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F. Sexual Violence6

1. Introduction

65. The Commission is aware of numerous media accounts of rapes in Libya and endeavoured to investigate the allegations. The Commission interviewed more than 20 male and female victims of sexual violence. The Commission met with another 30 witnesses including doctors, attorneys, and individuals with direct contact with victims or perpetrators. The Commission interviewed five perpetrators accused of committing rape and also reviewed relevant reports of NGOs and other material.

2. Qadhafi forces

66. One pattern of sexual violence identified was that of women who were beaten and raped by armed men in their homes, or abducted and beaten and raped elsewhere, sometimes for days. Some victims were targeted because of their allegiance to the thuwar and others were assaulted for no known reason. Of those targeted, rape appeared to be used as a means to punish, terrorize, and send a message to those who supported the revolution.

67. A second pattern was of sexual violence and torture of males and females in detention centres who were thuwar or supportive of the thuwar, to extract information, humiliate and punish. Victims were arrested and normally taken to a location where they were interrogated and tortured. The allegations of rape and sexual violence made to the Commission included vaginal rape, sodomy and penetration with an instrument, as well as electrocution and burning of the genitals. The majority of their allegations came from men detained in Abu Salim and several men and women detained in Ein Zara.

68. The Commission interviewed five perpetrators accused of raping men and women during the conflict. While they provided some specific details, the Commission believes that there is a strong possibility that the confessions were made under torture and therefore cannot be relied upon. The Commission received one credible interview from a local organization which detailed five different rapes over five nights committed in Misrata by the perpetrator and his colleagues.

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