Unit Outline

Due Date: Monday October 17 @ 4.00 p.m

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Due Date: Monday October 17 @ 4.00 p.m.
Exam: 50%

A 50% invigilated exam is a requirement of the Faculty. The aim of this assessment mechanism is to ensure that you consolidate your learning in this unit. Details of the exam will be provided later in the term. However, please note that the exam will cover the entire course and thus all material presented in lectures, tutorials, readings in the textbook and any guest lecturers or DVDs and videos shown are included in the examinable material available for this course.

Submission of assignments


All assignments are to be submitted into turnitin before they will be accepted for grading.

Instructions can be found on WebCT or go to:

To submit to turnitin go to www.turnitin.com
enter the following details: ClassID: 4135180

Password: essay

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