Unit Planning: Slavery, Civil War and Reconstruction

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Unit Planning: Slavery, Civil War and Reconstruction

Lesson and Strategy

Time and materials

FLEXIBLE GROUPING options and differentiation




Lesson 19

The Worlds of North and South

Students learn about key geographic, economic, transportation, and societal differences between the North and the South.

Visual Discovery

Students examine images to determine which corresponds to each section

of the country; they read about how the North and South developed differently; and they create spoke diagrams to illustrate the differences. Two Act-It-Outs are included.

6 days (including Geo Challenge)
Idea: To shorten this time frame, do only one of the two Act-It-Outs. The “economy” images are easier to act out because there is movement implied, whereas the “society” images are more static. But that probably only saves half a period or less.*

Depending on your class, you might Model Transparency B with Read/Think Aloud and Reading Notes.
TAG and Advanced Readers could be grouped. After the economy Act-It-Out, these students can be told to move ahead at their own rate, and when done, they can turn to pp. 448-449 in the back of the text and prepare a Readers Theatre performance.

  • They should select a narrator who introduces the sections and asks the key questions.

  • They should select the paragraphs (i.e. alpha or age order for assigning paragraphs) and begin repeatedly rehearse-reading them aloud (a la Reader’s Theatre) for fluency, listener comprehension, and style.

  • They should be able to explain how they drew their conclusions to answer key questions.

Students would need half a period or longer to perform the Reader’s Theatre.

Download 67.5 Kb.

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