University of Michigan mlk tournament 2005 packet by Pitt Baker and Chicago E

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MLK Tournament 2005

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Michigan MLK Tournament 2005

Packet by Pitt Baker and Chicago E
1. While the holiest site is the Qiblih in Akko, Israel, other holy sites include a shrine on Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel. One of its main founding figures was imprisoned in Acre from 1868 to 1908. These classic bet-hedgers accept the truth of all major religions and assert the equality of the sexes and call for an end to all prejudices. Naturally, this has gotten its followers persecuted in Iran, where this faith began when Siyyid Ali Muhammad took the title of "Bab." For 10 points, name this faith continued by Baha'ullah.
Answer: Baha'i

2. Tsar Peter III of Russia was born in this city and Max Planck also lived there. It contains the oldest art gallery and botanical gardens in Germany. The sailing and yachting events of the 1972 Olympics took place here, as did a major naval mutiny in 1918. Its population increased tenfold between 1864 and 1910, thanks to Germany's annexing it from Denmark and housing its navy there. For 10 points, name this Hanseatic city of Schleswig-Holstein that marks the Baltic terminus of its namesake canal.

Answer: Kiel

3. The Gorda Plate fractured from this in the south at Blanco Fracture Zone and the Explorer Plate fractured in the north at Sovanco Fracture Zone. This plate system resulted because the Farallon plate had a different vector pattern than the transform convergence zone to the south. A point formed called the Mendocino Triple Junction, resulting from the incomplete subduction of the Farallon plate. FTP, name this plate whose subduction is responsible for the Cascade Mountains and which shares its name with a strait at the entrance to Puget Sound.

Answer: Juan de Fuca Plate

4. The protagonist has two sons: the elder, Lyons, shows up at the start of the play, because it is his father's payday. The younger has a job at the A&P, but has quit it to play football, which outrages his father. Eventually the younger, Cory, fights his father, who throws him out and then stands in the yard, swinging a baseball bat and taunting death. Brother Gabriel cries to open the heavens at the end of, for 10 points, what August Wilson play featuring former Negro league ballplayer Troy Maxson?

Answer: Fences

5. A rumor that this emperor had died caused the only major revolt of his reign, that of the Syrian Avidius Cassius. His first act upon becoming emperor was to make his adopted brother Lucius Verus co-emperor. He spent most of his reign on campaign, including his last against the Quadi and Marcomanni on the Danube. His contribution to surviving Latin literature consists of correspondence with his tutor Fronto, though he is better known for his Greek writings. For 10 points, name this father of Commodus and author of a spiritual diary known as the Meditations.

Answer: Marcus Aurelius Antoninus lots of other names too

6. Fra Angelico's version in the Museo di San Marco in Florence has a startling wide open space underneath the circular panel containing the central figure. Petrus Christus and Jan Van Eyck both display an armored, emaciated St. Michael in the center triumphing over a skeleton, with the supposed most important character perched above him. In the most famous version, Jesus, like most other figures, is almost naked and pretty buff, kind of like a young David. His right hand is raised above his head pointing at some groveling figures on his left in, for 10 points, Michelangelo's rendering of what biblical scene that hangs above the altar of the Sistine Chapel?

Answer: The Last Judgement

7. It can be cross-linked with an orthoquinone to form a quinoenzyme, and, like phenylalanine and tyrosine, it is often formed via the Shikimate pathway. In 1989, an improperly made batch of a supplement containing this caused an outbreak of eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome. It does not contain sulfur, but aside from methionine, it is the only other amino acid that has only one codon, namely UGG. FTP, name this essential amino acid, a precursor for melatonin, which supposedly causes sleepiness after eating turkey.

Answer: Tryptophan
8. He created the character of Timothy Bobbin to parody A.A. Milne, who was a harsh critic of this writer's. He was on holiday in France in 1940 and was captured by the Germans and made broadcasts over the radio back to England. His less-well-known recurring heroes include Psmith, Mr. Mulliner and various inhabitants of Blandings Castle. Gussie Fink-Nottle and Barmy Fotheringay-Phipps (pron. Fungy-Phipps) help provide the light-hearted humor in, FTP, what British writer's tales of Bertie Wooster and his butler Jeeves?
Answer: Pelham Grenville Wodehouse

9. It passed because of a compromise in which the Democrats agreed to support the McKinley tariff. Its immediate effect was in fact a large increase in the supply of the relevant commodity and fall in its price. It was a response to increasing pressure from farmers who had suffered falling prices of their own since a similar measure was passed in 1878. For 10 points, name this currency-reform law of 1890 that superseded the Bland-Allison act, and whose Ohio senator sponsor is better know for antitrust legislation?

Answer: The Sherman Silver Purchase Act

10. Seasons and Album for Children are among his few well-known works for solo piano, while cellists are fond of his Variations on a Rococo Theme. The last of his four suites for orchestra is a musical reminiscence of Mozart. His symphonic poems drew on Dante and Byron for Francesca da Rimini and Manfred Symphony respectively. "Winter Dreams," "Little Russian" and "Polish" are titles of the first three symphonies, but FTP, what composer of Marche Slave, Eugene Onegin, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker?

Answer: Peter Illich Tchaikovsky

11. The duke of this name lived under Louis XIV and, after annotating the memoirs of the Marquis de Dangeau, decided to bring out memoirs of his own describing the ritual of the court and moaning about the nobility getting the shaft. His namesake and relative three generations later looked for an institution to replace the influence of the medieval Catholic Church and decided scientists were the best answer. August Comte was for a long time big buddies with, FTP, what utopian socialist author of Letters of an Inhabitant of Geneva to his Contemporaries and New Christianity?

Answer: Saint-Simon

12. In 1969, they formed from the union of the Jam Band and Chain Reaction. Their first appearance under their new name was outside the Boston University student union. Their lead singer's now-famous shrieking falsetto was introduced with their song "Dream On." FTP, name this band led by Steve Tyler and famous for hits such as "Dude Looks Like a Lady" and "Angel."

Answer: Aerosmith

13. Only about 15 percent of this country's area lies below 3,000 feet. That includes the Chu and Talas valleys, the former of which contains the capital, which from 1926 to 1991 was known as Frunze [FRUHN-zay]. Its northwest corner contains Lake Ysyk-Kol, while its tallest peaks are Victory Peak and Mt. Khan-Tengri on the border with Kazakstan. An enclave of Tajikistan occupies the south-west corner of, FTP, what mountainous former Soviet republic whose capital is Bishkek.

Answer: Kyrgyzstan or Kyrgyzia
14. This event occurred in France in 1306, a year before Philip IV, for similar reasons, suppressed the Templars. It occurred in England in 1290, in part owing to the rise of the Bardi and Peruzzi banking families: the event was later reversed by Oliver Cromwell. In Spain, it occurred following the fall of Granada in 1492 and involved about 200,000 victims, many of whom made their way to points in the Ottoman empire. For 10 points, name this act of persecution against a particular religious minority.
Answer: expulsion of Jews (accept equivalents, but not "pogrom")

15. Research has shown that in AIDS patients, these cells' Adenosine Deaminase activity is abnormally high. Polycythemia is a disease in which their numbers gradually increase, predisposing sufferers to thromboses. Their Duffy antigen is a cite of attachment for the parasite Plasmodium vivax, which causes malaria. They are destroyed by specialized macrophages in the spleen after living about 120 days. FTP, name these hemoglobin-containing cells affected sickle-cell anemia.

Answer: erythrocytes [accept red blood cells]

16. His deeply miserable childhood that contributed to the pessimism of works such as The Yellow Boat, Self-Portrait in Hell, and The Sick Child. His work caused bitter controversy at the 1892 Union of Berlin Artists, but the following year in that same city he began the series that would include A Poem about Life, Ashes, Vampire and Women in Three Stages. That so-called Frieze of Life was never finished by, for 10 points, what Norwegian artist of the recently stolen The Scream.

Answer: Edvard Munch

17. The result of this battle was largely negated by the subsequent Peace of Thorn, in which the losers gave up only Samogitia. The victors' original objective of Marienburg was besieged briefly after the battle but not taken. Only fifty years later, after a Prussian revolt, would the Poles get an outlet to the Baltic, by which time King Jagiello was long dead. For 10 points, name this 1410 victory of Poles and Lithuanians over Teutonic Knights, which shares one of its names with a major German victory over Russia in World War I

Answer: Tannenberg or Grunwald

18. Her given name is Nilanjana Sudeshna, but early on in school she decided it would be easier to stick with her nickname. A 1989 graduate of Barnard College, she currently resides and writes in Brooklyn. The year 2000 saw her win the Pulitzer prize, and 2003 marked the publication of her first novel and second book, The Namesake. For 10 points—name this writer of Bengali descent, author of the collection of nine short stories about Indian-Americans and their lives, entitled Interpreter of Maladies.

Answer: Jhumpa Lahiri

19. Similar to Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein models, it uses the grand canonical partition function in its denominator. This Gaussian normal curve is entirely accurate only when all of the particles in question have the same mass, and it assumes that the subject is ideal. FTP, name this distribution from statistical mechanics which probabilistically models properties of any given molecule of a gas at thermal equilibrium, named for its two discoverers.

Answer: The Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution

20. A common objecton to this theory with proponents like Shoemaker, Putnam and Levin is that it leaves out an essential property of mental states: their qualia or "what its like" to have them. An early proponent, Hilary Putnam, used the Turing Machine as a model that should be extended to mental states. FTP, name this doctrine stating that mental states are determined by causal relations to sensory stimulations rather than on their internal constitution.

Answer: functionalism

21. Their name translates as "armed men on horseback," and since 2003 they have fought against the Justice and Equality Movement. They are considerably better armed than the murahilin militias that were doing the job before, but the government continues to deny that it backs them and their leaders, including Musa Hillal. This is not generally believed by foreign observers of, for 10 points, what Muslim guerilla force that has driven refugees into Chad and committed numerous atrocities in the region of Sudan around Darfur?

Answer: Janjaweed
22. His actions in the Iliad include helping in the fight against the River Scamander and quelling a fight between the gods by acting as butler. The pediment of the Parthenon shows him assisting at the birth of the goddess to whom that temple was dedicated. Archaic depictions of him show him with his feet backwards as a result of crippling injuries received when he was thrown out of heaven by Zeus for interfering in a marital quarrel. The Cyclopes under Lemnos were the workshop assistants for, FTP, what Greek god of metal-working and fire?
Answer: Hephaestus or Vulcan

23. An old woman, Sister Gudule, recognizes that a woman she is supposed to guard is her long-lost daughter who she thought was killed by the gypsies. She then tries to save her daughter's life, but is instead killed and the corrupt priest Claude Frollo takes away the prisoner. He has the woman hanged for the murder of Captain Phoebus, though it was actually he who committed the crime. Frollo is later thrown to his death in, FTP, what novel of Victor Hugo about the love of Quasimodo for Esmeralda.

Answer: The Hunchback of Notre Dame or Notre-Dame de Paris

24. He proclaimed Russia to be the cradle of life in his Epochs of Nature. His most famous work is filled with Louis Daubenton's descriptions of mammalian anatomy, and is often contrasted with Linnaeus' System of Nature, but he is best known today for throwing sticks onto a tiled floor, a process that presaged the development of Monte Carlo methods. FTP, name this 18th century French naturalist who wrote a voluminous History Naturelle and has an eponymous "needle problem."

Answer: Georges Louis Leclerc, comte de Buffon

25. Its original name was Ukerewe, and its largest inflowing river is the Kagera, which has a massive delta on the western shore. Its ecosystem has been harrassed recently by the water hyacinth and the Nile Perch. Its level was raised in 1954 by the construction of the Owen Falls Dam. Entebbe and Kampala lie along the shores of, FTP, what squarish second largest freshwater lake in the world, which borders Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania?

Answer: Lake Victoria
26. After his mother's funeral he sees a comic movie and picks up a strange woman. In prison his only reading material is a newspaper clipping about a Czechoslovak man. His rather boring office-job life is disrupted when Raymond, the pimp next door, gets into a fight with some Arabs and this man kills one for no discernable reason. At his subsequent trial, the judges condemn the apparent moral indifference of, FTP, what protagonist of Camus' The Stranger?
Answer: Meursault

1. Works of Hogarth, for the stated number of points:

(5) A dog and a drunk fight for a bone, while a woman tosses her baby over a railing, under the influence of the title beverage.
Answer: Gin Lane
(5,10) Name first Hogarth's 1745 series of six engravings describing an unhappy conjugal union, for 5, and then for 10 the first engraving in that series, featuring an Earl with gout and a bridegroom admiring himself in a mirror.
Answer: Marriage à la Mode (series)

and The Marriage Contract (engraving)

(10) Hogarth and canine friend figure in this 1745 self-portrait.
Answer: The Painter and his Pug.

2. Answer the following about the only part of chemistry in which Adam Kemezis is even mildly interested.

(10) This is the general term given to any organic compound that contains a hydroxl group bound to a carbon atom.
Answer: alcohols
(10) This industrial process for producing alcohols uses aluminum alkyls to catalyze ethylene into a delicious, but deadly mixture of primary alcohols.
Answer: Ziegler process
(10) Used in this production of aceton, this common type of alcohol has the chemical formula C3 H8 O1.
Answer: isopropanol or isopropyl alcohol

3. Rivers of China FTPE

(10) This third-longest river in the world flows from Tibet to the East China Sea. In China it is often called simply "The River," and a third of the country's population lives in its basin.
Answer: Yangtze
(10) The northeast corner of China is separated from Russia by this river, the country's third-longest, along which lies the city of Khabarovsk.
Answer: Amur or Heilongjiang
(10) This largest tributary of the Amur flows through the cities of Harbin and Jilin.
Answer: Songhua or Sanguri or even Sung-Hua

4. Name these players in the recent Illinois senate race won by Barack Obama.

(10) This Republican pulled out of the race after documents from his divorce revealed embarrassing details of his sex life.
Answer: Jack Ryan
(10) The ex-wife in question was this portrayer of "Seven of Nine" on Star Trek.
Answer: Jeri Lynn Ryan
(10) The GOP was forced to nominate Alan Keyes, but probably wished that this milk mogul had beat Ryan in the primary instead.
Answer: Jim Oberweis

5. Famous Jesuits, for 10 points each:

(10) This Italian set out in 1582 to evangelize China and spent many years at the Imperial court in Peking.
Answer: Matteo Ricci
(10) This Frenchman followed Joliet down the Mississippi and was the first European to camp on the site of Chicago. A university in Milwaukee is named for him.
Answer: Jacques Marquette
(10) This French Jesuit palaeontologist saw evolution as part of a general cosmic movement toward God. His philosophical works include The Phenomenon of Man (1955) and Divine Milieu (1957).
Answer: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (prompt on partial name)

6. FTPE, name the type of genetic mutation given a description.

(10) The substitution of a single base.
Answer: Point Mutation
(10) The removal, 180-degree rotation, and then reinsertion of a base sequence.
Answer: Inversion
(10) The movement of a sequence to a new area of the genetic material.
Answer: Translocation

7. Things about Sigmund Freud, for 10 points each:

(10) The idea of the "Freudian slip" comes from this 1904 work in which Freud examines the hidden causes of seemingly accidental verbal errors.
Answer: The Psychopathology of Everyday Life
(10) This is Freud's term for the phenomenon in therapy when childhood urges come out in the open but are re-directed toward some new object, often the therapist himself.
Answer: transference
(10) This work drew on Frazer's studies of Australian Aborigines and saw the title concepts as elaborate defense mechanisms against sexual desire for the parent of the opposite sex.
Answer: Totem and Taboo

8. Name these people important in the U.S. auto industry, FTPE:

(10) This head of GM from 1923 to 1956 re-organized the company and saw it move ahead of Ford in 1929.
Answer: Alfred P. Sloan Jr.
(10) This tool-and-die worker led the United Auto Workers from 1946 to 1970, as well as the CIO from 1952 to 1955.
Answer: Walter Reuther
(10) This president of Ford from 1970 to 1978 then moved on to Chrysler, where he talked the Federal government into saving him from bankruptcy.
Answer: Lee Iacocca

9. Things about a certain twentieth-century African leader, 5-5-10-10

(5) First, name the president of Egypt from 1956 to 1970.
Answer: Gamal-Abdel Nasser
(5) One of the great monuments of Nasser's reign is this structure on the Nile, which created a lake named for him.
Answer: The Aswan High Dam
(10) Nasser came to power after a coup sent this last king into exile.
Answer: Farouk
(10) Name the super-state Nasser tried to found including all the world's Arabs. It consisted of Egypt and, for three years, Syria.
Answer: United Arab Republic

10. People to do with the philosophy of history, for 10 points each:

(10) This 20th Century Briton talked a lot about understanding philosophical ideas based on the questions they were meant to answer. His most popular work is The Idea of History.
Answer: R.G. Collingwood
(10) This 18th-Century Italian's New Science tried to read all of history in terms of succeeding stages of human consciousness.
Answer: Giambattista Vico
(10) This German's 1918-22 Decline of the West argued that Western Civilization had outlived its creativity and moved into an irreversible organic decay.
Answer: Oswald Spengler

11. Given the work, name the author who left it unfinished at the time of his death for five points each.

(5) The Last Tycoon
Answer: F. Scott Fitzgerald
(5) The Salmon of Doubt
Answer: Douglas Adams
(5) Poodle Springs
Answer: Raymond Chandler
(5) The Confidence Man
Answer: Herman Melville
(5) An untitled 21st volume in a series that ended with Blue at the Mizzen.
Answer: Patrick O'Brian

12. Name some Austrian Habsburgs, for 10 points:

(10) This Emperor reigned from 1848 to 1916 and saw the installation of the dual Austro-Hungarian monarchy.
Answer: Franz Joseph (do not accept "Joseph")
(10) When this emperor was dying, he told his doctor to commit suicide after the autopsy and bring the report up to heaven. He also drew up a Pragmatic Sanction so that his daughter Maria Theresa could succeed him.
Answer: Charles VI
(10) This was the first Austrian Habsburg emperor in the separate line from Spain. He was a brother of Charles V, who in 1556 left him his German lands and a war with the Turks.
Answer: Ferdinand I

13. For ten points each, name the following films starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

(10) Bogey runs a boat on a French Caribbean island during World War II and Bacall makes her screen debut in this film adapted from a Hemingway work.
Answer: To Have and Have Not
(10) Edward G. Robinson and some gangsters hold Bogey and Bacall hostage in a hotel at the title location.
Answer: Key Largo
(10) Bogey plays an escaped con trying to set the record straight, and Bacall is an artist who hides him.
Answer: Dark Passage

14. For ten points each, name these albums from the titles of their last track.

(10) This 1967 Beatles album finishes with the Lennon and McCartney collaborative A Day in the Life.
Answer: Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
(10 Ani DiFrancos debut album finishes with Letting the Telephone Ring.
Answer: Self Titled or Ani Difranco
3. Though better known for 2004s hit Float On, this Modest Mouse album ends with The Good Times are Killing Me.
Answer: Good News for People Who Like Bad News

15. Answer the following on Orbital Dynamics, FTPE

(10) This Physical law tells us that the total energy of an object in orbit is one half of the time-averaged potential energy.
Answer: Virial theorem
(10) This law, stated for a binary system, states that both objects move in ellipses about the center of mass, which occupies a focus in each ellipse.
Answer: Kepler's first law of planetary motion
(10) A two-body system can be expressed as a one body problem when this quantity is used to replace the mass of the orbiting body
Answer: Reduced mass

16. For ten points each, name these Palestinian leaders.

(10) Arafat appointed this man prime minister in March 2003 and he is now set to become Arafat's successor.
Answer: Mahmoud Abbas or Abu Mazen
(10) This appointed successor of Abbas as prime minister says he's willing to keep the job if the Israelis will stop assassinating Palestinian leaders.
Answer: Qorei
(10) This man is currently serving five life sentences for murder, but was still neck and neck with Abbas in the polls when he withdrew in December 2004.
Answer: Marwan Barghouti

17. Works of Schiller, for the stated number of points:

(5) In this play, the aristocratic Karl Moor takes to a life of crime from noble motives.
Answer: The Robbers or Die Ra¸ber
(5,10) In 1800, Schiller put out a trilogy about a general from the Thirty Years' War. Name the trilogy for 5 and, for 10 more, any one of the individual plays in it.
Answer: Wallenstein (trilogy)

and one of

Wallenstein's Camp or Wallensteins Lager

The Piccolomini

Wallenstein's Death or Wallensteins Tod
(10) This blank-verse drama of Schiller's deals with a son of Philip II of Spain who falls in love with his stepmother.
Answer: Don Carlos

19. For ten points each, name the following supernatural figures in Zoroastrianism.

(10) This "wise lord" or supreme being of good called Zoroaster.
Answer: Ahura Mazda or Ormazd
(10) This primordial god and androgynous parent of Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu had to make sacrifices for a thousand years to have children.
Answer: Zurvan
(10) This personfication of wisdom appeared to Zoroaster. He is generally represented by beneficial animals such as cows, and his name means "good sense."
Answer: Vohu Manah

20. Answer the following about Spain's conquest of Peru, for 10 points:

[10] The man most responsible for destroying the Inca civilization was this Spanish conquistador, who led a force of 180 men into Peru in 1531.
Answer: Francisco Pizarro
[10] Pizarro was able to pull off his conquest largely because he kidnapped this Inca ruler when the latter came to visit the Spanish camp.
Answer: Atahualpa
[10] After killing Atahualpa and conquering Cuzco, Pizarro set up this brother of Atahualpa as puppet ruler, but he very quickly, if unsuccessfully, revolted.
Answer: Manco Inca

21. Works of Rimsky-Korsakov, for 10 points each:

[10] This suite for violin and orchestra is named for the narrator of the Arabian Nights
Answer: Scheherezade
[10] The life and eventual death of Tsar Dodon form the program for this orchestral suite named for a metallic bird.
Answer: The Golden Cockerel Suite

(accept "cock," "chicken," "guinea fowl," etc.)

[10] His second and most often-played symphony has this nickname.
Answer: Antar

22. Given a list of landmarks, name the Hawaiian island they belong to for ten points each.

(10) Waimea Canyon, the Na'pali Coastline; the cities of Poi'pu and Hanalei
Answer: Kauai
(10) Haleakala Crater, Honamanu Bay; the cities of Lahaina and Kahului.
Answer: Maui
(10) Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head; Pearl City and Honolulu
Answer: Oahu

23. Name these water-soluble vitamins, FTPE.

(10) This vitamin, B3, exists in two forms with its coenzymes NAD and NADP. Deficiency results in pellagra.
Answer: Niacin (niacinate)
(10) Much like niacin, this B2 vitamin has two coenzymes FAD and FMN and is absorbed in the upper section of the small intestine. Rare deficiencies result in skin inflammation.
Answer: Riboflavin
(10) This acid, vitamin B5, is a component of Coenzyme A and is crucial in catalyzing acyl transfer reactions that synthesize fatty acids and membrane phospholipids.
Answer: Pantothenic Acid

24. Characters from Jane Eyre, FTPE

(10) This man employs Jane, but his house has to burn down before she's ready to marry him.
Answer: Edward Rochester
(10) After running away from Rochester, Jane is briefly under the care of this man, who wants her to marry him and go with him to India as a missionary. She doesn't.
Answer: St. John Rivers (pron. SIN-juhn)
(10) This man runs Lowood, the school at which Jane is educated. He's really mean to the pupils and steals money from the school.
Answer: Mr. Brocklehurst

25. Works of Vladimir Nabokov, FTPE

(10) In this work, Cincinnatus C. is condemned for an undefinable crime, "gnostical turpitude"
Answer: Invitation to a Beheading
(10) Humbert Humbert sees an old adolescent love interest in Dolores Haze, a girl with this nickname.
Answer: Lolita
(10) This work takes the form of a titular poem by John Shade and story in the form of Charles Kinbote's commentary
Answer: Pale Fire

26. For ten points each, name these crucial figures in the United States Bank Wars.

(10) This Philadelphian who had written up Lewis' and Clark's exploration notes was director of the Second Bank of the U.S.
Answer: Nicholas Biddle
(10) One of Jackson's staunchest allies was this Marylander, whom Jackson nominated as treasury secretary. The Senate rejected him, but later put him on the Supreme Court.
Answer: Roger Taney
(10) Taney's would-be predecessor as treasury secretary was this character, whom Jackson largely ignored.
Answer: William Duane
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