United States of America Citizenship Test

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United States of America Citizenship Test

The U.S. Citizenship Test is an important step in a U.S. citizenship application. During the citizenship interview, a US citizenship and immigration officer will ask the applicant ten(10) questions. The applicant must answer six(6) out of the ten(10) questions correctly in order to pass the civics portion of the naturalization test. If an applicant fails the citizenship interview test, his/her citizenship application will be rejected.

Since there are 100 potential questions, many users pass the citizenship test by using a practicing system. Would you pass a citizenship test? Let’s find out! 

Go to http://www.800citizen.org/us_citizenship_test/

Enter the state as Illinois and the number of questions as 50.

Click “Begin Citizenship Test”
You need 60% to pass the test. How did you do??
I scored ______________ of 50 for a score of _______%.

The recommendation the site gave was ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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