Unit: The 1950’s: Cold War Politics and American Life

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(check all that apply)

_____Where ___X__Rigor

__X___Hook __X___Relevance

__X___Equip/Explore _____Relationships



Day 3 Cold War and the Nuclear Family
Lesson Activities

  1. Do Now: How would you go about living your life, knowing that you and your family could be destroyed by a nuclear blast at any moment?

  2. Collect Movie Posters.

  3. Return Korea prompt – give students an opportunity to revise their prompts and resubmit them.

  4. Power Point – A brief overview of the Nuclear family, the baby boom, and nuclear fallout culture.

  5. Analyze and evaluate images of fallout shelters and advertisements for canned foods in class discussion.

  6. View Duck and Cover Video and list procedures for air raid drill simulation.

  7. Air Raid Drill Classroom simulation.

  8. Exit Slip: How did Cold War Politics shape American everyday life in the 1950’s?

Materials Needed: DoNow worksheet, Power Point, photos of bomb shelters and canned food advertisements, Duck and Cover Video, desks.

Where Process The Three “R’s”

(check all that apply)

_____Where __X___Rigor

___X__Hook _X____Relevance

___X__Equip/Explore ___X__Relationships



Day 4 Cold War and the Space Race
Lesson Activities:

  1. Do Now: What is NASA? Has NASA’s purpose changed over time? Explain.

  2. Hand back Map Quiz, go over answers.

  3. Power Point – Review introduction of the Atom and H bombs in the 1940’s, sparking competition, Space Race.

  4. Watch Video – News special on the launching of Sputnik and complete worksheet.

  5. Introduce NASA website project – break students up into groups of 2-4 and assign each group a laptop or a computer.

  6. Have students work on website until period ends (set 5 minutes aside for Exit Slip)

  7. Exit Slip: What effect did U.S. Foreign Policy have on the sciences and technological development?

  8. Remind students to review their notes for the essay tomorrow.

Materials Needed: Do Now slip, Power Point, Sputnik Video, laptops/computers.

Where Process The Three “R’s”

(check all that apply)

_____Where __X___Rigor

___X__Hook ___X__Relevance

__X___Equip/Explore __X__Relationships



Day 5 Cold War Review and Assessment
Lesson Activities:

  1. Hand out Essay Prompt question and directions: What were the positive and negative effects of Cold War politics during the 1950’s? Consider the following areas: U.S. Foreign policy, Domestic policy, Everyday life, and Technology. In what ways are some of the effects of these policies still visible?

  2. A lot enough time for every student to complete the essay.

  3. Collect Essays, hand back Movie Posters and inform students that all inquiries regarding grades must be addressed after class.

  4. ­­Introduce next week’s Unit: The 1960’s, Kennedy, and Containment (assign reading for homework).

Materials Needed: Essay Prompt, Blue books.
Where Process The Three “R’s”

(check all that apply)

___X__Where __X__Rigor

_____Hook __X___Relevance

___X__Equip/Explore _____Relationships



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