United Nations A/hrc/19/68

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3. Thuwar

56. Misratans believe Tawerghans to be Qadhafi loyalists and responsible for crimes, including rape. With the capture of Tawergha by thuwar, most Tawerghans left, fearing reprisals. When Tripoli fell to the thuwar, brigades from Misrata entered a Tawergha IDP camp in the city and arrested and beat 85 Tawerghan men. In September 2011, they arrested between 40-50 more. According to eyewitnesses, as recently as 6 February 2012 Misratan thuwar attacked the Tripoli IDP camp and killed five Tawerghans, including an old man, a woman, and three minors.

57. The Commission received multiple reports that, in the months which followed the capture of Tripoli, there were arbitrary arrests of Tawerghans by Misratan thuwar on the streets of Tripoli. Their whereabouts often remain unknown. Those who have been released report being beaten. The Commission has documented multiple incidents of Tawerghans held in detention in Misrata being subjected to torture. The Commission has examined corroborating injuries on victims.

58. A similar pattern of arrests, torture, other forms of ill-treatment, and killings was documented by the Commission in Sirte, Zlitan, Al Jufra, Shawarif, Alut and Benghazi.

4. Tawergha

59. In the months after Tawergha was emptied of its population, houses and public buildings continue to be looted and destroyed by the Misratan thuwar. The Commission found that roads into the town had been blocked. The Commission observed houses being set alight. Buildings appeared to have been bulldozed. The Commission observed that the word “Tawergha” had been scratched off road signs. The words “New Misrata” has been written over them. The Commission notes that the Misratan thuwar have been open about their views of the Tawerghans. One fighter told the Commission he thought that Tawerghans deserved “to be wiped off the face of the planet”. The language reportedly used by the Misratans during the arrests was often of a racist and derogatory nature, for example calling them “slaves”, “blacks”, and “animals”. Some have been told that they cannot ever return.

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