Unit: The 1950’s: Cold War Politics and American Life

Understandings: Students will understand that

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Understandings: Students will understand that:

-The 1950’s was a decade that marked drastic changes in the role that the United States would play as a political superpower.

-The Cold War brought upon policies and movements that compromised the civil liberties of some Americans.

-U.S. Cold War policies greatly impacted the domestic lives of everyday Americans.

-Policies introduced in the early years of the Cold War still affect the political climate of the world today.

Essential Questions:

-What effect did U.S. Foreign Policy have on other nations?

-What effect did U.S. Foreign Policy have on domestic policy?

-How did Cold War Politics shape American life in the 1950’s?

-What effect did U.S. Foreign Policy have on the sciences and technological development?

Students will know:

-Key terms: NATO, Containment, Red Scare, Space Race

-The chronology of events leading up to the Cold War

-Political alliances and alignments that existed.

-Various ways in which the Cold War effected the daily lives of Americans

-Events leading up to the Space Race and the development of NASA

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