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Objective III. Improved human well-being and social equity

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Objective III. Improved human well-being and social equity

26. Human well-being and social equity can be undermined if people cannot find employment, if they lack access to essential services or are unable to engage meaningfully in the decision-making that concerns them. The green economy helps to create decent and green employment, ensures and improves access to healthy living and well-being as well as encourages public participation and promotes education for sustainable development. The following three focus areas were identified with a view to prioritize the initiatives and actions necessary under this objective.

Focus area 7. Increase green and decent jobs, while developing the necessary human capital

27. Green economy helps to create green and decent jobs and ensures the necessary education and training for the workforce to develop skills needed for those jobs. It incentivizes the creation of incubators for green entrepreneurship. It develops opportunities for new green markets and jobs in these markets. It facilitates access to funds for training and retraining. It incentivizes green apprenticeship programmes for youth.

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