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Principal authors: Quizbowl team members from Case Western Reserve University and Tennessee-Chattanooga

Additional contributors: Cal-Berkeley’s Ray Luo; LSU’s Chris Lin; Missouri’s Jason Carl Mueller; Minnesota’s Ray Anderson; Boston U.’s Jack Brounstein, Anthony Gisonda, and Mark Coen; Baylor U.’s John Solter; Macon State’s Dr. Stephen Taylor; Florida State’s Billy Beyer and Kelly Miskowski; and Rochester’s Micha Elsner

Editor-in-chief: Your genial quizmaster, a.k.a. UTC coach Charlie Steinhice.

1. This man was the first American minister to the Court of St. James before taking on his more famous posts. As a president, his administration rode high on nationalist feelings and strengthened the US navy during a brief quasi-war with the French. The XYZ affair and the passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts were other significant points of his presidency. For ten points who was the second president of the United States?

Answer: John Adams
2. The first volume of his autobiography, 'Vivir para contarla', was translated in 2003 as 'Living to Tell the Tale'. He started out as a reporter for the Colombian newspaper 'El Espectador', and his first major work was a journalistic piece, 'Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor'. He also drew on real events for 'Chronicle of a Death Foretold', but is better known for his use of magical realism. For ten, who is this author of 'One Hundred Years of Solitude'?

Answer: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

3. The only planet less dense than water, it has a day length less than half that of Earth. Galileo first thought that it was a triple-planet and Huygens discovered its largest moon. The empty Encke Division appears in the bright A region while the particular Cassini Division appears between the A and B rings. FTP name this sixth planet from the sun that has a Great White Spot and many colorful rings.

Answer: Saturn

4. He made many sacrifices for wisdom, giving up his eye to drink from the Well of Mimir and hanging himself from the world tree. It was he who had the valkyries gather the Einherjar in his great hall. One of our days of the week is derived from his name. For ten points, name this Norse god also known as the Allfather and the king of their pantheon.

Answer: Odin or Woden

5. In May 2004, his painting Garcon a la Pipe was sold for $104 million at auction, thus setting a new record for expensive art. Other works by this Spanish-born artist include the 1937 painting, Guernica, and the Three Musicians. FTP, name this cubist who spent most of his life in France.

Answer: Pablo Ruiz Picasso

6. This man observed that the majority is not always right, and yet, the government is a function of the majority. He argued that the solution in times of conflict is that the people should first follow what is right, and the laws of the government, made by the majority, should come second. He set forth these ideas in Civil Disobedience. For ten points, who is this philosopher, best known for his reflections on solitude and nature as the author of Walden?

Answer: Henry David Thoreau

7. A straw-colored liquid resembling whey in appearance, it includes inorganic components, such as sodium, potassium, chlorine, bicarbonate and phosphate ions. It also contains a wide variety of organic molecules, such as urea, glucose and lipids. Proteins play a critical role, such as fibrinogen, immunoglobulins and albumin. FTP, identify this substance, the acellular component of whole blood.

Answer: Blood plasma [accept serum before “fibrinogen”]

8. EITHER OF TWO ALTERNATE ANSWERS ACCEPTABLE: In contrast to the contemporary image, once it settled into place, music flourished under this dynasty. In 1259 it attempted to take the Song city of Hezhou (hey-joe) in an assault crossing the Yangtze River. This resulted in the death of the empire’s leader, causing a succession crisis. But ultimately, once under their rule, China achieved its greatest territorial expansion. For ten points, name either the Chinese dynasty thus founded in 1260, or the conquering empire that founded it, both of which were led by Kublai Khan.

Answer: accept either Yuan Dynasty or Mongol Empire (do not accept “Mongolian” or “Mughul”)

9. The main characters’ town takes a great interest in American baseball, and in fact, the protagonist’s hero is Joe DiMaggio, who plays an important part in the novel without ever actually appearing. However, very little time is spent discussing the town, as most of the novel’s events take place over three days out at sea, centering around Santiago the fisherman and a gigantic marlin. FTP what is this Hemingway novel set in and around Cuba?

Answer: The Old Man and the Sea

10. He has the social security number 000-00-0002. He must be injected every week with medicine that, according to his most famous employee, makes him sound like Steve Urkel. A man that once tried to block out the sun to boost revenue to his nuclear power plant, for ten points, identify this oldest resident of Springfield.

Answer: Charles Montgomery Burns

11. Although rumored to have existed, it was not confirmed until 1820, when three ships sighted the land within days of each other: those of Edward Bransfield, Fabian von Bellingshausen, and Nathaniel Palmer. In 1820, the first person known to set foot on it was John Davis, a sealer. Today, with a fluctuating population of about 4,000 to 1,000, for ten points, which landmass is the least populated, as well as the southernmost continent in the world?

Answer: Antarctica

12. In 1842, he married Sophia Peabody and suspended his literature. But after 3 years of marriage, he began writing again, producing a child's history of New England titled Grandfather's Chair. He took great pains to promote the idea that he had lived as a hermit in his attic for 12 years in order to become a great writer. FTP name this surveyor of the port of Salem who wrote “The Birthmark,” “Young Goodman Brown” and The Scarlet Letter.

Answer: Nathaniel Hawthorne

13. After failing to become the Democratic nominee for district attorney in his Wisconsin area, he ran for a nonpartisan office and became the youngest circuit court judge ever elected in Wisconsin. In 1950, midway through his first Senate term and facing doubtful reelection, he leveled accusations against the State Department. Even though further investigation found those charges to be fraudulent, he rode a wave of public support for almost four years of similar unfounded accusations. For ten points, identify the man for whom a series of 1950’s Senate hearings is named.

Answer: Joseph McCarthy

14. In geology, this term is used to describe rocks that contain a large proportion of silica. In chemistry, these electrolytes react aggresively with many metals. According to Johannes Brønsted, compounds insoluble in water are examples since they act as a proton donor. For ten points -- identify this term that is used to describe a substance with a pH of less than seven.

Answer: acids

15. The story begins with the main character fleeing his homeland because it had been destroyed by invaders. He wanders around the Mediterranean, meeting interesting people along the way, such as Queen Dido of Carthage. Finally, he arrives in Italy, where he is told he is destined to found a dynasty that will build a great city and empire. For ten points, name this Roman epic, written by Virgil.

Answer: The Aeneid

16. Pencil and paper ready. You will have fifteen seconds to buzz in, but only three seconds after you buzz in. FTP, what is 35% of 720?

Answer: 252

17. After being dismissed from his Prime Minister position by President Kuchma in 2001, this man quickly took up the head position in the opposition party and began his presidential campaign. A popular politician, his greatest hit came weeks before the crucial vote, when he was afflicted with scars and blisters on his face. For ten points, identify this man, the head of the “Our Ukraine” bloc and the winner of the hotly contested 2004 Ukrainian election.

Answer: Viktor Yushchenko

18. On April 25, 1792, the Baron de Dietrich, mayor of Strasbourg, asked his army engineer to write a marching song. The resulting lyrics are written to the tune of Assuérus, by Lucien Grisons. Rouget de Lisle’s song became the

official national anthem in 1879. Originally called “Battle song for the Army of the Rhine,” FTP name the French national anthem.

Answer: La Marseillaise (accept “Battle song for the Army of the Rhine” before mentioned)
19. She could play the piano by ear at age 2 and a half, eventually going on to front a late 80’s pop-rock band before setting off on her solo career in the 90’s. She is still going strong today with her February 22 release of the album The Beekeeper. For ten points, name this singer-songwriter of “Raspberry Swirl,” “Professional Widow,” and “Cornflake Girl.”

Answer: Tori Amos (also accept “Myra Ellen Amos”)

20. It was previously thought to be stable, but is now believed to be capable of very slow decay, with an estimated half-life of at least 1035 years as a result of the matter/antimatter imbalance in the universe. It is classified as a baryon, and is composed of two up quarks and a down quark, held together by gluons. For ten points, what is this particle, holding a positive charge of 1.6 X 1019 coulombs?

Answer: proton

21. Early models of this device were created by David Bushnell, James McClintock, and Horatio Hunley. None of them were particularly successful until hand-powered propulsion could be replaced by steam, diesel, electrical, and eventually nuclear power. They were used with great success by the US in World War II, helping to sink 88% of Japan’s merchant shipping fleet. For ten points what are these oceangoing vessels, best known for their use by the Germans against transatlantic shipping?

Answer: submarines

22. His opera 'Les Troyens' was based on Vergil's Aeneid [aye-nee-id]. His later opera 'Beatrice et Benedict' was based on 'Much Ado About Nothing'. 'The Damnation of Faust' was based on Goethe's [guh-ta's] 'Faust'. This French Romantic composer plainly liked adaptation, but his first major work comes from his own unrequited love affair, hence the misery of its 'March to the Scaffold'. For ten, who is this composer of 'Symphonie Fantastique'?

Answer: Hector Berlioz

23. The oldest known example of this craft was found on the Japanese islands and dated to the 11th century BC. Since then the technology for creating these items evolved into three basic techniques: handwork, wheelwork, and slipcasting. The process of glazing can be applied later to coat the piece with a thin layer of a glassy material and make it impermeable to water. For ten points what is this craft which produces containers from wet clay?

Answer: Pottery


1. This term comes from the Finnish word for “treeless plain.” The alpine version of it occurs at high altitude, where temperatures regularly drop below freezing at night. Except for dwarf trees, the plant life there is very similar to the arctic version of it, although the permafrost common to the arctic version causes the formation of bogs. Name, FTP, this coldest of the biomes, whose fauna often include caribou, terns, and polar bears.

Answer: tundra
2. Though born in New York City in 1843, this author spent much of his life in Europe and eventually became a British citizen in 1915 after settling down in Rye, Sussex. Some of his short fiction includes The Aspern Papers and The Turn of the Screw. The conflict between new world traits of innocence and naiveté and the wiser and decadent old world is a recurring theme in works such as The Wings of the Dove and The Golden Bowl. Not to be confused with his older brother, the psychologist William, FTP name the author of The Europeans and Portrait of a Lady.

Answer: Henry James [prompt on just James]

3. His name seems to be everywhere. Author of the Pensees, he created an eponymous wager to explain that believing in God was a better strategy than not believing. Around the age of 19 he developed one of the first mechanical calculators, the name of which was based on his own. Both a unit of pressure and a programming language have been named after him. FTP name this philosopher and mathematician, namesake of a triangle used in predicting frequency of events.

Answer: Blaise Pascal

4. Even the President didn’t make efforts to uphold this decision until 1957. This landmark Supreme Court ruling overturned one made 48 years earlier, unanimously reinterpreting details of the 14th Amendment. FTP name this 1954 case argued by a young Thurgood Marshall, resulting in the ruling that “separate but equal” facilities were unconstitutional.

Answer: Brown vs. Board of Education

5. Some of its sections call for a full orchestra and a boy’s choir, and its lyrics are composed of Medieval Latin. It was composed based on a manuscript found in the Benediktbeuern abbey. For ten points what is this popular music, with opening work, ‘O Fortuna’, and is written by Carl Orff?

Answer: Carmina Burana

6 .Its chemical formula is C8 H9 N O2. This analgesic lowers pain and fever, yet, unlike aspirin, it does not reduce inflammation or inhibit blood clotting. While safe in low doses, metabolism of the drug in the liver at high concentrations causes a buildup of a highly toxic intermediate. In cases of untreated overdose, it only results in visible symptoms several days later in the form of massive liver failure. For ten points, what is the generic name of this drug, most widely marketed under the brand name Tylenol?

Answer: acetaminophen [accept paracetamol; prompt on Tylenol]

7 .He called his mistress "a cross section of the American public." He met her while in search of his youth, listening to her sing, and stopping her toothache. Believing in love on his own terms, he collected junk and art. He built an opera house for Susan Alexander and resided in Xanadu until his death, a subject of "News on the March." FTP name this Orson Welles film character whose opening line is "Rosebud."

Answer: Citizen Kane; or Charles Foster Kane

8. Irish Gaelic for "we ourselves" this Irish nationalist organization was founded by the journalist and political leader Arthur Griffith and his associates in 1902. Its primary aim was to secure the political independence of Ireland from Great Britain; the society also sought to make Ireland completely self-sufficient economically and to promote Irish

culture and the use of the Irish language.  As the political arm of the outlawed Irish Republican Army, this organization's members have been active in the struggle raging in Northern Ireland since the late 1960s.

Answer: Sinn Fein [pronounced "shin fane", but accept anything phonetically plausible. Do not accept IRA; that’s wrong from the 1st clue.]

9. In this novel, the protagonist is driven by his loathing of his father, Unoka, and becomes known throughout Umuofia for his wealth and wrestling prowess. However, he is unable to grapple with the incursion of British colonialism into his sheltered world. FTP, name this 1958 Chinua Achebe novel that focuses on the life and downfall of Okonkwo.

Answer: Things Fall Apart
10. Rising in the Tanggula Mountains of Qinghai Province, this 6300-kilometer-long river is colloquially described as "Long River," the translation of its name in Chinese. Passing through the Three Gorges at Qutang and Wu, this river boasts the world's largest dam. FTP what longest river in China empties into the East China Sea at Shanghai?

Answer: Chang Jiang; or Yangtze River

11. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1954, this politician considered becoming a pianist before becoming interested in international relations. She speaks Russian, French, and Spanish and is a tenured professor at Stanford University. In 2003 she submitted the editorial “Why We Know Iraq is Lying” to the New York Times and in 2004 Forbes Magazine named her the world’s most powerful woman. For ten points who is this cabinet official, confirmed in 2005 as the U.S. Secretary of State?

Answer: Condoleezza Rice

12. With his great prolificacy at 1,348 volumes, many of his contemporaries had doubts that he wrote them himself. In 1845, he was brought to court on the accusation that he ran a “fiction-factory,” but he was acquitted. Regardless of this, for ten points, which man is still regarded a great storyteller of historic romance, with works such as The Man in the Iron Mask and The Three Musketeers?

Answer: Alexandre Dumas père [they don’t have to specify père, but do not accept fils]

13. A peace plan proposed by Fernando Belaunde Terry before the start of this war was not accepted which led to Admiral Jorge Anaya developing an invasion plan. Lasting a mere 72 days and resulting in approximately 1,000 casualties, Leopoldo Galtieri spearheaded the drive to recapture the namesake land masses in order to distract people from the political realities of economic depression and human right abuses. This conflict was essentially over after the retaking of South Georgia Island and the fall of Port San Carlos. For ten points -- name this 1982 war fought between the United Kingdom and Argentina

Answer: Falklands War (or Malvinas War)

14. It uses oxaloacetate as a catalyst, and during it, three molecules of NAD and one of FADH are reduced, a molecule of guanosine triphosphate is produced, and its initial reactant becomes two molecules of carbon dioxide. In a transition step between glycolysis and it, two pyruvate molecules are turned into two molecules of acetyl coenzyme A. For ten points, this describes what process within respiration which occurs in the matrix of a mitochondrion?

Answer: Krebs cycle (or citric acid cycle)

15. His wife's brothers Laban and Bethuel let her go when she gave his father's servants water for their camels. His son Esau wept bitterly when he blessed an imposter who brought him a savoury dish made by Rebekah, the wife of this son of Sarah, whose birth drove out the slave Hagar and his half-brother Ishmael. Saved on Mount Moriah by an angel, FTP name this son almost sacrificed by Abraham.

Answer: Isaac

16. Its precise origins are lost in time, predating Brother Theophilus’s early 12th century manual by about four centuries. In this art form, color could be created using specialized paints such as a dark enamel called grisaille, or by adding materials such as cobalt and copper. The Bolton brothers established one of the first American studios; other notable innovators included John LaFarge and Louis Tiffany. The methods of creating this art underwent major changes shortly after World War II, when a great deal of it needed to be replaced in Europe. For ten points what is this form of art prominently seen in Sainte-Chapelle and the Cathedral of Chartres?

Answer: Stained Glass

17. A young man murders an old man who is boarding with him because he is creeped out by the old man’s clouded eye. The young man would never have been caught if he had kept his mouth shut, but when the police come, all he can think about is the loud beating of the old man’s heart underneath the floor. For ten points, name this short story by Edgar Allen Poe

Answer: The Tell-Tale Heart

18. Within it you are allowed to choose the venue, such as a party, Club Avalanche, or the Enormobowl. Some of its songs – like Ladies’ Night, Believe, and Bizarre Love Triangle – were later used in the PS2’s Dance Dance Revolution Extreme. For ten points, name this Konami game, for which you must use the bundled-in microphone.

Answer: Karaoke Revolution

19. It was first described by Hideki Yukawa in 1935 and is one of the four fundamental forces of the universe. The strongest of the four forces, it is the reason that quarks form hadrons. For ten points, name the force that is found in between subatomic particles and is responsible for holding them together.

Answer: Strong Nuclear Force

20. His tone-deafness led him to remark, “I only know two tunes. One of them is ‘Yankee Doodle’ and the other isn’t.” We The name he’s known by was originally his middle name; he planned to reverse it with his given first name, Hiram, but a paperwork error at West Point assigned him a new middle name. Financially ruined by bad investments late in life, he finished his Personal Memoirs just before his death to provide for his family. Securing Union victories at Fort Henry and Shiloh, he later became president during the Gilded Age. FTP name this general, victor at Appomattox Courthouse.

Answer: Ulysses S. Grant

21. According to Henry Adams, "so little is known about [it], whether social, racial, sexual, or heritable -- that history is inclined to avoid it altogether." Marvin Minsky wrote on a society of it, calling it an emergent property of communicating entities. Hegel wrote on its phenomenology while Boaz wrote on that of primitive man. According to Descartes it shares the universe with the body. FTP name this quality some people put over matter.

Answer: the mind

22. Structures resulting from this process are called homoplasies, or analogous structures. The process is responsible for the similarity of the eyes of squids and humans, and the wings of bats and birds. These adaptations were not present in the common ancestors of either group, but arose later to meet their similar needs in the environment. For ten, what is this kind of evolution where similar structures arise in unrelated species?

Answer: convergent evolution

23. Divinity Princeton students were told to prepare a speech and walk to another building to give it. Along the way, each encountered a confederate, who feigned illness, and acted as if he were in need of assistance. Despite assumed dedication of the students to help those in need, students who were told that they were late to the speech were found to be much less likely to help than students who were told that there was extra time before the speech. For ten points, what famous experiment showed that pro-social norms are more likely when it is more convenient to do so?

Answer: Darley-Batson Experiment, or Good Samaritan Experiment

1. This man’s scientific accomplishments include writing “On the Theory of Colors” and discovering the human intermaxillary bone. He also gave us the memorable quotes “When ideas fail, words come in very handy” and “The best government is that which teaches us to govern ourselves.” Associated with the literary movement known as “Sturm und Drang”, FTP name this German novelist, author of The Sorrows of Young Werther and Faust.

Answer: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (pronounced ger-tuh, but accept phonetically plausible answers]

2. He has the unanimous support from the Pardon the Interruption commentators to be the 2005 NBA MVP due to the fact that his team was winless without him. While he’s averaging a double-double for the 2004-05 season, he will probably be better remembered this season for serving a header to an Amare Stoudemire dunk in All-Star weekend. FTP name this Canadian guard formerly with the Dallas Mavericks, now playing in his first year with the Phoenix Suns.

Answer: Steve Nash

3. An epidemic now linked to this disease was found by Dr. Carleton Gajdusek in the Fore [for-RAY] people of New Guinea, who themselves called it ‘kuru’. A similar disease has affected farmed mink populations, while sheep and goats are susceptible to a disease from which it may have originated, “scrapie”. While the link is unproven, it appears that consumption of infected tissue can cause a variant form of the lethal Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. FTP what is the common name of this disease, officially named bovine spongiform encephalopathy, that affects the brain tissue of cattle?

Answer: Mad Cow Disease [Accept any of those other names before they’re read; accept “B.S.E.” before “bovine spongiform encephalopathy”]

4. It lasted for 27 years with only a brief truce therein. Causes include the Battle of Sybota and the Megarian Decree. Early victories for the Battle of Pylos and the Battle of Amphphilos lead to the six year long peace of Nicias. The Lacedaemonians eventually achieved victory by besieging their opponent’s city year-round and defeating their navy at the Battle of Aegospotami. For ten points what was this Greek war documented by Thucydides?

Answer: The Peloponnesian War

5. The Kaibab Trail was built as a second path of access because the main route was privately owned. This landmark is asymmetrical in that the north rim is about 300 meters higher than the south rim. Both Proteozoic and Paleozoic strata are exposed by the landmark, both of which can be seen along with sites such as Bright Angel Creek and Phantom Ranch on the popular mule ride tour. Ending at Grand Wash Fault, it is as much as 277 miles long and one mile deep. For ten points what is this feature of Arizona?

Answer: The Grand Canyon

6. This 1791 opera is populated by characters such as Sarastro, Three Genii, Papageno, and Monostatos. Its name is derived from the mythical instrument given to the protagonist for protection. Set in Egypt, FTP name this Mozart opera that details the journey of Tamino to rescue Pamina, the daughter of the Queen of the Night.

Answer: The Magic Flute (also accept Die Zauberflöte [Dee ZOW-ber-fler-tuh]

7. They consist of a weak acid with its conjugate base or a weak base and its conjugate acid and are used industrially to keep stable conditions for sensitive reactions. One important biological example is a combination of carbonic acid and bicarbonate found in blood plasma that carefully restricts the pH level. For ten points what are these solutions that resist changes in pH?

Answer: buffer Solutions

8. Also named Tatanka Iyotake, this man lived from 1831 until he was killed in response to his attraction to the Ghost Dance movement in 1890. Prior to his involvement in Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show, he was forced to surrender his tribe to the US in Montana after fleeing with them to Canada. For ten points what was the popular name of this Native American leader whose dream prompted the Native American victory at the battle of Little Bighorn?

Answer: Sitting Bull

9. Pencil and paper ready. You will have fifteen seconds to buzz in, but only three seconds after you buzz in. FTP, how much money is five quarters, four dimes, three nickels, and two pennies?

Answer: $1.82

10. When Act 1 opens, George, a history professor at New Carthage University, and his wife Martha, return home at 2 am but are still expecting guests, another couple from the college. In Act 2 the games, which are actually attempts by Martha and George to demean and torture each other, become more vicious when the hosts turn on their guests, Nick and Honey. The last act, “Exorcism,” ends with all four characters’ dirty secrets revealed, and Nick and Honey gone, leaving their hosts to pick up the pieces of their marriage. FTP name this Edward Albee play, whose title suggests that the author of Mrs. Dalloway might inspire fear.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf
11. As originally depicted before he started getting bad P.R., this god protected the sun god Ra as he journeyed through the land of the dead and killed Apep, the serpent who attacked Ra each night. He was the husband of his sister Nepthys and the brother of Osiris, whom later stories said he murdered. Earlier sources usually described him as possessing the head of a Jackal, but he eventually assumed the crocodilian appearance of his former foe Apep. Depicted as possessing square ears, a curved snout, and a forked tail, FTP who was this Egyptian god of winds, storms, chaos and eventually evil?

Answer: Set or Seth

12. Its most common 66 variety is made by a condensation polymerization of a six-carbon diamine and a six-carbon di-acid. It was invented by Wallace Carothers at DuPont in 1935, and first went on sale in the form of a toothbrush in 1938. Through World War II, it was in high demand for tents, ropes, and parachutes, leading to the popular image of collection drives. Contrary to popular belief, its name did not come from London and New York, where the material was first produced. FTP name this synthetic fiber, most famously used for women’s stockings.

Answer: nylon

13. When this character, recognizable by his Don King style hair, was asked to allow snow in Southtown, he refused until his mother stepped in and worked out a compromise with his brother. He is most well known for his singing, including the following lyrics: “I'm Mister Green Christmas, I'm Mister Sun, I'm Mister Heat Blister, I'm Mister Hundred and One”. For ten points who was this character from the movie “A Year Without Santa Claus”?

Answer: Heat Miser

14. A writer for such newspapers as the Washington Post and the New York Herald Tribune, he used his journalistic style for his first book-length success, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. More recently he was awarded a dubious prize from the Literary Review for poor use of sexual description in his most recent novel, I Am Charlotte Simmons. For ten points who is this American author famous for writing The Bonfire of the Vanities and The Right Stuff?

Answer: Tom Wolfe [grudgingly accept Thomas Wolfe, since that is his name, even though there’s another writer better known by that name]

15. A governor for four years and a senator for three, this man hoped to run for president before he was killed by a gunshot from Carl Weiss. As a senator he created the Share Our Wealth program and was one of the early progenitors of Social Security. For ten points who was this Louisiana politician best known for achieving almost dictatorial power over his state?

Answer: Huey Long

16. He won the 1907 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in measuring the speed of light, but he is better known for his findings regarding the nature of light. At Case Western Reserve University, using an interferometer, he tried to determine how the speed of light varies. For ten points, name this American scientist, who, along with Edward Morley, showed the non-existence of luminiferous ether

Answer: Albert Abraham Michelson

17. Born in Leeuwarden in 1898, this artist went on to produce over 400 woodcuts, lithographs, and wood engravings in his career, though he is better known for such works as Ascending and Descending and Sky and Water. These works play on perception, experiment with tessellation, and form impossible spaces. For ten points who was this artist whose works include Relativity and Metamorphosis?

Answer: Maurits C. Escher

18. This book was written while its author was imprisoned for preaching against the Church of England. The novel itself takes place on the road from the City of Destruction to the Gates of the Celestial City. Along the way the protagonist makes his way past obstacles such as the Slough of Despond, characters such as Hate-good, and events such as the Vanity Fair. For ten points what is this allegorical Protestant work concerning the everyman Christian?

Answer: The Pilgrim’s Progress

19. His tombstone, located in the town of Kaliningrad, reads “Starry heavens above and the moral law within.” Some of his significant contributions are the concept of a categorical imperative and the suggestion that the solar system coalesced from a cloud of gas. For ten points who was this German philosopher, best known for his three critiques?

Answer: Immanuel Kant

20. Those that supported it included the countries of the European Union, Russia, Canada, China, and Japan. Major countries that did not support it include Australia and the United States. Negotiated in December 1997 in the eponymous city, it came into force in February of 2005. FTP, identify this international global warming treaty designed to reduce the global emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Answer: Kyoto Protocol

21. Important properties of this substance include its high heat capacity and high heat of vaporization, which allow it to act as a heat absorbant and minimize environmental temperature changes. It has a tetrahedral shape and two lone pairs, making it a polar substance. In addition to its cohesive and adhesive properties, its solid form can often be found floating in the ocean because it is less dense than its liquid form. FTP name this substance in which life originated that today covers three-fourths of Earth's surface.

Answer: H2O; or water

22. Dynamic typing, metaprogramming capabilities, an S-expression syntax, and list operations are features of this functional programming language. It became popular in the artificial intelligence community during the 1970s and ’80s, although it had first been specified in 1958. For ten points, name this language developed by John McCarthy, instantly recognizable because of its highly parenthesized syntax, whose name comes from the phrase “list processing.”

Answer: Lisp

23. A true Renaissance man, this Italian chemist published two well known books: The Periodic Table, The Truce, The Drowned and the Saved, and Survival in Auschwitz (originally If This Be Man) detailing his experiences during WWII and his subsequent survival from detachment. He is also accomplished due to his collections of poetry such as Shema and memoirs. FTP, Name this man whose death from falling down a flight of stairs is often considered a suicide.

Answer: Primo Levi

1. One of 13 brothers and sisters, he was imprisoned during World War II for trying to help the Axis Powers expel the occupying British. As President, he became known as “hero of the Crossing” because with Syria he began the 1973 Yom Kippur War, though in 1977 he became the first Arab leader to officially recognize the state of Israel. FTP, name this man who succeeded Gamal Nasser to become the President of Egypt.

Answer: Mohamed Anwar el-Sadat

2. He lives with his mother, whom he hates for her ugliness and her inability to speak or think. In the spring, he comes to King Hrothgar’s meadhall to devour people, and meanwhile meditates on the ridiculousness of humanity. For ten points, this is the main character from what novel by John Gardner ,which depicts the story of the titular monster from the Beowulf epic?

Answer: Grendel

3. In Offenbach's Tales of Hoffmann, Stella is scheduled to appear in this opera. The ink was still wet on the paper when musicians played its overture for the first time on its premiere, when Joseph II said that it "is too tough for the teeth of the Viennese." The title character commits two attempted rapes and a murder before the Commendatore returns from the dead to drag him to hell. FTP name this Mozart opera about Don Juan.

Answer: Don Giovanni

4. This process has two major types: catalytic and thermal. In catalytic, various catalysts such as alumina and silica are used to speed the process of splitting large organic molecules into smaller ones. In thermal, high temperatures and pressures are used to split the molecules. For ten points, name this chemical process, the main method by which refineries convert crude oil into separate petroleum products, which in this context does not involve the knuckles.

Answer: Cracking

5. In the Iliad, she was injured when Athena drove Diomedes into battle against her. Her only parent was Ouranos, as she was born from the foam of the sea. This makes her older than her King, Zeus. One time, in a contest against Athena and Hera, she was bestowed a golden apple that had “to the fairest” carved in it, by promising Paris the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen. FTP, name this Greek god of love and beauty.

Answer: Aphrodite [not Venus – she’s not in the Iliad]

6. In the spring of 1861, she was focused on little more than her numerous suitors, including both the Tarleton twins. She marries Charles Hamilton in hopes of hurting the true object of her affection, Ashley Wilkes, who has become engaged to Hamilton’s cousin Melanie. Charles joins the army and dies of measles. After the war she marries Frank Kennedy for financial security, but after she’s killed she winds up marrying the rakish Rhett Butler – while still carrying a torch for that sap Ashley. FTP, name the memorable protagonist of Margaret Mitchell’s novel Gone With the Wind.

Answer: Scarlett O’Hara [accept either first or last name; prompt for first name on any of her three married surnames – Hamilton, Kennedy, or Butler]

7. During this empire’s early years in the 15th century, Sonni Ali brought conquest and wealth, and his successor Askia Mohammad presided over its golden age, bringing political reform and Islamic revival. With its capital at Gao on the Niger River, for ten points, what empire rose from the decline of the Mali to become one of the largest African empires in history?

Answer: Songhai Empire

8. Born in Scotland, he grew up in Wisconsin and studied at the University of Wisconsin, but rather than graduate he left the school and took a trek from Indiana to Florida. He then moved to California, where he moved to the location he is most associated with. He theorized that this location, the Yosemite valley, was formed by glaciation, a theory helped by his discovers of a glacier by Merced Peak. His love of nature led to his work in conservation, including the founding of the Sierra Club, which he served as its first president. Now pictured on the back of the California state quarter, name, FTP, this pioneering naturalist honored with a namesake trail, wilderness, and national monument.

Answer: John Muir

9. According to Rolling Stone, “Between the long reign of ABBA and the short rule of the Spice Girls lies the land where [this group] governed.” The 1993 release of its first album – originally released as Happy Nation -- landed the group with a series of top 10 singles, but later albums The Bridge and Cruel Summer failed to recapture the magic. FTP what is the name of this Swedish pop band whose hits included “Don’t Turn Around,” “All That She Wants,” and “The Sign?”

Answer: Ace of Base

10. It was proposed in the 18th century, but it can be traced back to Ancient Greece, with connected concepts such as hedonism and consequentialism. Jeremy Bentham proposed the “Act” form, which evaluates specific actions and John Stuart Mill proposed a “Rule” form, where actions are indirectly evaluated through some other suitable object of moral assessment, such as rules of conduct. For ten points, identify this philosophy, where the morality of an action or law is defined by its use.

Answer: utilitarianism

11. She lived into 2005, but barely, dying the night of Jan. 1. After obtaining a master’s degree in childhood education at Columbia University, she worked in the daycare field until 1959. However, she is perhaps best known for her political career, which started in 1964, when she served in the New York General Assembly. For ten points, identify this person, the first African American woman to be considered for presidential nomination, in 1972.

Answer: Shirley Chisholm

12. This largely uneducated blacksmith's son was an assistant to Humphry Davy, and he discovered benzene and diamagnetism. He was the first to report inducing an electrical current from a magnetic field, and he invented the dynamo and the electric motor. James Clerk Maxwell built the electromagnetic field theory on his work. FTP, who is this namesake of the SI unit for capacitance?

Answer: Michael Faraday

13. In his Testaments Betrayed he uses discussion of artists ranging from Kafka to Stravinsky to Rushdie to defend the novel as a necessary European art form. His more recent novels, Identity and Slowness were written originally in French, rejecting the Czech language through which he originally became famous. Born in 1929 in Brno, in 1979 he was denied his Czech Citizenship following the publication of The Book of Laughter and Forgetting, which discussed the Prague Spring and the ensuing Soviet crackdown. FTP name this Czech-French author of Laughable Loves, The Joke, and The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Answer: Milan Kundera

14. With its 342,000 square miles of landmass, this island separated from Australia by the Torres Strait is the second largest in the world. Historically it has been claimed by the Netherlands, Germany, Britain, and Australia before arriving at its present east-west political division in 1975. For ten points what is this island of which half is owned by Indonesia while the other half is a separate nation with its capital at Port Moresby?

Answer: New Guinea [sorry, but we can’t accept Papua new Guinea]

15. In polar coordinates, it is given as negative 2 times a divided by the quantity 1 plus cosine of theta. While three points uniquely determine two of them, it is defined as the set of all points in a plane equidistant from a line called the directrix and a point not on the line called the focus. For ten points, identify this mathematical construction, of which an example is y equals x squared.

Answer: parabola

16. Though influential, he was known for his inconsistencies. Initially supporting the secession of the South, he later became pro-North and an abolitionist. On August 19th, 1862, he wrote an open letter, defending the actions of John Fremont and David Hunter, and criticized President Lincoln for failing to make slavery the dominant issue in the Civil War. FTP, identify this man, the founder and editor of the New York Tribune and losing Presidential candidate in 1868.

Answer: Horace Greeley

17. Studying under Thomas Hart Benton, he was influenced by Orozco, Rivera, and Native American sand paintings, as seen in The Moon-Woman Cuts the Circle. Marrying Lee Krasner in 1944, he ended his life prematurely in a car crash. Instead of easels and brushes, he put his canvas on the floor and poured paint from a can in an attempt to capture

artistic moods. FTP name this action painter known to some as Jack the Dripper.

Answer: Jackson Pollock
18. The protein dynein undergo changes in tertiary structure, moving one microtubule past another. They rotate in prokaryotes and propagate like waves in eukaryotes. Nine fused doublets form an outer cylinder, in the center of which an unfused pair of microtubules reside, while nine triplets make up their basal bodies. FTP name these whiplike appendages which, in prokaryotes, are assembled from the protein flagellin.

Answer: flagella [or singular flagellum; prompt on “cilia” on the first sentence

19. Before he died from tuberculosis at age 28, this author had not only been hired as a war correspondent for the Greco-Turkish and Spanish-American wars, but he also had already written twelve books including Whilomville Stories, his last. This was despite the commercial failure of his first novel, Maggie: A Girl of the Streets. For ten points who was this American novelist, best known for The Red Badge of Courage?

Answer: Stephen Crane

20. Its original authorship was the subject of a lengthy legal dispute between publishers Platt and Munk and Grosset and Dunlap, which ironically have since both been bought out by Penguin Books. By the 1955 settlement, Grosset and Dunlap could publish under an alternate title an older version credited to Frances Ford, while Platt and Munk kept the more familiar title listing the author as Watty Piper, a house pseudonym. The moral of the story is that with great enough willpower, even a seemingly insurmountable task may be completed. FTP name this children’s classic, which may or may not have been adapted from Ford’s newsletter article “The Pony Engine.”

Answer: The Little Engine That Could [accept, with an amazed look, early buzz w/ “The Pony Engine”]

21. This name refers to several species belonging to the Coenocorypha or Gallinago genera. Some of the varieties of these are the Wood, Solitary, Jack, Great, and Common. There are eighteen species in total that are characterized by their long, slender bill. FTP, give the name by which this bird is known, more commonly recognized as the false prey used by pranksters to get those unaware to hunt them alone in the dark outdoors.

Answer: Snipe

22. Published in 1990, this work by Eva Hoffman details her journey from Cracow, Poland to Canada in order to escape the impending Communist state. Her work focuses on the gaps of comprehension between languages. She fragments herself, wondering how the Eva who remained in Poland would react to situations. She explores the exile that she feels due to never really belonging in one place. FTP, name this memoir that shares its name with a recent Sofia Coppola film starring Scarlett Johanssen and Bill Murray.

Answer: Lost in Translation: A Life in a New Language

23. The number of lines was limited to 4, 8 or 12. Each line was composed of either 5 or 7 characters. Other regulations also applied, such as a set rhyme scheme, character parallelism, and tone balance. These regulations were requisite for these, which became commonplace in examinations for degrees and positions in office. For ten points, identify this literary form, because of which a Chinese dynasty was named the Golden Age of poetry.

Answer: Tang poems


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