United Nations A/hrc/19/68

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  • The Commission has confirmed many of its earlier conclusions. There is sufficient evidence to suggest that Qadhafi forces engaged in excessive use of force against demonstrators in the early days of the protests, leading to significant deaths and injuries. The nature of the injuries recorded by the Commission in its investigations in Benghazi and Tripoli indicates that those shooting were aiming at the head and upper body, evincing a clear intention to kill. The level of violence with which most of the protests were met by the Qadhafi forces, despite some initial restraint by local commanders (for example in Al Zawiyah), suggests a central policy of violent repression.

  • The Commission finds that there is sufficient evidence of an attack on civilians that was both widespread and systematic. Specifically, the Commission finds that firing on demonstrators during the protests was excessive in relation to the threat posed, and the Commission found evidence to suggest that the killing of demonstrators was unlawful and that the crime of murder was committed with knowledge of the attack.

  • The Commission finds that such actions are a serious breach of a range of rights guaranteed under international human rights law, including the right to life, the right to security of person, as well as the protesters’ freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression.

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