University of Michigan mlk tournament 2005 packet by Michigan State a and Univ of Iowa

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University of Michigan

MLK Tournament 2005

packet by
Michigan State A


Univ. of Iowa

Michigan MLK Tournament 2005

Packet by Michigan State A and Iowa
1. This author's lesser known works include the unfinished Bouvard and Pecuchet [boo-VAHR and peh-koo-SHAY], and a play called The Candidate. Supposedly he was reading a draft of his Temptation of St. Anthony to some friends, and they advised him to throw it on the fire and concentrate on bourgeois realism. This he did, but later went back to a novel about ancient Carthage titled Salammbo. For 10 points, name this author whose own experience as the son of a provincial doctor contributed to the realism of his masterpiece Madame Bovary.
Answer: Gustave Flaubert

2. This language was not formally standardized until 1851, and even then its use remained limited because of growth in Magyar nationalism at the time. Its speakers mostly lived witin the old kingdom of Hungary, and higher education was conducted in the Magyar language. After World War I, its speakers got stuck in a country with neighbors who spoke a mutually intelligible language, only to separate again after the fall of Communism. For 10 points, name this West Slav language that is spoken in Bratislava and understood in Prague.

Answer: Slovak or Slovakian (not "Czechoslovak" or "Slovenian")

3. Just under half of the instances of this phenomenon occurred in 1872, when Horace Greeley died shortly after the election. A similar phenomenon followed the death of vice-presidential candidate James S. Sherman, and the beneficiary was Nicholas Murray Butler. For 10 points, name this event that happened most recently when an anonymous Minnesotan voted for John Edwards for president and for vice president, even though John Kerry had won the popular vote in that state.

Answer: faithless elector

(accept anything that clearly expresses the concept of a presidential elector voting for someone other than the winner of her state's popular vote)

4. Recently discovered documents suggest that he may have been assassinated by a conspiracy based in his own harem. During his long reign, his country saw invasions by the Sea Peoples and the gradual collapse of the 20th Dynasty. His immediate predecessor was Setnakhte, but he liked to identify himself with a more successful namesake. For 10 points, name this mediocre monarch who shares his name with the pharoah who built Abu Simbel and fought at Kadesh.
Answer: Ramses III or Ramses the Okay


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