United Nations A/hrc/19/68

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  1. The prevailing culture of silence, the lack of reliable statistics, the evident use of torture to extract confessions, and the political sensitivity of the issue combine to make sexual violence the most difficult one for the Commission to investigate and on which to formulate conclusions. Nevertheless, the Commission determined that sexual violence undoubtedly occurred in Libya and played a significant role in provoking terror in various communities. The Commission has witnessed that the victims of sexual violence have suffered greatly due to the physical and psychological consequences of the violence, compounded by shame and isolation.

  2. The Commission did not find documented evidence to substantiate claims of widespread sexual violence or a systematic attack or overall policy against a civilian population such as to amount to crimes against humanity. The Commission recognizes that there is under reporting of rape due to the factors already mentioned, and that there is sufficient information received to justify further investigation to ascertain the extent of sexual violence in Libya.

  3. The Commission can make no findings regarding the extent of sexual torture in the detention centres committed by the thuwar.

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