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Essay Consultation

Students will be required to discuss their essay plan with the tutor in this tutorial. Students should prepare a one-page set of notes that address the following to use in the discussion. The tutor will conduct a class discussion and be available for consultation about your essay plan.



Key references

Structure of essay

Your participation in this exercise will assist you complete a quality essay on time.

  1. Employers & Employer Associations

Presentation Topic: What role have large employers and peak associations played in driving changes to Australia’s industrial relations system? Is the term ‘employer militancy’ an appropriate description of this role?

Chapter 3 ‘Employer Representation’ in Alexander, R., Lewer, J., and Gahan, P. (2008) Understanding Australian Industrial Relations, Thomson, Melbourne. [course materials online]

Chapter 6: Bray, M, Waring, P & Cooper, R. (2011) Employment relations: theory and practice, McGraw-Hill, N. Ryde.
Case Study: Read Cost minimisation at Qantas, part 11 on p 201-2 in Bray et al., and discuss Qs 1 and 4.

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