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This should take account of the fact that students will be using the My Degree resource to inform their PDP-related activities, such as creating action plans and writing cvs. We also know that many students have a poor understanding of the skills they are accumulating during their studies and extra-curricular activities, so there is scope for providing faculty-related information on this (there will be generic support elsewhere in the resource). Employability information should be included too, and the ePDP provides an excellent vehicle for faculties to address this issue.

Possible items and links for the My Degree area include:

  • Links to faculty website pages

  • Overview of faculty/department teaching ‘philosophy’ – how students will be taught and why; how students are expected to learn and skills they should be developing

  • Map of degree paths and opportunities with related advice

  • Extra faculty or department activities and templates

  • Links to degree information, such as faculty, departmental and module handbooks

  • Module timetable information, potentially including a synopsis of allowed combinations of subjects or combinations that are impossible (modified form material provided to advisors of study?)

  • Contact information for students with queries (e-mail response service?)

  • List of FAQs

  • Career options for degrees, potentially including real case studies

  • Information about transferable skills and benchmark statements (see HE Academy website

  • Employability skills related to subject benchmarking (e.g. ‘employability profiles’ – see HE Academy website at

  • Documentation relating to accreditation (where relevant)

  • Information about the accreditation body

  • Advice about extracurricular activities or experience that might be valuable when applying for jobs

  • Links to Quality Enhancement Themes website student pages for information on employability, flexible delivery, etc (

Dr J.D.B Weyers, E.D. Monaghan and L. Walsh PDP Working Group 29 April 2005

1 The PDP Working Group is aware that certain groups of students straddle faculties (e.g. MA and BSc Psychologists). Work-rounds for this will be sought in consultation with faculties.

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