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C. Objectives and focus areas

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C. Objectives and focus areas

15. Three main objectives will be attained by greening the economy in the pan‑European region:

  • Objective I. Reduced environmental risks and ecological scarcities.

  • Objective II. Enhanced economic progress.

  • Objective III. Improved human well-being and social equity.

16. The objectives collectively foster prosperity, through economic progress that is environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive. This can be achieved by incentivizing and promoting investment and trade to support economic progress that is more equitable and decoupled from environmental degradation. It can be further achieved by encouraging consumers to change their habits in order to avoid overconsumption and prioritize green goods and services. The resulting maintenance of natural capital, ecosystems and their services will improve the quality of life and contribute to a shared prosperity, while the reduced environmental stress will decrease human health risks and increase well-being (see figure 1).

17. Nine integrated focus areas were identified indicating priorities for achieving the three objectives of the Strategic Framework.

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