Unit Imperialism Text Choices

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Unit Imperialism
Text Choices
Prentice Hall World History: Connections to Today
Chapter 25 1-5 The New Imperialism 1800-1914
1-A Western dominated World

2-The Partition of Africa

3-European Challenges to the Muslim World

4-The British Takeover of India

5-China and the New Imperialism
McDougal Little World History: Patterns of Interaction
Chapter 27 1-5 The Age of Imperialism 1850-1914

1-Imperialists Divide Africa

2-Case Study: Nigeria

3-Muslim Lands Fall to Imperialist Demands

4-British Imperialism in India

5-Western Powers Rule Southeast Asia
Directory: cms -> lib6 -> PA01000466 -> Centricity -> ModuleInstance
ModuleInstance -> Assignment If Oedipus, Creon, or Antigone had a Facebook in his/her day, what would it have said? For this assignment you will create a ‘Farcebook’ Profile Page for one of the characters in the Oedipus cycle
ModuleInstance -> Chapter 5 Section 3 Assessment
ModuleInstance -> Chapter 6 Review Why did the Proclamation of 1763 anger
ModuleInstance -> Colonial Resistance Grows One American’s Story
ModuleInstance -> We will spend two days in the library researching background information essential for understanding this novel. Then you will be divided into small groups to present your information. Follow the directions as provided
ModuleInstance -> Terms & Names Ally: a country that agrees to help another country achieve a common goal. Marquis de Laffayette

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