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Standard USHC-5



1. What event is the best example of the use of the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine?

A. the United States intervening in the Dominican Republic to collect debts

B. the United States forcing Japan to open trade with American merchants

C. the United States imposing tariffs on produce imported from Panama

D. the United States creating spheres of influence on mainland China

2. From 1915-1934 the United States military occupied the country of Haiti. This action was an extension of WHICH foreign policy statement?

A) Moral Diplomacy

B) Manifest Destiny

C) Roosevelt Corollary

D) Good Neighbor Policy


3. What is the MOST accurate Social-Darwinist defense for U.S. imperialism?

A) Robber Barons deserved new markets to sell their goods and expand their businesses.

B) Nations that considered themselves superior felt obliged to govern less-advanced nations.

C) The United States needed to test its military strength to make any necessary improvements.

D) The United States needed to compete with European nations to prove that the United States
was superior
4. Before the late 1800's, the United States did not seriously involve itself in overseas expansion largely because it

A) did not have a navy and could not compete with Europeans.

B) believed imperialism was immoral and against Christian values.

C) was led by weak and indecisive presidents until the late 1800s.

D) was primarily concerned with westward expansion and internal problems.
5. The United States' acquisition of the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii are all examples of late-nineteenth century

A) imperialism.

B) isolation.

C) populism.

D) trade.

6. Which of these BEST explains the presence of the United States in China at the start of the 20th Century?
A) The U.S. had helped Nationalists defeat the Communists there.
B) The U.S. wanted to ally with China to stop the spread of Japan.
C) The U.S. had won Pacific territories in the Spanish-American War.
D) The U.S. needed to secure trade with China for industrial resources.

7. In exchange for control of the Panama Canal Zone, the United States helped Panama declare its independence from

A) Colombia.
B) Mexico.
C) Spain.
D) Venezuela.
8. Which statement offers the BEST support for Theodore Roosevelt's "Big Stick" diplomacy?
A) Roosevelt earned the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906 for his leadership in Latin America.
B) Roosevelt's "Big Stick" diplomacy was very popular in the U.S., and he was elected to three terms in office.
C) Roosevelt was successful in bringing parts of Latin America under control of the United States, including Cuba and the Panama Canal.
D) "Big Stick" diplomacy had few strengths, and its main effect was actually an increase in revolution and conflict in the Western Hemisphere.

9. The term "dollar diplomacy" primarily referred to

A) making new trade agreements with countries in Latin America.
B) helping Latin American governments raise the standard of living for its people.
C) establishing diplomatic recognition of the new governments throughout Latin America.
D) the use of political and economic power to advance and protect US economic interests.
10. Which statement BEST describes the position of American missionaries on the country's imperialism in the late-19th and early-20th centuries?
A) Imperialism should be banned because it is against the word of God.
B) Imperialism should be banned because of the way natives were treated.
C) Imperialism is good because it gives the natives a chance to be converted.
D) Imperialism is good because it gives the natives a chance to get a good job.


This cartoon is referring to

A) Jingoism.
B) Monroe Doctrine.
C) The Teller Amendment.
D) The Open Door Policy.
12. On what geographical area did the US concentrate in order to expand its influence during the late 1800s and early 1900s?
A) West America
B) Western Europe
C) the Indian Ocean
D) the Caribbean Sea
13. Following the overthrow of its monarchy in 1894, what territory was annexed to the United States in 1897?
A) Alaska
B) Hawaii
C) Panama
D) Puerto Rico

14. Which of the following was not a motivation/justification for US imperialism during the late 1800s?

A) isolationism

B) mercantilism

C) capitalism

D) social Darwinism


15. Why did many businessmen in the US who favored imperialism consider the Pacific to be so important?

A) They feared the Japanese were planning an attack and wanted to strike first.

B) They could not compete in markets on the other side of the Atlantic and saw nations across the Pacific as their last hope.

C) They wanted access to the foreign markets of China and Southeast Asia

D) War with Hawaii meant that the US needed to establish military bases close to the islands.


16. Read the headlines below and answer the question that follows.

  • U.S. annexes Hawaii

  • U.S. begins war with Spain

  • U.S. gains control of Panama Canal

What political trend is reflected in these headlines?

  1. Isolationism

  2. Capitalism

  3. Republicanism

  4. Imperialism

17. Social Darwinism is BEST defined as which of the following?

  1. The policy that the government should interfere as little as possible in the nation’s economy

  2. An organization of workers formed for the purpose of advancing its members interests

  3. A belief in the “survival of the fittest,” meaning that the strong will survive and the weak will not

  4. Extreme nationalism marked by aggressive foreign policy

18. Lester Frank Ward challenged the idea of Social Darwinism with the idea of Reform Darwinism. Reform Darwinism stated that

  1. People will evolve due to their environmental advantages.

  2. Evolution is based on chance alone.

  3. People succeed because of their ability to cooperate, not their ability to compete.

  4. People succeed because of their ability to compete, not their ability to cooperate.

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