Unit Name: Industrialization, Immigration, and Urbanization

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Social Studies Unit Outline

Unit Name: Industrialization, Immigration, and Urbanization

Grade: 8

Subject: Social Studies

Overarching questions present the big inquiries of a unit. These text-based questions reach across and connect all unit texts. Each text allows students to deepen responses to the overarching questions.

What were the (social, political, economic, technological) transformations of Industrialization?

How did Industrialization transform the way people lived and worked together?

How did Industrialization transform the role of government in people’s lives?

How did Industrialization cause a rapid immigration boom in America?

How did Industrialization impact the lives of immigrant’s once arriving to America?

How did Industrialization and Immigration cause a population boom for the American city?

What problems were cities forced to deal with due to Industrialization and Immigration?

Sequenced texts: Texts cohere around the same content/topics assessment texts. Texts a) allow for CCSS based work that parallels assessments; b) are sequenced to prompt retrospective work; & c) at least one provides a model of the kind of writing required by the culminating assessment.

Text 12: Immigration and Urbanization - Text book, Workbook, PowerPoint

Text 13: Interview with Catherine McNamara; Interview with George Kakkas; and Anti-Immigrant Poster

Text 14: The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

Text 15: Jacob Riis “How the Other Half Lives

Text 16: Biography of Alice Hamilton

Instructional tasks: Text-based questions/tasks to guide multiple readings of each text. The questions (a) are sequenced to move learners from literal comprehension to higher-level thinking about a text, and (b) mirror the assessment tasks in order to provide support for students to learn the content, habits and skills they need to successfully and independently complete the unit’s assessment tasks.

Embedded Assessment tasks:

List any along-the-way assessment tasks students will engage in before culminating assessment.

What were the push and pull factors which brought immigrants to the United States?
What problems did immigrants face when coming to America?
Why did cities struggle so greatly with the influx of the immigrant population?
How were the problems in cities addressed by groups, individuals, and the government?
Formative Assessment: Students can create a play, poem, or short story depicting why immigrants left their countries to come to America

Why did Irish immigrants migrate to America?
Why did Greek immigrants migrate to America?
How is the point of view from each immigrant different?
Who were nativists and why did they want to restrict immigration?

What details does Sinclair use to support his main idea about unhealthy working conditions?
The Jungle helped bring about the passage of food inspection laws. Sinclair commented, “I aimed at the public’s heart and by accident I hit it in the stomach.” What do you think he meant by that statement?

Who is Jacob Riis?
Describe what you see in his pictures:
What message is he attempting to send in his photographs?

Formative Assessment- Students take digital pictures of different social issues in their community and create a slide show

Who is Alice Hamilton?
What were some of the problems she saw in her investigations?
What contributions did she make to correct unsafe working conditions?
Formative Assessment: Unit Exam

Specific CCSS: List the standard number(s) related to that text (i.e. standards that can be addressed by tasks related to text).

8.RIT.1, 8.RIT.2, 8.RIT.4, 8.RIT.7

8.RIT.1, 8.RIT.2, 8.RIT.4

8.RIT.1, 8.RIT.2, 8.RIT.4, 8.RIT.5, 8.RIT.6

8.RIT.1, 8.RIT.2, 8.RIT.4, 8.RIT.6

8.RIT.1, 8.RIT.2, 8.RIT.4, 8.RIT.6

Culminating Assessment Task: Write the assessment in abbreviated form.

Part I: Students will choose a technology they feel was most influential for the industrial revolution. Students will have the choice to present work in various ways. Students can make a PowerPoint, blog, video, or web site to present their research and information.

Part II: Choose one aspect of Industrialization and determine whether Industrialization had a negative or positive effect on the life of Immigrants in America in a position paper that addresses the question and support your position with evidence from the texts.

Be sure that your paper supports your claim (argument) with relevant evidence, acknowledges counterclaims, and includes a conclusion that supports your argument. It should maintain a formal style and use words, phrases, and clauses to create cohesion and clarify relationships

Academic Vocabulary

Tier III -

Industrialization, Urbanization, Immigration, Push-pull factors, The Great Irish Potato Famine, Nativism, Acculturation, assimilation, child labor, tenement, corporations, Monopolies, “robber barons”, Laissez faire government, unions, vertical integration, horizontal integration, trusts, patent

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