Unit4 Lesson 3 Reading Questions

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Unit4 Lesson 3

Reading Questions
1. Which of the following is most true of Canadian identity?
a. Canadians all feel the same sense of unity as part of the nation
b. There are many different values and beliefs that are part of Canadian unity
c. National unity feelings seldom change
d. National unity is not dependent on outside factors such as war


2. Canadian unity is fragile mainly because:

a. There are too many cultures living in the same nation
b. There are too many immigrants coming into our country
c. There is not enough population to create true unity
d. Inside and outside pressures push and pull at our unity


3. Which of the following is not a good example of inside pressure on Canadian unity?

a. Many Quebeckers want to leave Canada to form their own country
b. One third of Albertans would like to see the West pull out of Canada
c. Many First Nations people want self-determination
d. War and terrorism can create fear, but also patriotism


4. Which of the following does not affect Canadian national unity as much as the rest?

a. The aging of the Canadian population
b. The rise in number of immigrants and official multiculturalism
c. The size of Canada and its relatively empty spaces
d. The feelings of alienation that groups feel from the federal government


5. According to Fig. 15-17 on Page 361, what is most true about urban living development?

a. as time has gone by, less urban development has occurred
b. the biggest increase in urban living took place between 1996 and 2006
c. Almost twice as many people lived in cities in 2006 as in 1911
d. all of the above


Match the following: Just provide the question number and correct letter answer.

1. Western Alienation A f

-a. example of inter-regional tensions

2. War in Iraq J

-b.transfer of control from one nation to another

3. Migration of workers to other provinces F a

-c. official government policy regarding Canadian society

4. equalization payments E

-d. government group formed to study ways of preserving national unity

5. constitution I

-e. ensuring some equality between areas of wealth and poverty

6. patriation B

-f. example of internal pressure

7. Quiet Revolution H

-g.passed by Trudeau to preserve English and French as official languages

8. Canadian Multicultural Act C

-h.a period when Quebec pushed for greater provincial power

9. Official Languages Act G

-i.ensures the rights and privileges of Canadians

10. B & B Commission D

-j.example of external pressure


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