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Green economy actions at a glance

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Green economy actions at a glance

9. Green economy actions committed by countries and organizations would be made available on the Green Growth Knowledge Platform to provide user-friendly global access with a view to sharing good practices and experience.

10. BIG-E would be launched with a festive ceremony at the Batumi Ministerial Conference during the agenda item on greening the economy in the pan-European region. The ceremony would include the announcement of the voluntary commitments by the BIG-E stakeholders.

11. The proposed deadline to submit to the secretariat the green economy actions (by filling in the template included in appendix I below) is Monday, 9 May 2016. Additional actions could be included up until the Conference as well as after the Conference until the mid-term review in 2018 and beyond once later milestones have been decided by the Committee.

12. A list of possible green economy actions has been prepared by the group of experts in green economy with a view to inspire BIG-E stakeholders in identifying their actions. The list is based on existing national, regional and international instruments and sources. The possible actions are clustered in accordance with the nine focus areas, as well as by the scope and type mentioned above (to include the reference to the list of possible actions, in accordance with the outcome of the Committee’s special session).

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