United nations programme on ageing

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Topic for discussion 1: Elements of a Long-Term Strategy
At this first plenary session, participants will discuss some aspects of the future introductory chapter of the revised International Plan of Action on Ageing, consisting of general strategies for policy directions. Experts are invited to review the following text and be prepared to elaborate briefly on the questions therein.
A supportive legislative framework is needed within the four pillars of the Conceptual Framework for a society for all ages. Viable policies and programmes on ageing should respond to older persons' needs (e.g., income security and care) and, simultaneously, create the necessary conditions for older persons' productive participation in society and greater visibility of their contributions.
In this regard, one major challenge for policymakers revolves around the tendency of society to view 'people or population groups' as problems. As society ages, this harmful perspective will increasingly affect the older population.

  • How can policy move away from this tendency without denying the concerns and growing needs of the older population group?

  • How can the vast resources of a remarkably diverse and growing older population group be utilized, especially in a world of rapid technological change?

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