United Nations A/hrc/19/68

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L. Pillaging12

93. The Commission received reports of theft on a small scale perpetrated by Qadhafi forces during the conflict. The Commission established that thuwar and other groups of armed men were responsible for widespread pillaging and destruction of public and private property across the country during Phase II and III of the conflict. Victims included entire communities perceived as Qadhafi loyalists and individuals seen as having provided support to Qadhafi forces during the conflict, as well as their relatives (sometimes distant ones). Such violations mostly took place after cities fell under the control of thuwar, as well as during arrests of perceived loyalists at their homes. In some cases documented by the Commission, relatives of the alleged loyalists were driven out of their homes or prevented from returning by thuwar who had appropriated their homes and other belongings. Evidence of pillage by thuwar was found - but is not limited to - Abu Kammesh, Al Zawiyah, Awaniya, Beni Walid, Garabulli, Tawergha, Tiji, Tripoli, and Sirte.

94. The Commission is concerned that no full, impartial and independent investigations appear to have been carried out into any of allegations of pillage and the destruction of property. At times, government officials downplayed the gravity of the violation, noting that Qadhafi forces did the same thing to opposition, so “it is now their turn.”

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