United Nations A/hrc/19/68

Killings where motivation is unclear

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Killings where motivation is unclear

  • The Commission received information of unlawful killings committed by thuwar or other armed groups during conflict Phases II and III, seemingly not targeting individuals for their political affiliations, but rather for their perceived wealth and belongings. For instance, a member of a Tripoli brigade was fatally shot on 14 December 2011 in central Tripoli by thuwar from Misrata. According to an eyewitness and relatives of the victim, a group of thuwar from Misrata wanted to confiscate a female relative’s car under the pretext that it was government property (the vehicle belonged to a woman whose spouse worked in Qadhafi’s security apparatus). Following negotiations between the Misrata thuwar and the concerned family, themselves thuwar from Tripoli, the issue was seemingly resolved and the Misratah thuwar withdrew from the house without the wanted vehicle. The victim then proceeded to drive the vehicle in question to a safer location. His relative, driving another car in front of the victim, told the Commission that the same group of Misrata thuwar blocked the victim’s way. As he was trying to evade the Misrata thuwar, they opened fire fatally injuring him in the heart and kidney. Three of the attackers have been apprehended, charged by the General Prosecution with murder, and continued to be detained at the time of writing. The remainder managed to escape.355

  • A similar incident took place two days later in central Tripoli. A survivor of the violent attack on 16 December 2011 by a group of identified armed men told the Commission that he was in a car with four friends, when their way was blocked by a pick-up truck, a 4x4 vehicle, and a regular car. Nine people armed with Kalashnikov rifles and revolvers demanded their car. When the request was refused, the assailants opened fire killing one passenger, and injuring two other passengers and the driver. The attackers managed to escape.356

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