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Action’s timeframe/milestones, as appropriate

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4. Action’s timeframe/milestones, as appropriate: Establishment of the online platform and initiating a dialogue before 2018. Assessment of sustainability criteria before 2020.

5. Type of action: Information, education-based, capacity building and voluntary instruments

6. Economic sectors: Economy-wide

7. Reference instruments and sources, as appropriate: UNEP 10-year framework of programmes on sustainable consumption and production

8. Expected co-benefits and impact of the outcome: increased use of Sustainable Public Procurement resulting in enhancing the resource efficiency, developing human capital and creating green jobs

9. SDGs target(s) that the action may contribute to implement: Action contributes to SDG target 12.7 “Promote public procurement practices that are sustainable, in accordance with national policies and priorities”

10. Implementation of EPR Recommendations, as appropriate: [to complete based on the latest EPR for country XY conducted by ECE or OECD]

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