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1. Military events of his reign included a victory over Braccio da Monotone at Aquila, and he also quarrelled with the English over the Statute of Provisors. Although he opposed the "conciliar" faction within the church, he was instrumental in four councils, one of which took place after his death, and one of which elected him. Burning Jan Hus at the Council of Constance was among the acts of, for 10 points, what pope from 1417 to 1431 who moved the papal residence permanently back to Rome following the Great Schism?
Answer: Martin V or Oddo Colonna

2. Google created a brain-teaser with a billboard on Highway 101 reading "First 10 digit prime in consecutive digits of" this irrational number. Charles Hermite proved it transcendental in 1873. It can be defined as the infinite sum of factorial reciprocals, but in calculus it is more commonly defined as x, such that the integral from 1 to x of dt/t [d t over t] equals 1. FTP, name this number, the base of the natural logarithm.

Answer: e

3. Michael Cacoyannis' 1971 film of it stars Katherine Hepburn, Vanessa Redgrave and Irene Pappas. Its original production in 415 B.C. coincided with Athens' destruction of Melos with brutality similar to that seen in the play. In the course of it, the victors murder Polyxena [pahl-IK-suh-nuh] and Astyanax [ass-TYE-an-ax] and Cassandra sees that she's probably not going to be around long either. Hecuba and Helen have a very unpleasant scene together in, for 10 points, what tragedy in which Euripides describes the female survivors of a mythical war.

Answer: Trojan Women or Women of Troy or Troiades or Troades

4. His early works include his only still-life, Bowl of Fruit, and genre pieces such as The Fortune-Teller, The Card Sharps and The Lute-Player. His Crucifixion of St. Peter and Conversion of St. Paul in the Cerasi Chapel followed big break in 1599 came when he decorated the church of San Luigi dei Francese, at the request of Mateo Contarelli, with two massive scenes from the life of Contarelli's namesake saint. FTP, name this artist of David with the Head of Goliath, Judith Beheading Holofernes and Rest on the Flight into Egypt, as well as The Calling of St. Matthew.

Answer: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

5. This man's predecessor at first mistook his mother for a drunk, but later, after his own sons Phinehas and Hophni turned out to be no good, the prophet Eli made this man judge. His last appearance in the Bible is when the Witch of En-Dor conjures up his spirit for Saul, at which he predicts death for Saul, whose successor he had previously picked out from among the sons of Jesse. FTP, name this son of Hannah and anointer of Saul and David, for whom two books of the Bible are named

Answer: Samuel

6. Walter Noddack and Ida Tacke claimed to have discovered this element in 1925, and called it masurium, but their claim was never validated, and they no longer receive credit. It had been searched for since Mendeleev noted the hole in the periodic table and called it ekamanganese, based on the element above it in the periodic table. It is now known that Noddack and Tacke couldn't have "discovered" the element because it is not naturally found on earth. FTP, name element number 43, created at Berkeley in 1937 as the first synthetic element.

Answer: Technetium

7. This former chauffeur to Mae West was nominated for Tonys for Broadway roles in Guys and Dolls and Chicago, but his best-known singing role was probably off Broadway, crooning "Try to Remember" as El Gallo in The Fantasticks. In the 1990s, an appearance as defense attorney Frank Lehrman in an episode called "The Wages of Sin" paved the way for his most famous role, which he would eventually play in five different TV series. Prostate cancer recently claimed the life of, FTP, what actor best known as Det. Briscoe on TV's Law and Order.

Answer: Jerome Bernard "Jerry" Orbach

8. Catullus' longest and most boring poem contrasts this figure's sadness with the happiness of Peleus and Thetis at their wedding. Her lover later went on to marry her sister Phaedra, but he had by then got tired of this woman and abandoned her on an island where Dionysus rescued her. Naxos thus remained a major cult center for, FTP, what daughter of King Minos of Crete who provided the thread that allowed Theseus to get out of the labyrinth?

Answer: Ariadne

9. A short paper on an albino sparrow written at age 11 marked the beginning of a brilliant scientific career for this psychologist. After marrying in 1923, he studied the intellectual development of his three children. His goal in researching developmental psychology and genetic epistemology was to explain the growth of knowledge. For ten points, name this developer of a series of stages of child development from preoperational to formal-operational.

Answer: Jean Piaget

10.His acting credits include Prof. Pitkannan in 1994's With Honors and Sen. Brickley Paiste in Bob Roberts, along with numerous appearances as himself in films including Felllini's Roma. His narrative alter egos have included a relative of Zoraster who travels to India and China in Creation and the last pagan Roman emperor in Julian. FTP, name this American author known for the screenplay to Ben-Hur as well as the historical novels Lincoln and Myra Breckinridge.

Answer: Gore Vidal or Eugene Luther Vidal Jr.

11. Comic relief is provided by a sacristan, who spends all day washing brushes and muttering that the protagonist is a dangerous freethinker. He is in a jubilant mood over Napoleon's defeat at Marengo when he is interrupted by the villain, who then sings as part of a Te Deum. The last good bit of singing is the tenor's E lucevan le stelle (ay loo-CHAY-van lay STEH-lay) right before we learn that the heroine has been tricked by Spoleta and Scarpia, and that the firing squad is using real bullets on Cavaradossi. She then takes a jump off the Castel Sant'Angelo to end, FTP, what opera by Puccini named for a singer who loves a revolutionary?

Answer: Tosca

12. Surrounding towns include Verdi, near the state line to the west, and Steamboat, a few miles down U.S. 395. The state capital is a few miles further down that road, but many state government offices are located in this county seat of Washoe County. Arthur Miller's The Misfits is set in and around this town and centers around its reputation at the time as an easy place to get a divorce. The Truckee River and Interstate 80 pass through, for 10 points what city that is bigger than Carson City but smaller than Las Vegas?

Answer: Reno, Nev.

13. Müller has his eye on a pair of boots worn by Kemmerich, who isn't going to need them once he's dead. Kat joins the party and makes stew while Kropp brilliantly argues that the leaders of nations should beat each other with clubs in lieu of war. Gerard Duval is stabbed in a hole by the main character, who joins the army with his friends after hearing his patriotic teacher Kantorek. Corporal Himmelstoss also appears in, FTP, what novel that features Paul Baumer as a soldier in the German army during World War I, written by Erich Maria Remarque.

Answer: All Quiet on the Western Front or Im Westen nichts Neues


These organisms helped deliver the 1995 Nobel Prize in medicine to Edward Lewis,Eric Wieschaus, and Christiane Nüsslein Volhard for identifying genes that cause segmentation.  Their blastoderms are actually syncytia, allowing biologists unfettered access to nuclei, and they possess four pairs of polytene chromosomes, which contain structural detail useful to biologists. "Black-bellied honey-lover" is a translation of the Latin name for, FTP, what fast-reproducing insect beloved of geneticists which helped win Thomas Hunt Morgan the 1933 Nobel.

Answer: Drosophila melanogaster or fruit fly

15. One causeway and two bridges connect its two islands of Coloane and Taipa to the mainland peninsula on which its principal city is located. It has an executive responsible to the government of the much larger country of which it is now a part. Its cultural attractions include what was once called the Camões Museum, and two-fifths of its income comes from tourism and gambling, especially due to its proximity to Hong Kong. FTP, name this port on the Pearl River Delta that returned to China in 1999 after having been a province of Portugal.
Answer: Macau or Macao

16. In his old age, he visited Asia and became increasingly interested in Asian religions, as see in his Christianity and the Encounter of the World Religions. Earlier, his The Socialist Decision had expressed Christian opposition to the power of Nazism. He left Germany in 1933 and went on to teach at Harvard and Chicago and gained remarkable popularity for a serious theologian, although less than Reinhold Niebuhr. Martin Luther King wrote a dissertation in large part about, for 10 points, what Lutheran author of The Courage to Be and the three-volume Systematic Theology.

Answer: Paul Tillich

17. A peace treaty ending this intermittent century-long conflict was signed in 1987, more than 2,200 years after the last hostilities. In the first episode, the eventual winning side had originally sought to prevent Heiron II from getting too powerful, while the final conflict began after the eventual losers made war on Massinissa. Sardinia, Sicily, Spain and eventually modern Tunisia were all spoils of victory in, for 10 points, what series of three wars fought between 264 and 146 BC by Rome and Carthage?

Answer: Punic Wars

18. P.G. Carnahan and Daniel Dravot share this characteristic, which helps them get along with both the narrator and the natives of Kafiristan in "The Man Who Would Be King." George Babbitt and Elmer Gantry also share it, with less significance. An old man he meets in a railway station causes Pierre Bezuhov to acquire it in War and Peace. "Meeting on the level and parting on the square" is part of the jargon of, FTP, what famous secret society that included Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart but probably doesn't really run the world.

Answer: They are all freemasons

19. The main character in this film is at one point mistaken for Arsenio Hall but he's really just a security expert. When the main character goes to the bathroom, the plane he is on is taken over by a crew led by a terrorist mastermind played by Bruce Payne. The terrorists team contains members played by Tom Sizemore and Elizabeth Hurley and its up to John Cutter to save the passengers on Flight 163. FTP, what is this Wesley Snipes film?

Answer: Passenger 57

20. One character becomes librarian to a main character of this novel, after a third has been betrayed by his mistress Niza and executed. Two of those characters are Matthu Levi and Judah of Kerioth. The third is the protagonist of a novel that no-one will publish, which is why one of the title characters is in an insane asylum. The other title character wants him out badly enough to make a deal with the devil in the form of a human-sized talking cat in, for 10 points, what novel of Mikhail Bulgakov

Answer: The Master and Margarita or "The Master and Margarita" in Russian

21. Referring to this disease, Dr. Rodney Willoughby's comment was "I don't recommend you do stuff before you try them on animals but in this case we didn't have time." The stuff in question was inducing a coma and trying a bunch of experimental drugs. Jeanna Giese recently left hospital after becoming the first person to survive the symptoms of, for 10 points, what disease that she got by being bit by a bat.

Answer: Rabies

22. Its more forgettable leaders included Charles Murphy, Carmine De Sapio and Fernando Wood, and it aroused the ire of such figures as Charles Purroy Mitchell and Rutherford B. Hayes. In keeping with its being named after a Delaware Indian Chief, those leaders were named "Grand Sachems." Mayors including Averill Harriman and Jimmy Walker owed their positions to, for 10 points, what political organization that controlled the New York City Democratic party from the 1850s to the 1950s?

Answer: Tammany Hall

23. Ancient monuments near this city include the ruins of Roman Italica, home of Hadrian and Trajan. Its university is now housed in a massive former tobacco factory that is a principal scene in a famous opera. The Torre de Oro is the most prominent feature of its Alcazar palace, and its gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria has a bell tower, the Giralda [hee-RAHL-duh] that was once the minaret of a mosque. FTP, name this city on the Guadalquivir [gwah-dahl-KEE-veer] river, which was at times home to Velazquez, Cervantes, Carmen and a barber named Figaro.

Answer: Seville or Sevilla

24. They generally form below 8000 feet, and can result from the lifting of morning fog. Usually, they do not bring precipitation; those that do receive the prefix "nimbo-." Clouds of this type have horizontal layers and a uniform base and vary greatly in color. FTP, identify this type of cloud, differentiated from convective or cumulus.

Answer: Stratus clouds

25. She performed with Johnny Otis revue throughout the 1950s during which she had some success on the R&B chart. In the 1960s she had success with the songs "All I Could Do Was Cry" and "Something's Got a Hold on Me," as well as a minor pop hit with "Tell Mama" which Janis Joplin would later cover. Known for her heavy makeup and blond wigs, FTP, identify this singer also known for the song "At Last."

Answer: Etta James

26. This man's students at the University of Nebraska included Willa Cather, but he got more professional advancement from his marriage to a daughter of Sen. Francis Warren. Political connections helped him get assignments in the Philippines, but it was coincidence that he happened to be the general closest to Columbus, N.M. when it was raided by Pancho Villa. FTP, name this general who chased Villa into Mexico and later planned the St-Mihiel offensive as commander of the American Expeditionary Force in World War I.

Answer: John Joseph Pershing

1. Ten points each, name these Post-Modernist architects.

(10) An apprentice to Mies van der Rohe, this American came into his own creating the International Style with works such as Glass House and Pennzoil Place.
Answer: Philip Johnson
(10) This Italian collaborator with Richard Rodgers on the Pompidou center is also responsible for an airport in Osaka and has a contract for a new New York Times building.
Answer: Renzo Piano
(10) Probably the most prominent post-modernist architect is this designer of famous museums in Spain and Seattle.
Answer: Frank Gehry

2. Islamic lore features several archangels, some of whom are familiar from other religions. Name, for 10 points each:

(10) The Angel of Revelation, who dictated the Koran to Mohammed.
Answer: Djibril or Gabriel
(10) The Angel of Death, also known as a slightly villainous cartoon cat.
Answer: Azrael
(10) The Angel of Music, who will sound the Trumpet on the Day of Judgement.
Answer: Israfel

3. Answer these questions about non-Euclidean geometry FTPE

(10) This Hungarian mathematician published a treatise on non-Euclidian geometry in 1832, a mere 3 years after Lobachevsky published his.
Answer: Janos Bolyai
(10) One model of this type of non-Euclidean geometry is the Klein-Beltrami model. In it, all of Euclid's postulates except the parallel postulate are obeyed, and the sum of angles in triangles is less than 180 degrees.
Answer: hyperbolic geometry (or Lobachevsky-Bolyai-Gauss geometry)
(10) This type of non-Euclidean geometry denies the existence of any parallel lines, and the sum of angles in a triangle is greater than 180 degrees.
Answer: elliptical geometry (or Riemannian geometry)

4. Fill in the blanks from these quotations from "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," for 10 points each:

(10) "In the room the women come and go, talking of [ONE WORD]
Answer: Michelangelo
(10) "I grow old...I grow old. I shall wear the [5 WORDS]
Answer: bottoms of my trousers rolled
(10) "Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to [3 WORDS]
Answer: eat a peach

5. Name some ancillary characters from Seinfeld, FTPE.

(10) In one episode, this purveyor of horrible Ovaltine jokes gives Jerry an Armani suit, but insists on getting a meal in return.
Answer: Kenny Banya
(10) Elaine dates this auto mechanic, but breaks up with him when she discovers he paints his face to support the New Jersey Devils.
Answer: David Putty
(10) This old resident of Boca Raton crashes the Cadillac he bought from Jerrys parents, then kicks Jerry out of his condo, forcing Jerry to sleep in the car like a bum.
Answer: Jack Klompus

6. Name these persons related to the British Lancastrian dynasty, for the stated number of points:

[10] The house descended from this son of Edward III and father of Henry IV, who was regent during the minority of his nephew Richard II.
Answer: John of Gaunt
[10] This nobleman helped the Yorkist Edward IV to power at the battles of St. Albans and Towton, but later changed to the Lancastrian side and briefly put Henry VI back on the throne.
Answer: Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick (accept either underlined word alone)
[10] This son of the Earl of Northumberland helped Henry IV to the throne but later quarreled with him and started a revolt that ended in his own defeat at Shrewsbury.
Answer: Henry Percy or Hotspur (accept either)

7. FTP each, given the name of a major party candidate who lost a governor's race in 2004, identify the state they sought to represent.

(10) Democrat Joe Kernan
Answer: Indiana
(10) Democrat Claire McCaskill
Answer: Missouri
(10) Republican Craig Benson
Answer: New Hampshire

8. Answer the following about the end of the Ottoman Empire, for ten points each:

[10] The borders of modern Turkey were first established by this treaty of 1924, which replaced the punitive Treaty of Sèvres.
Answer: Treaty of Lausanne
[10] The western powers were forced to accept the Treaty of Lausanne largely thanks to nationalist resistance led by this man, who later became the first president and national hero of modern Turkey.
Answer: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (accept either underlined name alone)
[10] Even before the defeat of the Ottomans, and without consulting the Arabs, Britain and France had already informally divvied up the Middle East by this 1916 agreement, named for the two diplomats who negotiated it.
Answer: Sykes-Picot Agreement

9. Answer the following about a type of plant tissue, FTPE.

(10) Consisting of schlerids, companion cells, and various fibers, this tissue is the main conduit of organic molecules, like sugars, in vascular plants.
Answer: phloem
(10) These large, cylindrical cells produce P protein and are abundant in phloem. They are so named for the plethora of pores they contain.
Answer: sieve cells (or sieve tubes or sieve members)
(10) The so-called "sieve areas" in sieve cells are actually modified versions of these structures, which are defined as strands of cytoplasm that connect the protoplasts of two adjacent cells.
Answer: plasmodesmata

10. Name characters from Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities for 10 points each:

(10) The elderly physician who spends 18 years in the Bastille and comes out with a strange obsession with shoemaking.
Answer: Dr. Manette
(10) The nephew of a French marquis who leaves for England in disgust at his uncle's cruelty, only to return at the time of the Revolution.
Answer: Charles Darnay
(10) The alcoholic lawyer who works for Stryver before he discovers his extraordinary physical resemblace to Darnay. At the end he does a far, far better thing than he has ever done.
Answer: Sydney Carton

11. Given a brief description, identify the Supreme Court Justice, FTPE.

(10) This man remains the only Chief Justice to serve as both President and Chief Justice of the United States.
Answer: William Howard Taft
(10) This Chief Justices death in 1953 forced a rehearing of Brown v. Board and likely influenced how the case was eventually decided.
Answer: Frederick Vinson
(10) FDR's particular enemies on the Court were justices Sutherland, McReynolds, Van Deventer and Butler, who were collectively known by this name.
Answer: the Four Horsemen

12. 100 years ago was Einstein's annus mirabilis. Answer these questions about his papers from that year FTPE.

(10) He was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of light quanta while researching this phenomenon.
Answer: photoelectric effect
(10) His first article of the year, titled "On the Motion Required by the Molecular Kinetic Theory of Heat of Small Particles Suspended in a Stationary Liquid" studied this behavior, also observed in dust particles.
Answer: Brownian motion
(10) One paper included the equation m = L/c^2 [L over c squared], which can be re-arranged and re-labeled to discover Einstein's equation to find this quantity, inherent in an object.
Answer: rest energy

13. Given a river, name the largest U.S. city on its banks, 5-10-20-30.

(5) Wabash
Answer: Terre Haute, Ind.
(10) Rio Grande
Answer: El Paso, Texas
(20) Willamette
Answer: Portland, Ore.
(30) Cumberland
Answer: Nashville, Tenn.

14. FTPE, Answer the following about Richard Wright.

(10) This autobiographical work speaks of Wright's tumultuous childhood, during which time he suffered at the hands of his Uncle Hoskins in Jackson, Mississippi.
Answer: Black Boy
(10) In this novel, Wright's most famous work, Bigger Thomas accidentally smothers Mary Thomas to death.
Answer: Native Son
(10) This novel, Wright's attempt at existentialist fiction, flopped. The main character, the postal worker Cross Damon, tries to "feel what he is worth." By the end, he's discovered nothing.
Answer: The Outsider

15. Curse, schmurse. Now that the Red Sox have finally won a World Series, name these things about seminal events in the 86 years of futility that preceded that event:

(5,5) In Game Six of the 1986 series, a Met hit a ground ball between the legs of the Sox third baseman to keep New York in the series. Name both men.
Answer: William Hayward "Mookie" Wilson and William Buckner
(5,5) The Sox almost made it to the Series in 1978 but lost a one-game playoff on a walk-off homer by a man who only hit 40 dingers his whole career. Name the hitter and the pitcher who gave it up.
Answer: Russel Earl "Bucky" Dent and Mike Torrez
(10) The Sox went into the last two games of this season only needing to beat the Yankees once. They missed both times. Their manager at the time, Joe McCarthy, had won seven series with the Yanks.
Answer: 1949

16. Things about Felix Mendelssohn, for 10 points each:

[10] The comedy by Shakespeare for which he wrote a famous overture and set of incidental music.
Answer: A Midsummer Night's Dream
[10] He wrote about 50 short piano pieces with this somewhat self-contradictory title.
Answer: Songs without Words or Lieder ohne Wàrte
[10] His fifth symphony, which at one point includes the tune "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God," generally goes by this nickname.
Answer: Reformation or German for Reformation

17. Things about Virgil, 5-5-10-10

[5] The really weird set of four poems he wrote about farming, labor and stuff.
Answer: The Georgics
[5] The queen of Carthage who gets jilted by Aeneas in Book 4 of the Aeneid.
Answer: Dido or Elissa
[10] The Eclogues are heavily modelled on the pastoral idylls of this Greek poet, who basically invented pastoral poetry, only his is even worse than Virgil's.
Answer: Theocritus (thee-AHK-ritt-uss)
[10] Before Virgil came along, the top Roman epic poet was this character from the second century BC, who wrote a long, no-longer-extant historical epic called the Annals, as well as several equally no-longer-extant dramas.
Answer: Quintus Ennius

18. Name these sites of multiple battles of World War I, for 10 points each:

[10] The French summer offensive of 1917 is sometimes called the "second battle" on this site where a year earlier the French had lost 350,000 men resisting a German offensive.
Answer: Verdun
[10] The Battles of Loos and Passchendaele are also referred to as the second and third battles on this site in Northern Belgium, where the British had established a salient that the Germans failed to take at the first battle in 1914.
Answer: Ypres (pron. EE-pruh)
[10] The record for futility, however, goes to the Italians, who fought eleven battles over two years along this river, thus gaining ten miles of territory that they then immediately lost at Caporetto.
Answer: Isonzo

19. Northern Renaissance artists from works, 15-5.

(15) Family of Burgomaster Meyer Adoring the Virgin; Dead Christ in the Tomb.
(5) The French Ambassadors
Answer: Hans Holbein the Younger
(15) The Cure of Folly; The Conjurer
(5) The Garden of Earthly Delights
Answer: Hieronymus Bosch

20. Given clues, identify the following about the women involved in the modern Civil Rights Movement FTPE.

(10) Rosa Parks did not give up her seat, thus prompting a boycott of buses in this city.
Answer: Montgomery, Alabama
(10) This widow of Malcolm X earned her doctorate and continued her husband's legacy in the wake of his assassination.

Answer: Dr. Betty Shabazz

veteran of the NAACP served as director of the SCLC until leaving to help students found the Student Non-Violent Co-Ordinating Committee.
Answer: Ella Baker

21. Geographical features of Scandinavia, for the stated number of points each:

(10) This strait between Denmark and Norway is bounded by the North Sea on the west and the Kattegat on the south-east.
Answer: the Skagerrak
(10) The former royal capital of Sweden that still contains the country's oldest university.
Answer: Uppsala
(10) The large Swedish island in the Baltic to the east of the mainland, whose largest city is Visby.
Answer: Gotland

22. Name some characters from Arthurian romance, for 10 points each:

(10) The foster father to whom Merlin entrusts young Arthur until he draws the sword from the stone.
Answer: Sir Ector
(10) The King of the Isles who pursues the Questing Beast and breaks Arthur's sword during a joust.
Answer: Sir Pellinore
(10) According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, this Roman was Arthur's uncle and took the throne from Vortigern, to be succeeded by Uther and eventually Arthur.
Answer: Aurelius Ambrosius or Aurelianus (accept any one of these names alone)

23.Name the following from the history of Cambodia, for 10 points each:

(10) This empire from the 800s to the 1400s at one point controlled most of southeast Asia before losing it to the Thais and eventually the French.
Answer: the Khmer
(10) Cambodia's most famous temple, the Angkor Wat, was built during the reign of this king who ruled from 1113 to 1150.
Answer: Suryavarman II
(10) This general kicked out Prince Sihanouk in 1970 and established a republic, which was propped up by the U.S. until it was finally overthrown by the Khmer Rouge in 1975.
Answer: Lon Nol (prompt on either name alone)

24. Things about Fourier (the social theorist, not the mathematician) for 10 points each:

(10) This was Fourier's term for the units into which economic producers should be organized.
Answer: phalanges or phalanxes
(10) The 1808 work in which he argued for phalanges as the eighth and last stage of the progress of the human social order.
Answer: The Social Destiny of Man or The Theory of the Four Movements or even Théorie des quatre mouvements et des destinÈes generales
(10) Fourier talked a lot about Love, and divided it into physical lust, which was to be recognized and not repressed, and this neologism, which he defined as "sentimental love" and which comes in simple, composite, bimodal and multimodal types.
Answer: celadony

25. Given a compound and an atom in the compound, give that atom's oxidation state.

A. The carbon in carbon dioxide.

Answer: +4

B. The xenon in XeO3

Answer: +6

C. The iron in Fe2O3

Answer: +3

26. Identify the following aspects of Ayn Rand's objectivism, FTP each.
(10) This laissez-faire political/economic system, in which the state is completely separate from economics, is essential for freedom.
Answer: capitalism
(10) Each man must pursue this ethical standard, in which sacrifices of others for oneself or of oneself for others cannot be required.
Answer: self-interest or egoism
(10) Man can only survive by using this epistemology, in which perceived reality logically determines knowledge and action.
Answer: reason
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