Unit Planning: Slavery, Civil War and Reconstruction

Lesson 23 The Reconstruction Era

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Lesson 23 The Reconstruction Era

Students learn about African Americans’ struggle to achieve full citizenship rights during the Reconstruction Era.

Visual Discovery Students analyze images of five phases of Reconstruction; they read about how former slaves fared during reconstruction and record notes; and they and create a human spectrum to assess African Americans’ progress toward full citizenship.

7 days can be reduced by 2 or 3 using the Jigsaw

Jigsaw this activity by having small teams (including a TAG team) analyze only one of the 5 visuals using the image in the textbook. Provide the analysis questions from the teacher lesson guide.

Then project the images and invite the teams that worked on those images to explain them and show their notes.

All students copy the notes or write them in their own words. Then all students place themselves on the spectrum at the same time.

Text abbreviated from TCI Lesson plan book; anticipated duration of lesson from TCI Pacing Guide

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