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Document: WHC-02/CONF.202/24
1. The Chairperson of the Committee recalled that at the 23rd session of the Committee in Marrakech in 1999, the Delegate of China informed the Committee that his Government wished to host the Committee session in 2003.
2. The Delegate of China confirmed that his authorities would be honoured to welcome the Committee to China.
3. The Chairperson then drew the attention of the Committee members to the draft agenda for the next session (WHC-02/CONF.202/24).
4. The Delegate of Saint Lucia requested that the items concerning the implementation of the Convention be included early in the Agenda of the meeting. She also requested that an item on the "Relationship between the World Heritage Committee and UNESCO" be included.
5. The Delegate of Greece asked to bring the agenda in line with the newly adopted Strategic Objectives, with a view to facilitate monitoring of progress made in their implementation.
6. The Delegate of Argentina requested that the Committee have the opportunity to discuss the Agenda items on the "Report of the Secretariat" and "Ways and means to reinforce the implementation of the World Heritage Convention".
7. The Delegate of the United Kingdom supported the proposal to put all agenda items related to the implementation of the Convention early in the Agenda. He further requested that the item concerning the analyses of the World Heritage List and Tentative Lists be deleted from the Agenda and included on the Provisional Agenda for the 28th session in 2004 as decided in decision 26 COM 13.
8. Following a question from the Delegate of Greece concerning the tools for the implementation of the 2002 World Heritage Strategic Objectives, the Delegate of India commented that the tools (Principles/Guidelines, Programmes and Partnerships) will be essential to put into operation the Strategic Objectives. She agreed with the proposal made by Argentina and recalled that the Cairns decision on new nominations needed to be reexamined.

9. The Chairperson closed the debate and declared the provisional agenda adopted as amended (decision 26 COM 27).

10. The Delegate of China made a short video presentation on Suzhou, the next venue of the Committee.


1. The Delegate of the United Kingdom asked the Secretariat to update the Operational Guidelines with the decisions of the 24th session of the Committee (Cairns, 2000), and in particular with the new deadlines and timetable of the Committee sessions.

2. The Delegate of Saint Lucia warmly supported this proposal while regretting that it had not been done immediately implemented after the Cairns session of the Committee.
3. The Chairperson noted that all Committee members seemed to welcome this proposal and declared it accepted (decision 26 COM 28).
4. The Chairperson declared the debates closed at 2:30 pm and reconvened the meeting in the evening for the adoption of the Report.


Document: WHC-02/CONF.202 /25

1. The draft report (List of Decisions) was submitted to the Committee on Saturday evening. Upon request of the Chairperson, the Rapporteur invited the Committee to propose amendments if required.

2. With regard to the substantal amendments asked for by the Committee, the Rapporteur indicated that those discussions would be reflected in the Summary Record as suggested by the Chairperson9. The linguistic amendments suggested by the Delegates will be integrated in the final version of the Decisions. In addition, the Rapporteur noted that the Secretariat and herself would finalise the concordance check between the two linguistic versions of the Report and ensure coherence in linguistics, meaning, numbering, annexes etc.
3. With those amendments, the Chairperson declared the Report (List of Decisions) document WHC-02/CONF.202/25) adopted (decision 26 COM 29).

1.1 In closing the session, the Chairperson referred to the long and busy week of work. He noted the Committee's commitment to the protection of cultural and natural heritage. He commented that an improvement in the working methods of the Committee will strengthen this protection in the future. He commented that the Committee session had been a worthy celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the World Heritage Convention. He thanked the former Chairperson of the Committee Mr Henrik Lilius (Finland) who had suggested that the Committee convene an extraordinary session in 2003. He commented that this should allow the Committee to move forward on reform.

1.2 The Chairperson referred to some of the highlights of the meeting: the importance of strict evaluations of sites prior to their inclusion on the World Heritage List, the protection of heritage in Afghanistan and the Palestinian Territories and the adoption of the Budapest Declaration on World Heritage. He referred to them as important decisions for international solidarity. He concluded by thanking the members of the World Heritage Committee, the Centre and all who worked with such devotion during the week. Finally, he thanked the interpreters and the Spanish authorities for having provided interpretation for those participants with Spanish as their mother tongue.

2. The Delegate of Saint Lucia thanked the Chairperson and the Hungarian authorities for their hospitality. She thanked the Secretariat for having worked to achieve a transition in working methods and the Rapporteur for her work.
3. The Delegate of Egypt thanked the Hungarian authorities for their generosity, hospitality and kindness. He thanked the Chairperson for his patience, perseverance and good humour. He also thanked the Rapporteur, the Assistant-Director-General for Culture, the Director and staff of the World Heritage Centre, the representatives of the Advisory Bodies and the interpreters and technicians.
4. The Delegate of India, speaking on behalf of the Asia-Pacific group offered her most sincere thanks for those who had organized the 30th Anniversary session of the World Heritage Committee. She referred to the fast deliberations of the Committee and thanked the Rapporteur and the Assistant Director-General of UNESCO.
5. The Delegate of Nigeria, speaking on behalf of the Africa group referred to the success of the meeting. He mentioned his particular satisfaction with the Periodic Report on Africa. Finally he thanked the Rapporteur for her help in getting the Committee to focus on decisions.
6. The Delegate of Oman joined with other members of the Committee in thanking the Chairperson.
7. The Director of the World Heritage Centre offered his thanks to the Committee for the memorable session and thanked all those involved in the preparation and conduct of the session.
8. The Chairperson then declared the 26th session of the World Heritage Committee closed.

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