Universal's rich entertainment legacy can be traced back to 1906, when 39 year-old Bavarian immigrant Carl Laemmle (pronounced lem-lee) opened his first nickelodeon theater in Chicago

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Los Angeles County Museum of Art -- We are the first company to fund Universal Days at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. For 12 Saturdays throughout the year, we are providing transportation for Education is Universal parents and students to join our employee volunteers for in-gallery tours and activities connected to the art they are exposed to.

We are also developing curricula with the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Huntington Library

The Universal Studios Theater Education program at the Geffen Playhouse – This program offers inner-city middle school students across Los Angeles the opportunity to attend live-theater performances and to discuss plays with the actors and playwrights. In addition, the schools are given study guides for each play.




American Express
Official Credit Card of
Universal Studios

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Universal Studios

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Universal Studios

GE Money
Official Financial
Services Provider



Minute Maid
Official Juice of
Universal Studios

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Universal Studios

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Official Imaging Products of
Universal Studios


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