United Nations A/hrc/19/68

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2. Qadhafi forces

45. The Commission interviewed 35 people who were tortured by Qadhafi forces. Torture methods catalogued included severe beatings including on the soles of the feet (falaqa), electric shocks on genitalia; burning, threatening with dogs, suspension over doors, hanging from bars, and locking in small spaces or in solitary confinement for extended periods. The Commission verified most claims by examining victims’ wounds, scars and medical reports and by visiting the sites.

46. Cases of torture occurred in official and unofficial detention facilities as Qadhafi’s forces sought information on opposition activities. Torture also occurred during arrest or searches of houses of suspected thuwar. The most severe torture generally occurred immediately after arrest and during interrogations about thuwar strategy and weapons’ locations. The Commission gathered compelling evidence of torture of suspected fighters and other opponents in various prisons including Ein Zara, Abu Salim, and Jdeida, and the locations of former intelligence agencies.

47. Torture was also rampant in unofficial detention centres including in Yarmouk and Al Khums. The Commission interviewed former detainees in such facilities who reported severe beatings and electric shocks. Conditions of detention – including lack of toilet facilities and severe overcrowding – constitute ill-treatment of detainees.

48. Rape and other types of sexual violence were also inflicted in detention. The Commission interviewed several former male and female detainees who described rape and other sexual assaults.

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