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Killing of members of targeted communities

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Killing of members of targeted communities

  1. The Commission found that the Tawerghans, a community of black Libyans perceived to be loyalist and members of which are accused of committing crimes during the Qadhafi forces attack on Misrata, were unlawfully killed by the thuwar, predominantly from Misrata.334

  2. The most recent incident documented by the Commission took place on 6 February 2012, when seven Tawarghans, including three children and an elderly woman, living at an IDP camp in the Janzour Naval Academy were shot and killed by Misrata thuwar. 335 This incident is examined in greater detail in Annex I, sect. III.F.

  3. In another reported case of extrajudicial executions of Tawerghans, the Commission was informed by a Tawerghan living in an IDP camp in Tripoli near the Airport Road that his relative, a soldier with the Qadhafi forces, was shot dead upon capture in Sirte around 6 October 2011, along with 16 other Tawarghans by thuwar from Misrata. News of his death reached the family through the sole survivor believed to be detained in the city of Misrata.336 The Commission requested to interview him, but were told by prison commanders and other officials in Misrata that he was not held at their detention facilities. Further killings of Tawerghans by thuwar, that occurred while held in detention centres, are detailed below.

  4. The Commission also received reports of killings of members of other groups perceived to be Qadhafi loyalists, which typically took place in the immediate aftermath of the thuwar gaining control of the area. The Zintan thuwar, who accuse the Mashashiya community of providing support to the Qadhafi forces during the latter’s siege and shelling of the Nafusa Mountains, have carried out attacks against the entire community including unlawful killings. For example, an 82 year-old Mashashiya man from Zawiyat al-Baqoul was shot dead at his home on 7 May 2011, reportedly by thuwar from Zintan.337 Regarding another incident, the Commission was informed by two sources interviewed separately that two Mashashiya brothers were shot at point-blank range after capture by Zintan thuwar in front of another brother.338 These incidents are examined in greater detail in Annex I, sect. III.F.

  5. A similar pattern has been established by the Commission in relation to attacks committed by Zowara thuwar, who are Amazigh, against the Arab residents of Abu Kammash, originating from perceived loyalist areas of Jmel, Riqdalin, Ajilat and Zolton.339 It was reported to the Commission that thuwar from Zowara apprehended an unarmed man from Riqdalin, forced him to face the wall, and shot him during confrontations between the two communities on 28 August 2011.340

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