United Nations A/hrc/19/68

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3. Thuwar

69. The Commission has received limited evidence of rapes and sexual violence committed by the thuwar. The Commission interviewed two victims, known to be Qadhafi loyalists, who had been sexually tortured by thuwar in detention centres.

4. Conclusions

70. The prevailing culture of silence, the lack of reliable statistics, the evident use of torture to extract confessions, and the political sensitivity of the issue combine to make this issue the most difficult one for the Commission to investigate. The Commission found that sexual violence occurred in Libya and played a significant role in provoking fear in various communities. The Commission established that sexual torture was used as a means to extract information from and to humiliate detainees. The Commission did not find evidence to substantiate claims of a widespread or a systematic attack, or any overall policy of sexual violence against a civilian population. The information received is, however, sufficient to justify further investigation to ascertain the extent of sexual violence.

G. Attacks on Civilians, Civilian Objects, Protected Persons and Objects7

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