Unit: The 1950’s: Cold War Politics and American Life

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Students will be able to:

-Provide a chronological overview of the events leading up to the Cold War

-Identify nations that played key roles during the early years of the Cold War and what those roles were.

-Analyze the effect that the Red Scare had on the lives of everyday Americans.

-Draw connections between political landscape of the U.S. and U.S.S.R. and scientific advancement initiatives.

Stage 2 – Assessment Evidence

Performance Tasks:
1950’s Red Scare Movie Poster: Students will create a movie poster designed to promote anti-Communist propaganda. Poster must contain the title of the movie, along with a slogan that gives the audience an idea of what the movie is about. Movie posters will be graded on historical context, creativity, execution.
Duck and Cover Simulation: Students will reenact an air raid drill to show how students of the 1950’s were taught to fear the possibility of a nuclear attack. They will be assessed on accuracy, cooperation, and class participation.
NASA Webpage: Students will work in groups of 2-4 and design homepage for NASA, listing the goals and the overall purpose of the space program in the context of the Cold War. Students will be judged on their site’s appearance, understanding of the goals and purpose of NASA, and teamwork.

Other Evidence:
Political Map Quiz: Identify which nations belong to NATO and which nations belong to the Warsaw Pact on the world map.
In class discussion of Do Now questions.
Korean War: Then and Now Prompt: Students write an essay describing in what ways the events of the Korean War have shaped modern Korea.
Summative Writing Prompt: Students write an essay, explaining how the U.S. Cold War politics impacted American life in the 1950’s in the following areas: U.S. Foreign Policy and relationships with other nations, U.S. Domestic Policy, the lives of average Americans, and technological innovations.
-Exit Slips: Students will be asked to respond to an Essential Question before they leave.

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