United Nations A/hrc/19/68

The Commission calls upon the International Community to

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The Commission calls upon the International Community to:

  1. Take immediate steps to release funds of the Libyan government to enable it to implement the recommendations in this report and allocate some of those funds specifically for the establishment of an independent judiciary and the training of judicial, police, prison and other officials.

  2. Provide support to the Libyan authorities in developing their plan to enhance the legal system and in strengthening the capacity of the judges, prosecutors, judicial police, national police, military police and prison officials, in particular in the development of specialist investigative and prosecution skills.

  3. Assist the judicial authorities to secure all major crime sites identified in this report to prevent destruction or loss of evidence.

  4. Assist the Libyan authorities to obtain extradition of alleged perpetrators of serious crimes who may be in their territory, while ensuring that their basic rights are protected.

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