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The Committee is asked to note the following report on progress with the development of My PDP by the following management team led by Dr I K Francis: Dr J Weyers, Ms H Whaley, Ms O Khaled (LEU); Mr G Nicholson, Mrs K Miller, Mr A Millar (Careers Service); Director of Academic Professional Development, Dr L Walsh; and DUSA VIce President Education & Careers, Ms J Koprowska.
Progress report
1 The content and design of My PDP is well advanced and the management team aim to have the first complete version of the new resource available by 10 June 2005. It is planned to include the VARK questionnaire ( refers) as one element the resource to encourage student reflection on their own learning styles. This questionnaire is used by a number of other UK universities.
2 Student focus groups have been involved in the development of My PDP and have been positive about early versions of the resource and about the PDP concept in general. Mrs Miller presented a talk about the involvement of students in this process at a QAA Employability Theme Conference 'Enhancing Students Employability: Strengthening and Developing Partnerships’ hosted by DUSA on 23 March, the title of her case study being 'Developing a generic ePDP resource with student and staff consultation'.
3 The Careers Service has arranged a student focus group to trial the first working version of the new resource on 13 June. The management team will meet shortly after the event, to consider whether the resource requires any revision in the light of students' feedback. A questionnaire will be designed to assist in the collection of this feedback.
4 The team has also arranged an academic professional development event for 22 June to consider the implementation of My PDP and related issues.
5 A guidance booklet is under development to introduce students and staff to My PDP and planning for related staff and student induction events are also in hand. The student event will be based on the successful model developed by the LEU and ITS for student IT induction, delivered by faculty staff and embedded at a suitable point in the curriculum.
6 An initial series of meetings have been held with the Deans (or their representatives) of every faculty to introduce them to the concept of My PDP and to identify faculty contacts to carry forward the implementation at the faculty level. A second series of more detailed planning meetings with these Faculty contacts is now underway to develop the My Degree section of the resource to meet the needs of their students (Appendix refers) and to consider when the resource should be introduced and at which level.
7 There is considerable interest in PDP's in the HE sector and on 28 April Drs Weyers and Parsons delivered a brief presentation on the use of Blackboard Academic Suite to deliver ePDPs to senior staff at Glasgow Caledonian University. The Director of e-Learning, Dr R Parsons, provided a presentation on the use e-portfolios in Blackboard and Dr Weyers explained the configuration and content of the My PDP ‘organisation’. Our online approach to PDPs was extremely well received.
8 The team will submit a further progress report to the Committee's next meeting.

Dr I K Francis

Academic Secretary

12 May 2005

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