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D. Implementing the Strategic Framework

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D. Implementing the Strategic Framework

30. Putting the Strategic Framework into practice involves mainstreaming the green economy approach into regional and national policies. In both cases, the transition to an inclusive green economy should adapt and incorporate nationally developed policies and strategies where possible, so as to avoid contradictions or duplication with other existing efforts.

31. At the national level, key drivers of implementation include clear leadership and communication, coordination across ministries and multi-stakeholder engagement, as the transition to a green economy entails numerous activities across multiple sectors. Engaging the private sector, civil society, local authorities and other relevant stakeholders is key to ensure ownership, private investment flows, establishment of partnerships and behavioural changes.

32. At the regional level, the strategic framework would anchor national efforts in a set of shared objectives and focus areas, as well as promote coordination in the implementation and monitoring of progress and the provision of technical assistance and capacity-building for countries.

33. Transitioning to a green economy involves a mix of actions that reinforce economic progress and the maintenance of natural capital, ranging from policies targeted at incentivizing the efficient use of natural resources to approaches inclusive of the broader social values of sustainable development.

34. Under the Strategic Framework, a voluntary initiative on green economy is proposed with a view to support the implementation of the Framework during 2016–2030. The proposed title for the initiative is “Batumi Initiative on Green Economy” with the acronym BIG-E. The initiative will comprise voluntary commitments by interested countries and organizations, both public and private, in the form of green economy actions. The initiative is included in the annex to the Strategic Framework.

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