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Unit Plan


The New World


ENG II – American Literature


Life Goes On – The Crucible




Heather McIntosh

Stage 1 – Desired Results

Established Goals:

Common Core State Standards R.L. 1-10, S.L. 1-6, W. 1-10, L. 1-6


Common Core State Standards L.4.3b, L.5.2l, L.6.2a, L.8.1d


Symbolism, allegory, setting, point of view, narrator, genre, characterization, exposition, foil, style, suspense, metaphor, simile, irony, oxymoron, theme, conflict, protagonist, antagonist, foreshadowing, climax, motif


Students will understand that…

  • Intolerance is the root of many societal ills.

  • Rule through fear reduces our freedom and our own humanity.

  • Arthur Miller’s The Crucible depicts the universal thematic ideas of intolerance, hysteria, individual integrity, reputation, power, and resentment/revenge.

  • Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is a universal political allegory.

  • Miller creates both internal and external conflicts that culminate in the climax.

  • Early American ideals contributed to an emerging American conception of self.

  • It is important to explore the intersection of the self and the larger society.

  • Details in a text work together to convey an overall meaning.

  • There is a connection between a variety of genres and modalities (plays, poems, movies.)

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