Uniting and Informing the Industry: Enhancing Future Standards

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Uniting and Informing the Industry: Enhancing Future Standards

Tuesday APRIL 9TH


Conference Registration Opens


Networking Lunch



Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Dr Randall Huffman, Chief Food Safety Officer, Maple Leaf Foods



KEYNOTE: Food Safety Collaboration in a Global Food System

Michael R Taylor, Deputy Commissioner for Foods, Food and Drug Administration


State of the Nation

Based on analysis of audits held on the BRC’s Directory this presentation will provide an insight into the main non conformities of manufacturing sites across geographic territories and different food sectors.

David Brackston, Technical Director, Food Schemes, BRC Global Standards

Tessa Kelly, Commercial Director, BRC Global Standards


Broader Food Safety Perspective

Reviewing broader industry challenges and concerns:

  • Fresh Produce Safety Perspective

David Gombas, Senior Vice President, Food Safety and Technology, United Fresh Produce Association

  • Meat Safety Review: Success and Challenges

Scott Goltry, Vice President Technical Services, American Meat Institute


Afternoon Refreshments


Managing Regulatory Expectations

Providing crucial updates on regulatory developments, including FSMA, post Presidential elections. Analysing the proposed impact on food safety systems and informing on timeframes for change. The following areas will be addressed before inviting questions from the audience:

  • The changing landscape: Progress made on legislation and the implementation schedule

  • Food Safety Modernization Act: what’s new and what’s coming?

  • The role of third party audits: The opportunities and challenges posed by the changing role of 3rd party certifiers

  • How to manage it all

David Acheson M.D., Partner and Managing Director, Food and Import Safety, Leavitt Partners LLC  


VIDEO RECORDING Horizon scanning- The Future of Food Safety

  • Top food safety priorities for USDA in 2013

  • Farm to Fork Food Safety: Risk at the Retail Level 

  • Innovation and modernization in the food safety arena

Dr Elisabeth Hagen, Under Secretary for Food Safety, United States Department of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service


Chairman’s Summary & Close of Day 1


Welcome Drinks Reception on the Valencia Patio

Wednesday APRIL 10th


Exhibition Hall Opens. Breakfast


Chair’s Opening Remarks and Review of Previous Day

Gillian Kelleher, Vice President Food Safety and Quality Assurance, Wegmans Food Markets


Untangling the web

This session will illustrate the complexities of the supply chain and the importance of fully understanding it while examining the ‘butterfly effect’; the repercussions and impact of suppliers on food production based on recalls.

Gillian Kelleher, Vice President Food Safety and Quality Assurance, Wegmans Food Markets


PANEL DISCUSSION Managing and Improving Supplier Performance

Sponsored by:

  • The role of implementing the BRC pre-requisite program as a step towards effective supplier management and meeting food safety requirements and its role as a building block for meeting regulatory requirements.

  • What options are available to smaller suppliers to prepare them for BRC certification?

  • The food industry has increasingly multiple monitoring requirements in addition to food safety. How to meet these needs cost-effectively?

Daniel Hamill, Senior Director, Global Quality & Food Safety, Newly Weds Foods

Martin Cuellar, Director of Quality, CSM Bakery Products North America

Roger Bont, Global Quality Assurance Director, Cargill

Moderator: Paula Boult, Global Product Manager BRC, SGS


Refreshments & Networking


Packaging: The Forgotten Ingredient

  • Addressing the impact of packaging in the supply chain

  • Underlining the process and journey involved in becoming certified against the BRC Packaging standard

  • Identifying packaging risks based on recent examples

Carlos Velez Conty, V.P. Manufacturing Operations, Robert Mann Packaging


Storage and Distribution: The Missing Link

  • Raising awareness of the ‘hidden’ risks at this end of the supply chain

  • Storage and Distribution 101: detailing the available BRC scheme

Laura McCurdy, Quality Assurance Manager, JM Swank/ConAgra Foods

Josh Gondek, Warehouse Manager, JM Swank/ConAgra Foods


INTERACTIVE DEBATE Announced vs. Unannounced Audits

The panellists will debate the deliverables, processes and benefits for both announced and unannounced audits, to enable a better understanding of the fundamentals. The debate will be followed by the audience voting.

Debra Tesch Kriss, Senior Director of Food Safety & Regulatory Affairs, Schwan's Shared Services

Leonard Steed, Head of Certification and HACCP, AIB International

Gene Bartholomew Ph.D, Director of Food Safety, John Morrell Food Group

Shawn K Stevens, National Food Safety Lawyer and Attorney, Gass Weber Mullins LLC

Moderator: Dr Geoff Spriegel, Executive Advisor, BRC Global Standards


Networking Lunch


Chaired by: Sara Mortimore, Vice President Product Safety, Quality and Regulatory, Land O’ Lakes


HACCP : Common Errors and Misconceptions

Addressing common misconceptions and what we can learn from failure.

Sara Mortimore, Vice President Product Safety, Quality and Regulatory, Land O’ Lakes


Updates on HACCP Validation

  • Understanding the importance of validation in managing risk

  • Detailing what the BRC looks for regarding specific Critical Control Points and validation of process control

  • Update on HACCP validation in terms of what regulatory bodies are expecting

Suzanne Finstad, Director, Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance, Tyson
Understanding Risk of Contamination and Preventative Measures

  • Understanding the preventative measures and appropriate audits for chemical residues

  • Non-microbial hazards: new and emerging risks from foreign bodies and chemicals

  • Microbial issues and trends: establishing microbiological limits for pathogens

Tim Jackson, Director Food Safety, North America, Nestle



Afternoon Refreshments & Networking


Best Practice Allergen Management

  • Allergen control: A scientific and technical perspective

  • Allergen legislation update

Professor Steve Taylor, Director, Food Allergy Research & Resource Program, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Protecting consumer and brand through understanding allergen thresholds and planning allergen validation testing and cleaning

  • Highlighting non-conformities in allergen handling

  • Ethnic imports: managing the risk of the unknown

Gordon Hayburn, Technical Director (Agri-Foods), SAI Global



Factory Design in the Modern Food Plant

  • Managing high risk environments: understanding high risk, high care and risk area segregation

  • Equipment sanitation and building food safety in your plant design:

  • Upgrading your site: what does best practice look like today?

  • What are acceptable standards of modifications?

John Batz, Vice President, Quality, Food Safety and Product Excellence, MOM Brands


Chair’s summary


Close of Conference Day 2


Drinks Reception & Dinner on the Valencia Patio

Thursday APRIL 11TH


Exhibition Hall Opens. Breakfast

Track A


Chaired by: Dr Geoff Spriegel, Executive Advisor, BRC Global Standards

Track B


Chaired by: John Kukoly, Technical Marketing Consultant, BRC Global Standards

Sponsored by:


Perspectives of a Retailer

Craig Wilson, VP Quality Assurance & Food Safety, Costco Wholesale
Perspectives of a Manufacturer

Sherri Jenkins, Director for Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs, JBS

PANEL DISCUSSION Voice of the Auditor: Guide to Maintaining Certification

John Kay, Supply Chain Food Safety Audit Manager, NSF International

Heidi Lammers, Quality Systems and Training Manager, Land O’ Lakes Inc.

Kathy Best, Product Technology Manager, Mizkan

Moderator: Frank Schreurs, President & Chief Technical Officer, NSF-GFTC


Morning Refreshments & Networking


Assessing Auditor Competency

Discussing the progress made in auditor competency and future plans for enhancement

David Brackston, Technical Director, Food Schemes, BRC Global Standards

Internal Audits

What does an acceptable internal audit look like?

Anna Key Jesus, Director of Quality Assurance & Food Safety, Superior Foods International

Compliance- Providing Confidence

An outline of the BRC compliance activities and the  implications  for certification bodies, sites and their customers

Karen Betts, Compliance Manager, BRC Global Standards

Developing a Food Safety Culture

How to build a strong food safety culture, driven from top to bottom

Julia Ferrell, Director of Blending Quality Assurance, Bay State Milling Company


Close of Conference Program


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