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Answer: FedEx Express

b) Green

Answer: FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery

c) Blue

Answer: FedEx Kinko’s or FedEx Custom Critical


1. VISUAL BONUS: You are about to be handed a map of Europe. For 5 points each, identify the nation marked with each letter shown. You have 15 seconds to begin your answer.

Answers: (a) Finland; (b) Ireland; (c) Portugal; (d) Austria; (e) the Ukraine; (f) Romania
2. For 10 points each identify the following British authors from works.

a) The Virginians, Vanity Fair

Answer: William Thackeray

b) The Problem of Pain, Mere Christianity, The Horse and His Boy

Answer: C.S. Lewis

c) The Road Goes Ever On, On Fairy Stories, The Silmarillion

Answer: J. R. R. Tolkien
3. FTPE, name the following oft-repeated Christmas TV specials from clues.

a) The title character meets Hermey the elf, Yukon Cornelius the miner, and the Abominable Snow Bumble. Burl Ives narrates as Sam the Snowman.

Answer: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

b) In this 1970 classic, a mailman voiced by Fred Astaire describes how Santa grew up and thwarted the cruel Burgermeister Meisterburger and the Winter Warlock to deliver presents to the children of Sombertown.

Answer: Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

c) One of the feeblest excuses for a holiday TV special, it’s narrated by Elmo Shropshire, who also sang the song it’s based on. The flimsy story line has Santa being framed by the sinister Cousin Mel, who turns out to be a woman?!?!

Answer: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
4. Answer the following questions about the Peloponnesian War for ten points each.

a) What famed Athenian general led Athens until he died from a plague outbreak?

Answer: Pericles

b) Athens sent a large expedition to aid this distant ally against Syracuse in the 17th year of the war.

Answer: Sicily

c) This Athenian general was to lead the Sicilian expedition but defected to Sparta after being charged with religious crimes?

Answer: Alcibiades
5. FTPE, identify the major medical breakthrough given the researchers responsible.

a) Alexander Fleming

Answer: penicillin; also accept lysozyme [he discovered that too]

b) Edward Jenner

Answer: (smallpox) vaccination; accept immunology

c) Frederick Banting and Charles Best

Answer: insulin
6. Given a vice-president, for the stated number of points, identify the president under which he served:

a) (10) Millard Fillmore

Answer: Zachary Taylor

b) (10) Charles Dawes

Answer: Calvin Coolidge

c) (5/5) John C. Calhoun served under two presidents. Name them for 5 points each.

Answers: John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson
7. Name the mythological bird from description FTPE.

a) This giant white bird lived on an island where Sinbad was stranded by his crewmates. The bird is said to be strong enough to carry an elephant in its talons.

Answer: Roc or Ruhk

b) This bird of Egyptian mythology ignites itself in flames, and is then reborn from the ashes.

Answer: Phoenix

c) This bird was a trickster god in the myths of the Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest. He supposedly stole the sun and the moon, bringing light to all humans. It also shares its name with a classic American poem.

Answer: Raven
8. FTPE name the French author from works:

a) Les Miserables, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Answer: Victor Hugo

b) La Cousin Bette, The Human Comedy

Answer: Honore de Balzac

c) No Exit, The Flies

Answer: Jean-Paul Sartre
9. For ten points each, answer the following about our solar system’s sun.

a) Almost all of our sun’s light comes from this, the visible surface layer.

Answer: photosphere

b) The photosphere is dotted with these cooler, dark splotches that tend to appear and disappear in an eleven-year cycle.

Answer: sunspots

c) This is the outer atmosphere of the sun. Although very hot, its gases are spread very thinly, so it’s only visible during a total solar eclipse.

Answer: corona
10. Identify the following ballet terms from a brief description, FTSNOP:

a) For 5, the numbered position where the feet touch heel-to-toe and toe-to-heel, one in front of the other.

Answer: 5th position

b) For 5, the numbered position where the feet are in line, heels apart and separated by a foot’s length, with the toes pointing outward.

Answer: 2nd position

c) A complete turn on one leg, with en dehors (DE-OARS) and en dedans (DE-DON) types.

Answer: pirouette [prompt on “spin”]

d) A pose with one leg stretched straight out to the back and one arm usually stretched out to the front.

Answer: arabesque
11. Identify these characters from The Crucible for ten points each.

a) This orphaned teen girl is the main accuser in the trials.

Answer: Abigail Williams

b) The church minister is this uncle and caretaker of Abigail.

Answer: Reverend Parris

c) This local farmer is hesitant to reveal Abigail as a fraud for fear of exposing his affair with her.

Answer: John and/or Proctor
12. Answer the following, FTPE:

a) This West African nation was originally colonized by freed slaves from the U.S.

Answer: Liberia

b) Liberia’s capital, it is the only world capital besides Washington, D.C., named for a U.S. President.

Answer: Monrovia

c) What former president of Liberia, deposed in 2003, remains in Nigerian exile despite an international "red notice" issued by Interpol?

Answer: Charles Taylor

13. FTPE, given a structure, name its functional group from chemistry:

[10] R-OH

Answer: Alcohol

[10] R-CO-R

Answer: Ketone

[10] R-COO-R

Answer: Ester

14. Choose your own bonus! Here are two rather specialized pop culture categories to choose from: old school videogames, or sports radio? Choose now. [PAUSE FOR CHOICE]

IF VIDEOGAMES:Final Fantasy Online released their list of top 10 Final Fantasy characters. Name them for FTPE.

(10) At number 7 is this black mage who once asked "How do you prove that you exist?" That isn't surprising because he turns out to be a manufactured clone. Gamers recognize him as Square's homage to the good old days of the early Final Fantasies.

Answer: Vivi Ornitier

(10) At number 2 is this evil doer who proclaims that "[he] will create a monument to non-existence." Having knocked off his boss, Emperor Gestahl, he rules over the World of Ruins with the madness of destruction.

Answer: Kefka Palazzo.

(10) Surprisingly, the number 1 title goes to this character who said "Power is only used for ambition and greed," and "I wish I'd never been born." She is a general programmed to be emotionless and calculating, but a meeting with Locke changed her forever. You may remember her as the soprano in the famous opera scene.

Answer: Celes Chere

IF SPORTS RADIO: Answer the following about sports talk radio FTPE:

(10) Besides being the lead anchor of ESPN’s SportsCenter, this man hosts ESPN’s midday sports talk radio show. Rumor has it that his former cohost, Rob Dibble, was fired for punching out Stuart Scott at a staff Christmas party.

Answer: Dan Patrick

(10) Grab a vine and swing into this man's show, but don't be a clone, don't choke, respect his crew, and if you're "out," deal with it. Beginning his career with XTRA sports 690, name this host of the Jungle who’s also “burning” on TV.

Answer: Jim Rome; or Van Smack; or Van Shmack; or Romey

(10) Host of the largest evening sports talk show in America, this New York native currently works for the Raider nation. The last segment of his Fox sports radio show is a rapid interactive extravaganza appropriately called "Speed Brick."

Answer: J. T. the Brick
15. Pencil and paper ready; you have 10 seconds per part. FTPE, given a function, give the derivative of the function:

a) the natural log of x

Answer: 1/x (one over x or one divided by x)

b) e to the x

Answer: e to the x

c) cosine of the quantity 2x plus 1

Answer: negative two times sine of the quantity 2x plus 1
16. For ten points each, name the following Pre-Socratic Greek philosophers.

a) He maintained that all matter was composed of the four classical elements (water, earth, air, and fire).

Answer: Empedocles

b) Known as “the Obscure,” he believed that everything is derived from the element fire, and that everything is in flux.

Answer: Heraclitus of Ephesus

c) Rather than fire, he proposed that the world originated from the element water.

Answer: Thales of Miletus
17. For ten points each, identify these really tall buildings.

a) Designed by chief architect Bruce Graham, it currently is the tallest office building in the US at 1,450 feet (442 m).

Answer: Sears Tower

b) Replacing the Sears Tower in 1997 is this 1,483 ft (452 m) dual structure in Malaysia, designed by César Pelli.

Answer: Petronas Twin Towers

c) With the destruction of the World Trade Center’s twin towers in 2001, this building regained its distinction as the tallest in New York City.

Answer: Empire State Building
18. Name the current Supreme Court Justice for the stated number of points.

a. For 5 points, nominated by President Nixon as associate Justice, he joined the court in 1972. He was nominated by President Reagan to be Chief Justice, a position he has served in since 1986.

Answer: William H. Rehnquist

b. For 10, he was nominated by President Reagan for an associate justice position, which he assumed in 1986. Recently, this Justice was involved in a controversy centered around a goose hunting trip with Vice President Cheney.

Answer: Antonin Scalia

c. For 15, this justice was instrumental in launching the Women’s Rights Project of the ACLU, and served as the ACLU’s General Counsel from 1973-1980. Nominated by President Clinton as an associate Justice and assumed the position in 1993.

Answer: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
19. Your genial quizmaster has written roughly this same bonus about once each decade -- and still has trouble keeping them straight. FTPE name:

a) His dramas include The Stars Look Down, Key Largo, Winterset, and the Pulitzer-winning Both Your Houses.

Answer: Maxwell Anderson

b) He won three Pulitzers for drama (for Idiot’s Delight, There Shall Be No Night, and Abe Lincoln in Illinois) and a fourth in biography for Roosevelt and Hopkins.

Answer: Robert Sherwood

c) Some of this influential author’s short stories appear in the collections The Triumph of the Egg and Winesburg, Ohio

Answer: Sherwood Anderson
20. For ten points each identify the following atomic elements whose naming created international controversy.

a) With atomic number 104, this element’s most stable isotope has a half-life of less than 70 seconds. The Russians wished to name it kurchatovium and it was given the name Unnilquadium until 1997.

Answer: rutherfordium

b) With atomic number 105 was given the temporary name unnilpentium until 1997. Americans wished to name it hahnium but it was eventually named after the city containing the Russian Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

Answer: dubnium

c) The 106th element, it was given the name unnilhexium until 1997. Critics opposed its current name on the grounds that its namesake Berkeley scientist was still alive, though he has since rendered the argument moot by finally dying.

Answer: seaborgium
21. For ten points each, name these fad diets, given the description.

a) Divided into the Reversal and Prevention Diets, it is a vegetarian hi-carbohydrate diet, with only 10% of calories derived from fat.

Answer: Ornish diet

b) This diet eliminates carbohydrates and sugar, with an emphasis on a high protein diet.

Answer: Atkins diet

c) This diet eliminates modern processed and cultivated foods in favor of “whole” foods.

Answer: Caveman diet, or Neander-thin
22. Answer the following, FTSNOP:

- FFP, what is the name of the newly-revised college admissions exam, with a score based on 2400 points (as opposed to 1600 previously)?

Answer: The SAT (must be exact; do not prompt on Scholastic Aptitude Test or any variant)

- FTP, What is the name of the non-profit company that produces the SAT, along with other tests?

Answer: Educational Testing Service or ETS (prompt on College Board)

- FFPE, name any three of the six other testing programs that are produced by ETS.

Answer: accept any three of the following (full name or acronym): Advanced Placement (AP); College Level Examination Program (CLEP); Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT); Graduate Record Exam (GRE); PRAXIS; Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
1. VISUAL BONUS: We were going to use stills from the movie, but these were easier to find against a plain background as action figures. For 5 points each, for each letter shown, name the character from The Lord of the Rings. You have 15 seconds to begin your answer.

Answers: (a) Legolas; (b) Gandalf [accept Mithrandir from the showoffs]; (c) Gollum [grudgingly accept Smeagol from the showoffs]; (d) Gimli; (e) Treebeard; [prompt on “Ent”; accept Fangorn from the showoffs]; (f) Eowyn

2. For ten points each, name the British author given the title of a work

a) Don Juan and Childe Harold

Answer: George Gordon, Lord Byron

b) The Jungle Book and The Light That Failed

Answer: Rudyard Kipling

c) Paradise Lost and “Lycidas”

Answer: John Milton
3. Give the symbols for these elements as found in the periodic table, none of which start with the same letter as the element, FFPE.

(5) Gold

Answer: Au

(5) Sodium

Answer: Na

(5) Potassium

Answer: K

(5) Lead

Answer: Pb

(5) Tungsten

Answer: W

(5) Antimony

Answer: Sb
4. Given the names of their sons, name these figures from the Bible FTPE.

A. Shem, Ham, and Japheth

Answer: Noah

B. Absalom, Solomon, and Amnon

Answer: David

C. The disciples James and John

Answer: Zebedee
5. The English and the French sure do love each other, don’t they? The History Guy’s website lists 32 Anglo-French wars – and that’s without splitting the Napoleonic Wars and the Hundred Years War into separate wars as many do. Given the dates and the name the war was called elsewhere, give the European name for the war FTPE:

a) 1755-1763, known in North America as the French and Indian War

Answer: Seven Years’ War

b) 1702-1712, known in North America as Queen Anne’s War and in India as the First Carnatic War

Answer: War of the Spanish Succession

c) 1744-1748, known in North America as King George’s War

Answer: War of the Austrian Succession
6. Identify the stage of mitosis from a description for ten points each.

a) The chromosomes move toward the center of the spindle. At several points during this phase, the arms unwind from each other.

Answer: metaphase

b) The chromosomes begin to undergo major coiling and the chromosomes no longer occupy a discrete zone in the cell.

Answer: prophase

c) The final phase, the final boundaries form and two cells now exist.

Answer: telophase
7. FTPE, stuff about an author:

a) In 1993 she became the first African-American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. Her novels include Sula, Jazz, and Song of Solomon

Answer: Toni Morrison

b) In this Morrison novel, the former slave Sethe and her family are haunted first by an abusive ghost, then by a manipulative stranger, both of whom they believe to be the returning spirit of the baby Sethe had killed.

Answer: Beloved

c) Morrison’s first novel, it centers around Pecola Breedlove, a girl convinced that whiteness is beautiful and she is ugly.

Answer: The Bluest Eye
8. For ten points each -- given symphonic poems, name the composer.

(10) “Night on Bald Mountain”

Answer: Modest Mussorgsky

(10) “The Pines of Rome”

Answer: Ottorino Respighi

(10) “Ma Vlast”, which includes a movement often performed alone under the name “The Moldau”

Answer: Bedrich Smetana
9. For five points each, name the capital of the given country.

a) Portugal

Answer: Lisbon

b) The Philippines

Answer: Manila

c) Kenya

Answer: Nairobi

d) Bangkok

Answer: Thailand

e) Qatar [KAH-ter]

Answer: Doha [or al-Dawhah]

f) Vanuatu

Answer: also Vanuatu
10. Name the American president, given who he defeated to win his first term in office FTPE or from the year for 5:.

(10) George Bush the elder

(5) 1992

Answer: William Jefferson Clinton

(10) James G. Blaine

(5) 1884

Answer: (Stephen) Grover Cleveland

(10) Both William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt

(5) 1912

Answer: (Thomas) Woodrow Wilson

11. Answer these questions about electrical circuits for ten points each.

a) This law states that the voltage in a circuit equals the current times the resistance.

Answer: Ohm’s Law

b) The current is constant in this type of circuit, in which electricity flows through two resistors in sequence.

Answer: series

c) Conversely, in a parallel circuit, this value from Ohm’s Law has a constant value.

Answer: voltage
12. The University of Illinois men’s basketball team came within 4.9 seconds of finishing the regular season with a perfect record. Answer the following related questions for ten points each.

a) Name the last Division I team undefeated for the full season and NCAA tournament, a Big-10 team that did it in 1976.

Answer: Indiana University

b) Now coach at Texas Tech, this man was the coach of the Hoosiers in 1976.

Answer: Robert “Bobby” Knight

c) Ironically, it was this school, Knight’s alma mater, who dealt the Illini that lone defeat on March 6.

Answer: The Ohio State University
13. For ten points each, name these battles from the Hundred Years’ War from descriptions.

a) During the second English invasion of France, English bowmen unexpectedly clobbered mail-clad French knights in this 1346 battle.

Answer: Crecy

b) In 1356 the English invaded again and their archers won a major victory here under Edward the Black Prince.

Answer: Poitiers

c) After sixty years of war and peace, in 1415 Henry V defeated a much larger French force.

Answer: Agincourt
14. Ah, the ever-cheery Franz Kafka. Twitch with paranoia as you name these Kafka works FTPE:

a) Titorelli, the magistrates’ painter, tells bewildered bank clerk Joseph K. he has three options on how to address unnamed charges: he can try for actual acquittal (which never happens), apparent acquittal (which only brings on other proceedings), or Protraction, where the case is kept at the lowest level but must be watched carefully.

Answer: The Trial (or Der Prozess)

b) K. has been summoned as a land surveyor but is never allowed to do his work and is spied on and treated as a threat to… well, someone or something.

Answer: The Castle (or Das Schloss)

c) The saga of Karl Rossmann, which features lots of beatings and false accusations, is only finished as far as the chapter about the Nature Theater of Oklahoma. Kafka told one friend that it would be the last chapter and would end with Karl finding a job and his parents, but his notes indicate that he was also considering ending it with Karl’s execution.

Answer: Amerika (or Der Verschollene)
15. FTPE name the female artist from works:

10) Louise Feeding Her Child, Mother and Child, The Child’s Bath

Answer: Mary Cassatt

10) Making Apple Butter, Sugaring-Off

Answer: Anna Mary Robertson “Grandma” Moses

10) Miscarriage in Detroit; The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Me, and Senor Xolotl

Answer: Frida Kahlo
16. Given the description of a Chinese official, name the official for ten points each.

a) He created the Nationalist government on mainland China during the 1920s. He was later forced to flee to the island of Taiwan.

Answer: Chiang Kai-shek

b) The polar opposite of Chiang, he was the leader of the Communist uprising that overthrew the Nationalist government.

Answer: Mao Zedong [or Mao Tse-Tung]

c) Before Chiang and Mao, this so-called “father of modern China” was the first provisional president of the republic.

Answer: Sun Yat-Sen [or Sun Yixian]

17. For ten points each, answer the following about a particular French author.

1. First identify this prolific short story writer of the late 19th century, who studied law, served in the army, and contracted syphilis before becoming famous with Des Vers (day vair), or Some Poems.

Answer: Guy de Maupassant

2. This Guy de Maupassant story tells the tale of Mathilde Loisel's long struggle to replace a lost necklace of diamonds that, in the end, turned out to be a cheap imitation anyway.

Answer: "The Necklace"; accept "The Diamond Necklace" or "La Parure"

3. This other story with a titular object has the man pick it up and be accused of the theft of a pocketbook by a spiteful harness-maker.

Answer: "The Piece of String"; accept "La Ficelle"

18. Fun with particle physics for ten points each.

a) How many different “flavors” of quarks are there?

Answer: six

b) What spin number do quarks have, making them fermions?

Answer: one-half

c) Because they are fermions, quarks are also subject to what principle stating that no two quarks can occupy the same location in space? It is more commonly associated with the quantum numbers of electrons.

Answer: Pauli Exclusion principle
19. Identify the following figures important to the development of psychology, FTPE.

1. He founded the field of analytic psychology and introduced the ideas of introvert and extrovert as well as the collective unconscious.

Answer: Carl Gustav Jung

2. He studied with Jung and created his theory of "genetic epistemology" which specified a timetable of childhood development.

Answer: Jean Piaget

3. This German-born American psychologist argued that there are identity crises which are necessary to overcome in order to proceed to the next stage psychosocial development.

Answer: Erik Erikson
20. Answer the following about a computer science construct for ten points each.

a) What sorting technique is used when a function looks at an array, 2 elements at a time, and then swaps the elements if they are out of order?

Answer: bubble sort

b) Assume that n is the number of elements in an array. In the worst case, how many swaps will a bubble sort make? Give your answer in terms of n.

Answer: n squared

c) In order for the worst case for a bubble sort to occur, what property must the numbers have before the sort begins?

Answer: they are in reverse order (accept equivalents)
21. Identify the following craft materials for ten points each.

a) This hard, semi-translucent white ceramic is sometimes referred to as china.

Answer: Porcelain

b) This steel alloy was famed for its use in sword making in the Middle East between the 10th and 17th centuries, after which the method of its creation was lost and still has not been rediscovered. Swords made from it can be identified by their distinctive surface patterns.

Answer: Damascus Steel

c) This natural fiber was once a staple of international trade until the secret of its creation spread from China.

Answer: Silk
22. For ten points each, answer the following about the work of social psychologist Irving Janis.

a) Janis coined this term in 1972, the process by which a group of intelligent individuals could make bad or irrational decisions.

Answer: groupthink

b) Indicative of groupthink is this symptom, where the individuals overestimate the degree to which others agree with him.

Answer: false consensus effect

c) One method of preventing groupthink is the institution of this, where one member is assigned to present a counterargument to decisions made. It need not be Al Pacino or Keanu Reaves.

Answer: devil’s advocate

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