Unit 6 staar assessment Review List three successes under Jackson’s presidency

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  1. List three successes under Jackson’s presidency.

    1. Expansion of voting rights for white males by ending property requirements

    2. Westward Expansion

    3. Ending the Nullification Crisis and keeping the country out of Civil War

  1. What is a protective tariff? a high tariff on imports and exports, created to encourage manufacturing (protect industry) within the United States in order to boost our economy.

  1. Why did the South dislike protective tariffs? It made imports more expensive; it impacted their exportation of cotton by making it more difficult and less financially successful.

  1. What area did the US gain after the Adams-Onis Treaty? Florida

  1. What is the spoils system? Rewarding supporters with government jobs; replacing existing officeholders with members of your own political party

  1. What event forced the Cherokee off their land in Georgia? Trail of Tears

  1. Which Supreme Court case heard by John Marshal, involved the Cherokee using a non-violent method to oppose the Indian Removal Act? Worcester v. Georgia

  1. What issue caused the nullification crisis? The Tariff of Abominations (Tariffs of 1828 and 1832)

  1. What was President Jackson’s response to the nullification crisis? He threatened to use force against South Carolina if they did not repeal their nullification policies.

  1. What did South Carolina threaten to do if Jackson did not repeal the Tariff of 1828 and 1832? Secede from the Union

  1. Why did Northerners favor a high tariff? It helped protect industries in the north; since the North’s economy was based on manufacturing so the tariff boosted their economy.

  1. The doctrine of nullification is similar to the theory of State’s Rights.

  1. What law required the US government to make treaties with the Native American tribes to the east of the Mississippi River to relocate them to the west into Indian Territory? Indian Removal Act

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