Unit 7- crisis at Home (Continued) Due March 31

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UNIT 7- Crisis at Home (Continued)
Due March 31

Secondary Sources

Kennedy Chapter 33: “The Great Depression and the New Deal”

Primary Sources

“Cesar Chavez Gets Tractored off the Land” (1936) p. 309

“A Boy in Chicago Writes to President Roosevelt” (1936) p. 313

“FDR the Administrative Artist” (1948) p. 316

“Norman Thomas Proposes Socialism” (1934) p. 323

“Back-Country Poets Reflect on the CCC (1934, 35) p. 328

Due April 2nd

Secondary Sources

Kennedy Chapter 34: “Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Shadow of War”

Attempts at neutrality and isolation, diplomacy and economics of the

prewar years, the move to war following Pearl Harbor
Primary Sources

“Two Views of Isolationism” (1936/1938) p. 344

“Framing the Atlantic Charter” (1941) p. 355

“Roosevelt Pleads for Repeal of the Arms Embargo” (1939) p. 346

“FDR Drops the Dollar Sign” (1940) p. 352

Due April 4th

Secondary Sources

Kennedy Chapter 35: “America in World War II”

The war in Europe and in the Far East, the home front, changes for

women and minorities during the war, the decision to use the

atomic bomb and its consequences

-Primary Sources

“The War Transforms the Economy” (1943) p. 368

“A Japanese-American is Convicted” (1943) p. 371

“Stalin Resents the Delay of the Second Front” (1943) p. 381

“Harry Truman Justifies the Bombing” (1945) p. 393

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