Unit 9 Page 104. Exercise C. Part 1 [H mole host; j = Professor John Morgan, England]

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Unit 9

Page 104. Exercise C.

Part 1 [H mole host; J = Professor John Morgan, England]

H: Our guest tonight is John Morgan, professor of Russian history at Cambridge University. Professor Morgan, the murder of Czar Nicholas II and the royal family of Russia in 1918 is one of the great mysteries of the twentieth century. Tell us the basic story of what happened.

J: Well, in 1917, during the Russian Revolution—with the end of the Russian monarchy—the czar’s family was moved from St. Petersburg east to the Ural Mountains, supposedly for their protection. There was, of course, the czar ... his wife Alexandra ... and their children—four daughters and a son, Alexei, who would have been the next czar—and also the family doctor and several servants. According to the story, late one evening, they were all brought into a room and told that they were going to have their photograph taken. But to their surprise, soldiers suddenly came into the room firing guns and the entire family was murdered.

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