Unit: The 1950’s: Cold War Politics and American Life

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Learning Activities:


[The acronym WHERE stands for where the student is headed from the beginning to the end of the unit; hook the student; explorethe subject and equip the student; rethinkwork and ideas; evaluate results.]

Day 1 Cold War and U.S. Foreign Policy
Lesson Activities:

  1. Do Now question: Why do you think historians call it the Cold War?

  2. Discuss responses to Do Now questions.

  3. Brief Power Point summarizing events leading to Cold War

  4. Use Smart board to label NATO and Warsaw nations on the world map

  5. Containment and the Korean War (video)

  6. Korea: Then and Now Prompt (finish at home)

  7. Inform students that there will be an in class essay at the end of the week.

  8. Exit Slip: -What effect did U.S. Foreign Policy have on other nations?

Materials Needed: Do Now worksheet, Power Point, Smart board and world map, Korean War video, Korea Prompt worksheet.
Where Process The Three “R’s”

(check all that apply)

__ X__Where _____Rigor

__X__Hook __X___Relevance __X__Equip/Explore _____Relationships



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