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The National Security Council

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The National Security Council (Majlis Al-Amn al-Khawmi67), was created during 2007, and was headed by Mutassim Qadhafi, who was designated National Security Adviser by his father. According to information available to the Commission, the membership of the Council included the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Minister of Public Security, Minister of Economy and Trade and Chief of Defense.68 The Council was considered a link between the military and the security agencies.69

  • The Revolutionary Committees, which were set up in 1977 to “safeguard the Revolution”, were originally composed of students who believed in Qadhafi’s populist theories. After 17 February 2011, the head of the Revolutionary Committees was [084]. The Committees had offices throughout the country and school children were required to attend camps regularly, and by the time they enrolled at university, they were already de facto members of the Committees.70 Their members wore civilian clothes and were armed with light weapons (handguns and AK-47s). Sources that the Commission spoke with estimated that the Revolutionary Committees had tens of thousands of members, possibly between 60,000 and 100,000 members. According to information collected by the Commission, the Revolutionary Committees were tasked with police functions including the arrest of counter-revolutionaries and the management of numerous detention centres in most cities and towns across the country. Prior to February 2011, the Revolutionary Committees were known as an important security organization close to Qadhafi. During the uprisings in February 2011, the Revolutionary Committees formed an integral part of Qadhafi’s loyalist supporters who faced the demonstrators.71

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