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  1. The city of Tenochtitlan was the capital of what ancient civilization? Aztecs

  1. Montezuma II was the leader of which ancient civilization? Aztecs

  1. Atahualpa was the leader of which ancient civilization? Inca

  1. Hernan Cortes conquered which ancient civilization? Aztec

  1. Francisco Pizarro conquered which ancient civilization?Inca

  1. Where was the Inca Empire located? Peru (South America)

  1. Where was the Aztec Empire located? Mexico

  1. Describe the Mayan technique of farming slash and burn

  1. Describe the Aztec technique of farming floating gardens

  1. Describe the Incan technique of farming terrace farming

  1. The native groups feared the Aztecs because of their practice of: human sacrifice

  2. The last Sapa Inca was: Atahualpa

  3. What did the natives not have immunity to that allowed the Europeans to conquer them easily? diseases

  4. The three G’s of European conquest were:: God, Glory, Gold

  5. The trade between the New World and the Old World was known as: Columbian Exchange

  6. What items were brought to the New World From Europe?


What items were brought to Europe from the New World?

  1. Europeans used African as forced labor in the Americas because natives were killed by disease and violence

  1. Toussaint L’Ouverture fought for independence in what is now Haiti

  2. Father Miguel Hidalgo fought for independence in what is now Mexico

  3. Simon Bolivar is known as the “George Washington of South America” because he fought for the independence of countries in South America

  1. The leaders of Latin American independence were inspired by what event(s)?French and American Revolution

  2. Cuba gained independence from which European country? Spain

  3. Money from what crop dictated Cuban politics? sugar

  4. Who led the revolution against Batista in Cuba? Castro

  5. What happened to the personal Freedoms after the Cuban Revolution? They were taken away

  6. An attempt by US trained Cuban exiles to overthrow the Cuban government is known as the Bay of Pigs

  7. The people of the Chiapas area of Mexico are descended from which ancient civilization? Mayans

  8. Which is the name of the group of Mexicans who support improved rights and living conditions for Mexico’s indigenous people? Zapatista

  9. The indigenous people of Mexico were hardest hit by what factor?poverty

  10. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is an agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico

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