure, although he was later paralyzed by a gunshot from patient who had undergone it.

Answer: (prefrontal) lobotomy; prompt on "psychosurgery"
17. Identify the following works of T. S. Eliot from (incomplete) lines, FTPE.

(10) "Let us go then, you and I, / When the evening is spread out against the sky."

Answer: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

(10) "We are the stuffed men / Leaning together / Headpiece filled with straw."

Answer: The Hollow Men

(10) "Weialala leia / Wallala leialala ... Datta. Dayadhvam. Damyata. / Shantih."

Answer: The Waste Land
18. Answer the following questions about Martin Luther, for ten points each.

a) Luther was a professor at this German university when he posted his 95 theses.

Answer: Wittenberg

b) In 1521, what church conference outlawed Luther’s beliefs?

Answer: Diet of Wurms

c) Luther suffered a loss of popular appeal in Germany for his stout opposition to this 1524 25 war, a revolt that his own spirit of independence had helped to foster.

Answer: Peasants’ War
19. Answer the following questions about the Belgian Congo for ten points each.

a) This famous but ruthless explorer, better known for his successful search for Dr. David Livingstone, was hired by King Leopold to lead the effort to set up the colony, and later became a leading consultant for its affairs and development.

Answer: Henry Morton Stanley

b) Upon independence, the Belgian Congo was renamed this, the French version of the name of a major tributary of the Congo River.

Answer: Zaire

c) This man, notorious for his exploitation of the country and its people to become one of the world’s richest men and elected upon the murder of his chief rival, was the first president and dictator of Zaire.

Answer: Joseph Mobutu, or Mobutu Sese Seku
20. Answer some of these things having to with a certain composer for ten points each.

1. This composer studied under Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and wrote the ballet scores for Petrushka and The Firebird.

Answer: Igor Stravinsky

2. Both Petrushka and The Firebird were written for this organization centered in Paris and run by Sergei Diaghilev.

Answer: Ballets Russes; last "es" is silent

3. Later in life, Stravinsky introduced his student Robert Craft to the twelve-tone serial music of this composer of Pierrot lunaire.

Answer: Arnold Schoenberg
21. Name the following philosophers from works on a 15-5 basis.

1. (15 points) A Theologico-Political Treatise, On the Improvement of the Understanding, Principles of Cartesian Philosophy.

(5) The Ethics, Hebrew Grammar.

Answer: Benedictus de Spinoza; or Baruch Spinoza; or Bento (de) Spinoza

2. (15) Human, All Too Human; Untimely Meditations.

(5) The Antichrist, The Gay Science.

Answer: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
22. Identify these terms related to cellular division, FTPE.

1. This term refers specifically to the process of nuclear division that produces two nuclei each containing a number chromosomes equal to that of the original nucleus.

Answer: mitosis

2. This term refers to the division of cytoplasm between the parent and daughter cells.

Answer: cytokinesis

3. Taken together, the stages of mitosis and cytokinesis are referred to as this stage, the shortest part of the cell cycle.

Answer: M stage

1. VISUAL BONUS: Presumably none of you were alive in 1982, but take from your genial quizmaster, the world was a pretty scary place back then. You are about to be handed a page with pictures of six world leaders who contributed to that scariness. Name each person pictured for 5 points each. You have 15 seconds to begin your answer.

Answers: (a) Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini; (b) Deng Xiaoping [or Teng Tsiao-Ping]; (c) Leonid Brezhnev; (d) Yasir Arafat; (e) Margaret Thatcher; (f) Ronald Reagan
2. For ten points each, identify the following about a certain building.

a) Located on 23rd street in New York City, it became the home of many famous writers, artists and musicians since it became a hotel in 1905. A stay there inspired a Joni Mitchell song, which in turn inspired a future President and First Lady when they chose their child’s name.

Answer: Chelsea Hotel

b) In the 1920’s this man, the author of “The Ransom of Red Chief” would visit the Chelsea Hotel, signing in under a different name each time.

Answer: O. Henry or William Sydney Porter

c) In 1953 this poet uttered the famous quote, “After 39 years, this is all I’ve done” while at the Chelsea hotel, before dying soon after. Apparently that was the most rage he could muster against the dying of the light.

Answer: Dylan Thomas
3. Cryptozoology is fun. Identify the following allegedly real creatures FTPE.

(10) The head and hooves of a horse. The wings of a bat. The tail of a snake. Oh, and the local hockey team is named after it.

Answer: Jersey devil

(10) Huge glowing red eyes which appeared to be set into its chest. Large wings. 2002 movie.

Answer: Mothman

(10) A cross between a kangaroo, a gargoyle, and a space alien, supposedly responsible for the draining of the blood of various farm animals in Puerto Rico in 1995. This gave it its name, Spanish for "goatsucker."

Answer: El Chupacabras
4. Given a definition, name the term from solution chemistry, FTPE.

1. This measurement is the number of moles of solute dissolved in one liter of solution.

Answer: molarity NOT molality

2. This process determines the molarity of a solution by reacting quantities of it with a known concentration of another reactant and monitoring the resulting pH.

Answer: titration

3. This law states that vapor pressure is proportional to the mole fraction of the solvent in a solution.

Answer: Raoult's law
5. FTPE, name the French artist from the given paintings.

1. The Raft of the Medusa and a series depicting mental patients.

Answer: Theodore Gericault

2. Women of Algiers, Liberty Leading the People

Answer: Eugene Delacroix

3. The Death of Marat, The Death of Socrates

Answer: Jacques-Louis David
6. Identify the following people involved in the Battle of Gettysburg for the stated number of points.

5) The battle was this Confederate general’s second attempt (after Antietam) at invading Union territory.

Answer: Robert E. Lee

15) Lee gave the task of attacking the Union’s weak right flank to this one-legged replacement for Stonewall Jackson.

Answer: Richard Ewell

10) This major general led the final, futile Confederate assault on the Union center at Cemetery Hill.

Answer: George Pickett
7. Answer these related questions for ten points each.

a) This novel pits mental patient Randall McMurphy against the tyrannical Nurse Ratchet.

Answer: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

b) Who wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest?

Answer: Ken Kesey

c) What character is the narrator of the novel?

Answer: Chief Bromden
8. Given the following values, identify the constants related to physics for ten points each.

a) 6.67 times ten to the negative eleventh power.

Answer: Gravitational Constant

b) 8.85 times ten to the negative twelfth power.

Answer: Permittivity of Space Constant

c) 8.99 times ten to the ninth power.

Answer: Coulomb’s Constant
9. Russia borders an awful lot of countries. In Europe, it borders 5. Name them, getting 5 points for each correct nation plus a 5 point bonus for getting all of them.

Answer: Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland

10. Given a brief description, FTPE name these X-Files characters who weren’t Mulder or Scully:

  1. Played by Mitch Pileggi, he began as an opponent to the X-Files but he eventually became one of Mulder and Scully’s few allies. As Assistant Director, he was able to get the agents out of trouble.

Answer: Walter Skinner

  1. Played by Robert Patrick, he joined the show late in its run to help find the missing Mulder. He was briefly in charge of the X-Files. Though he was skeptical of the paranormal, he did what was needed to help Scully. The mystery of his son’s murder was revealed in an episode.

Answer: John Doggett

  1. Played by William B. Davis, this nemesis of Mulder and Scully was seen frequently, but until late in the series little was known about him. In fact, actual name was not learned until later seasons; he was identified by a constant prop.

Answer: either CGB Spender or Cigarette Smoking Man (also accept Cancer Man)
11. Answer these questions on parts of a flower:

(10) The flower's pollen is produced by these male reproductive organs, each consisting of a filament and an anther.

Answer: stamen

(10) The outermost part of the flower is the calyx, consisting of these leaf-like projections which are usually tougher and less colorful than the petals.

Answer: sepals

(10) Some flowers secrete this sugary liquid to attract pollinators.

Answer: nectar
12. Name the poem from its opening lines FTPE. If you need the poet, you only get five.

[10] “Though still unravished bride of quietness!” “Thou foster child of silence and slow time”

[5] John Keats

Ode on a Grecian Urn” [accept but gently admonish them if they say “Ode To a Grecian Urn”]

[10] “It was many and many year ago, In a kingdom by the sea”

[5] Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee”

[10] “By the shores of Gitche Gumee/ By the shining big sea waters / Stood the wigwam of Nokomis”

[5] Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“Song of Hiawatha” [sometimes excerpts are published under just “Hiawatha” so that’s OK]

13. The U.S. presidential election of 1948 remains one of the most fascinating. FTPE name these key players:

a) While he’d been defeated by FDR in 1944, this Governor of New York and GOP nominee was considered the sure winner from the outset, so much so that he spent his entire campaign talking about unity and preparing to take office.

Answer: Thomas E. Dewey

b) Democratic incumbent Harry Truman saw some of his likely liberal support – over 1 million votes, or 2.4% of the total popular vote -- siphoned off by this candidate of the Progressive Party, who was still bitter that he’d been dumped after one term as FDR’s Vice President in favor of Truman.

Answer: Henry A. Wallace

c) Truman pulled off the miracle come-from-behind victory despite losing four usually Democratic states in the South by pushing for a strong civil rights plank in the party platform. Their 39 electoral votes and another 2.4% of the popular vote went to this candidate of the States Rights Party, or Dixiecrats.

Answer: Strom Thurmond
14. Answer these related questions on Greek Mythology FTPE.

a) This woman was transformed into a cow by Zeus to help her avoid Hera’s wrath. Hera sent the gadfly to torment her.

Answer: Io

b) Io ran into this Titan while he was chained onto a mountain. He was there by punishment for bringing humans the gift of fire.

Answer: Prometheus

c) Zeus crafted this woman to be man’s punishment. She had a box filled with woes that she accidentally let loose upon all of mankind.

Answer: Pandora
15. FTPE, do the following modulus problems, also known as find the remainder. You have 10 seconds per part.

56 mod 3.

Answer: 2.

127 mod 13.

Answer: 10.

365 mod 7.

Answer: 1.
16. Identify these theologians of the High Middle Ages, FTPE.

(10) This Dumb Ox, the Angelic Doctor, wrote a theological survey of all of knowledge, putting God at the apex of a hierarchy of abstractions and demonstrating that reason and faith could not be in conflict, the Summa Theologica.

Answer: Thomas Aquinas

(10) This Italian wrote Cur Deus Homo? i.e. "Why Did God Become Man?" giving a reasonable explanation to show why the Son of God had been incarnated as a man to save mankind.

Answer: Anselm

(10) This Parisian wrote Sic et Non, i.e. "Yes and No," a collection of inconsistent statements made by Fathers of the Curch, applying logic to show wherein the truth of Christian doctrine really lay.

Answer: Peter Abelard
17. Name these people associated with Charlemagne FTPE.

A. This king of the Franks is noted for introducing European coinage in addition for being the father of Charlemagne.

Answer: Pepin the Short (or Pepin III)

B. After Charlemagne intervened when this pope was deposed, he repaid the favor by making him Holy Roman Emperor.

Answer: Leo III

C. This nephew of Charlemagne fought with him in his conquest of Spain and has a French epic poem named after him detailing his tragic fall to the Moors.

Answer: Roland [accept Orlando]
18. Answer these questions about dramatist Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (poh-kuh-LAN) FTPE.

A. Poquelin went by this pen name, under which he wrote The Bourgeois Gentleman and The Imaginary Invalid.

Answer: Moliere

B. Moliere is probably best known for the creation of this title figure, a hypocritical and conniving man of god who tries to take Orgon’s home and daughter.

Answer: Tartuffe

C. The title character of this work is Alceste, who loves Celimene, but eventually quits society to become a hermit.

Answer: The Misanthrope
19. Answer the following about Tupac Shakur, FTPE.

1. The head of Death Row Records was driving the car the night Tupac was shot. Name him.

Answer: Suge Knight

2. His mother Afeni belonged to this militant organization, co-founded by a man referred in Tupac’s songs as “Huey.”

Answer: Black Panther Party for Self-Defense

3. One of his best-known movie roles was as Bishop in this 1992 movie set in Harlem.

Answer: Juice
20. This is an intelligence question FTPE.

(10) Give the two letter term for the measure typically used to try to quantify what we mean when we say someone is smart.

Answer: Intelligence Quotient

(10) This French psychologist developed the IQ in 1904 in response to a request for a measure for predicting which youngsters would succeed and which would fail in primary school in Paris.

Answer: Alfred Binet

(10) Revision of the Binet test for a numerical index was made by Lewis Terman, a psychologist of this university in Palo Alto, California.

Answer: Leland Stanford Junior University
21. Answer the following about an organ, FTP each.

A. What organ of the human body is principally supplied by the renal artery?

Answer: kidney

B. What is the functional unit of the kidney? Its name resembles that of the term for study of the kidney.

Answer: nephron (the field is "nephrology")

C. One filter in the kidney is at the junction of the glomerulus and what structure, which encapsulates the glomerulus?

Answer: Bowman's capsule
22. Name these concepts from quantum mechanics for ten points each.

1. In quantum mechanics, observables are represented by this mathematical construct.

Answer: operators

2. All operators are of this type.

Answer: Hermitian

3. All allowed wavefunctions are elements of this infinite-dimensional vector space.

Answer: Hilbert space or L2

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