United Nations A/hrc/19/68

The Jamahiriya Security Organization

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The Jamahiriya Security Organization (Haiat Amn Al Jamahiriya)72 included the Internal Security Agency and the External Security Agency. According to information provided to the Commission, the Internal Security Agency was tasked with countering terrorism and monitoring alleged anti-Qadhafi organizations, such as lawyers and doctors’ unions and individuals to evaluate the extent of any internal threat to the Government.73 The Internal Security Agency reported directly to Muammar Qadhafi. The External Security Agency was commanded until March 2009 by [052].74 This agency reportedly planned, coordinated and provided support to military operations and terrorist activities abroad. External security dealt also with military intelligence and overseas intelligence assessments but was not usually directly involved in internal security affairs. While regular prisons fell under the authority of the General People’s Committee for Justice [the Ministry of Justice], it was the Internal Security Agency that held jurisdiction over the Abu Salim and Ein Zara prisons.75 Members of both the Internal Security Agency and External Security Agency wore civilian clothes and their vehicles were not marked with any distinctive signs.

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