Unity in diversity

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Om Sri Ganeshaya Namah.

Om Sri Sai Ram



Master Vishrut

Kanishthika (little finger) Priya

Anamika (ring finger) Vertika

Madhyama (middle finger) Akhil

Tarjani (index finger) Prashanth

Angushtha (thumb) Sai Prasanna

Announcer Sai Diwakar

{From the very beginning, the projection screen shows the title screen as depicted below.}


A short play


Sri Sathya Sai Baba Center of Southfield, Michigan

(The announcer walks in and greets everyone. Thereafter, the screen changes to one with the question in high font.)

Announcer: (Looking at the screen) A question was asked of our beloved Lord,

"Swami! How do we learn to work together when we have different views and ideas?"

Swami replied, "Mundae Mundae Mathirbhinnaha" it is natural to have different thoughts and views. Everybody thinks his view is right, special, and the most important. This is normal. You all have to develop unity by coming to the same understanding that we are all alike and we are all equally important."

Then, Swami gave an example. A short play entitled "Unity in Diversity" which is an enactment of the same will be presented to you by the SSE children of Sri Sathya Sai Baba Center of Southfield, Michigan.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the master, the owner of five fingers. (and walks away from the stage.)

Master: The Creator has gifted me with five fingers in my hand (lifts his hand with open palm.) Due to His Will, however, these five fingers have assumed human forms for a short time. Because these are my fingers, it's my duty to introduce them to you. (He lifts the particular finger up, one by one, and the respective character walks in when called by the master.)
Kanishthika the little finger (walks in and folds hand)

Anamika the ring finger (walks in with smile and gives a nice pose)

Madhyama the middle finger (walks in, stands tall with chest pulled forward in pride)

Tarjani the index finger (walks in and salutes the audience)

Anamika the thumb (walks in and bows head)
Madhyama: Our Master is very nice and kind but he should have mentioned who amongst us is the greatest. After all, we are not equal and it should be known as to who is the greatest. I want at least you all to know that that's me! You ask why? I am the tallest and I hold the center place. I have two of you on either side of me standing as guards.
I take that personally. Who told you that tallest means greatest? The truth is that small is beautiful. Did you forget that Sai Baba is small in height yet is worshipped by the whole world?
Madhyama, you are in the third position; the best is put in the first position. I am always in the front and I am the most important. When our master offers namaskar to someone, I am in the front. So, I must be called number one.
Anamika: I didn't want to talk this way but your speeches are hurting my feelings. I ask a simple question. Which finger does the wedding ring go on? Yep, that's me! I am indeed the most special; I am decorated with diamonds and valuable stones. I would like to inform all of you that God made me the most special, the most sacred.
Madhyama: What's so special with you, Anamika? Rings are worn on me too. How do you overlook the fact that I am the tallest? Need I repeat that I hold the highest place?
Anamika: What's so much in size? As a sign of being married, I am that only finger on which the golden ring is worn. Is there any doubt that I am the most special, that I am number one?

Master: It seems that there is a race for the crown taking place here. I am amused and disturbed both at the same time. (said with frustration) Do I have to hear any more of this?
Tarjani: Master, I have to say that I am the one with maximum power. I am the one that's used by you to point to any direction and to teach right from wrong.

(Facing all others) Look everyone, when the master has to caution someone, he uses his index finger which is me. What more do I need to say to prove that I am the greatest?
Angustha: Listening to all of you talk, I was laughing in my sleeves. None of you seems to know that you cannot do anything without me - the thumb. The master uses me in everything, he does. In any work you name, I am necessary in accomplishing it. Isn't it very clear to all of you that Angustha is the most important of all fingers?
Master: Let me tell you. No one is greatest …
Madhyama: (With some heat and interrupting the master) How is that possible, sir? I have been granted the tallest and central place. I am the greatest.

Kanishthika: You are harping on the same string. Madhyama, you have no argument.

Anamika: Hey, little finger, you should know that I am the highest since I am the one decorated special rings.

Madhyama: Oh no, the same stupid argument.

Angushtha: You all have no value without me. I am present in all that's done. I have to be given the crown. I am the most important.

Tarjani: But, it is me who is used for directing and correcting. I am the most important and so I need to be given the highest place.
(This conversation degenerates into a quarrel. The fingers repeat the underlined portions repeatedly in high pitch and overlapping with others which will sound like a quarrel.)
Master: (Holding his head in frustration. Looks at them and raises his pitch) Stop this nonsense! Stop!! (When all do stop, he takes a deep breath and continues) Please repeat after me the sound of God.
{All do "Om" once together.}
All of you are different and all of you are equal.. Do not exhibit your highness or importance. My life will be useless unless all of you work together. Live in love and work with unity. Please read aloud instructions of our Divine Master on unity.
[Screen will show five quotes and they will be read by the five fingers in the order in which they happen to be standing.]Quote no. 1: "Today there is perpetual discord between man and man, community and community, village and village, caste and caste. What is the reason? The absence of unity and feeling of common bond."

Quote no. 2: "Let us live and move in harmony. Let us grow together. Let us cherish the wisdom that we have acquired together Let us live in complete harmony without any misunderstanding."

Quote no. 3: "Promote the sense of unity among all people, without regard to race, religion, or caste."

Quote no. 4: "Unity is vital for all, wherever they are and whatever their country, religion, or sex. Love should be the unifying force."

Quote no. 5: "Unity will lead to purity and both will lead to Divinity."
(After a brief pause symbolizing contemplation).
Madhyama: Master, I am humbled by the Divine teachings.

Kanishthika: We all are equal. We were quarreling for no reason.

Anamika: What's in gold? Everything is God.

Tarjani: Different entities in this Creation have different roles and all are special.

Angushtha: Only God is of real importance. In the Divine light, all of us are just the same
{All fingers together, starting with Madhyama) Master, we are sorry! We promise to live with unity and harmony from now on.
Master: (smiling and bowing to the altar) Thank You, Baba!
Announcer: That was wonderful. I learned a lot from this story. Now, can one of you sing my favorite song for all of us?

Madhyama: We love that one too. Maybe, all seven of us can sing it together.

Announcer: Wonderful! Let's do it.
{Everyone sings "Love is the way ... " bhajan}
Announcer: It's my privilege to introduce the characters of this short play. Master role was played by Vishrut and the five fingers were:
Kanishthika: Priya

Anamika: Vertika

Madhyama: Akhil

Tarjani: Prashanth Angushtha: Sai Prasanna

* * * * JAI SAI RAM****

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